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Black children[1] are characters in Episode 6 of Little Nightmares Comics.


The children have dark skin and black hair, and they wear white shirts and dull blue overalls.

Little Nightmares Comics

Episode 6 starts with Mono waking up to see some of the Black children running around, panicking because of fire and struggling to open the door and windows that have been boarded up. The fires are doused as the ceiling sprinklers activate, but the relief is short-lived as an unseen figure begins to snatch the children one by one from the shadows. In the chaos, Mono finds a staircase and escapes the room, leaving the other children to their fate.

Little Nightmares II

Many of the Glitching Remains in the game look like the Black children, hinting that they were ultimately left behind after their physical forms were taken by the unknown figure.


  • It is speculated this group of kids were the first colony of children to be introduced within the Little Nightmares world, possibly implying their are children out in the world who have learned to survive in numbers. Its believed they traveled through the Pale City but proved no match against its residents. Whether Mono was always with them or if he had just met them remains unknown.
  • It is unknown why these children and Mono were seen in a room with no way out, however, it is speculated these children were tricked into an isolated environment in order to be easier to capture.


  • Their character model has been used in Little Nightmares II only with a hologram effect. The Black children's model is labeled as "Child04".



Little Nightmares Comics




  1. An official source that states the name hasn't been found yet, or the citation was invalid.
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