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The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat can find 18 boxes which are scattered throughout the levels of Very Little Nightmares. They have the form of a jack-in-the-box portrayed as characters from the previous game with its DLC and comics.


The first box can be seen quite easily when the heroine at the very beginning of the game walks on wooden beams. Parallel to them are wooden planks on which the item you need stands.

The second box is in a secret room, which can be accessed through a gap in the wall. This gap is in the same room where the Craftsman takes one of the caged kids when the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat walks across the shelf.

In the hallway with some Eyes you need to climb up and go to the left. In the wall you will find a gap that leads to the room with the third box.

The fourth box 'is in a room located in a room with large barrels. It can be accessed by climbing on the shelf leading to the gap between the barrels and boxes.

To find the fifth box, in the doll workshop, after the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat and two Nomes fall under the floor, you need to run after them, and then go into the room.

Going down the elevator, you need to get out of it and open the chest, from which Nome will jump out. Follow it and you will notice that an opening has opened in the wall. Behind it you will find the sixth box.

The seventh box can be found if in the corridor with the wall clock of the Butler go through the crack located between the table and the nightstand.

The eighth box is in the vault at the very top of one of the metal cabinets, which can be climbed using a ladder on wheels.

To find the ninth box, you need to go through the thick rusty pipes under the ceiling to the very end in the room with a hole in the floor and go through the opening into the room.

The tenth box is hidden in the junkyard. To find it, you need to run away from the Dump Monster, slide down the boards and go to the left, where the stairs are located. Climbing up it, you need to go past the crashed plane.

The eleventh box is hidden in a room that looks like an altar. This room can be accessed after the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat got out of the dump, and took a bent hanger in the hall with a movable clothes belt. After that, she must go downstairs to the room with a Nome, and open the door on the right with the help of a hanger, thus getting to the right place.

Once in the ironing room, where the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat can be caught by the Butler for the first time, you need to carefully go into the laundry and turn off the washing machine in order to distract the Butler. Run back to where you can see stacked clothes appear on the ironing board. Climb along it to the shelf above and go into the room in which there is the twelfth box.

To find the thirteenth box, you need to go to a clock with a pendulum in a room with doll boxes stacked in a heap and just wait a few seconds, after which a passage will open in them.

After the Nomes break a master bedroom's bed, you need to crawl through the gap and go down the bricks in the wall in it. Having passed to the left, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat will be able to enter the room with the Nomes and the fourteenth box.

Leaving the room with televisions and finding yourself underground, before you run under the Pretender's tea room, you need to run under the corridor to the left and enter the room with the fifteenth box.

The sixteenth box can be found if in the hall with the piano, while operating the movable platform, move to the upper left corner, where there is a ventilation passage to the secret room.

The seventeenth box is hidden under the stairs of the main entrance to the Nest, from where the girl must run out into the garden, fleeing from the Butler.

Coming out of the cave to the edge of the Nest, where the Pretender sits on the bench, you need to go to the right to the stone, behind which is a hidden cave with the eighteenth box.



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