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Bullies are the first minor enemies in Little Nightmares II. They are encountered in The School chapter and are the main antagonistic faction of said chapter.

Website Description

Proof that all children don't get to be innocent, The Bullies aren't tragic figures, no cruel parents to blame, and don't secretly crave your friendship. They are Bullies, and they will get you if you don't get them first.


The Bullies appear as scrawny, wiry children roughly a head taller than Mono and Six, dressed in matching outfits akin to late 1950's British school uniforms: white shirts with brown vests and shorts for the boys, and white shirts with brown skirts for the girls. Both male and female Bullies have large heads resembling porcelain dolls, with eye sockets, cracked white skin, white socks and black shoes, and neatly combed black hair. Their limbs, while appearing to be organic, are the same pale color as their heads, suggesting they may be completely made of porcelain. Some have heads that are cracked open to reveal they are completely hollow, possibly as a reference to the phrase "empty-headed", meaning stupid.


The Bullies are malicious troublemakers who will attack Mono on sight and will even bully each other. They are extremely rowdy, disobedient, noisy and hyperactive. They are also completely relentless, as one of them does not stop trying to get Mono despite being restrained by a leash. Despite their violent nature, the Bullies become stiff in fear around the Teacher, but they can still attack Mono around her under her orders.

Little Nightmares Comics

At the beginning of the fourth episode of the digital comic, one of the Bullies is knocked down from the roof by the Fat Kid, after which he throws a bicycle at him. Later, he tries to escape from other Bullies, hiding under a desk in an empty classroom. When they leave, the boy kills them, smashing their porcelain heads with his lollipop, and then runs out into the street, where in the grass he finds the Bully he has killed and a broken bicycle.

Little Nightmares II

Shortly after Mono and Six avoid the first trap in the School, they see the Bullies for a short time. As the duo progress through the School, the Bullies stalk Mono and Six while setting traps for the children to fall in. Their identities remain unclear until one of them pushes down a locker onto Mono, trapping him. While Mono is constrained, Six is surrounded by Bullies and then kidnapped. Mono frees himself and tries to go after them, but they use a rope ladder to escape to the upper floor.

Mono later finds a hammer near an unaware Bully. After smashing the Bully's head, another Bully is seen dissecting a frog, only to later be killed by one of the traps. Mono later stumbles upon a classroom with several Bullies in it while the Teacher is teaching. Once he manages to get to the next room over, he indirectly causes a bookshelf to fall. The Teacher investigates, but after a while she returns to the classroom and, seemingly believing that one of her students was the cause, walks around the room, leaning near and disciplining them.

After exiting an elevator, Mono encounters a dunce cap-wearing Bully who is restrained with a leash. Mono later ends his misery by smashing him with a nearby pipe, although he has the option to not kill the Bully.

Later Mono enters the kitchens and sees another Bully. After smashing the Bully's head with a nearby ladle, several more surround Mono. He defeats them and, conveniently, one of the Bullies' heads pops off intact rather than breaking. Mono wears the head as a disguise and moves through the cafeteria and a hallway full of Bullies causing trouble, torturing each other, and even hanging off the ceiling lights. The disguise is successful, but breaks upon Mono entering another room.

After exiting the ventilation shaft, Mono finds a Bully drawing on the floor, who he kills by triggering a nearby trap. He kills several more Bullies that come in and continues down the hallways, where he continuously deals with the multiple Bullies until he finds Six in a bathroom, hung from the ceiling by two Bullies. Mono defeats the Bullies and frees Six by destroying the plank the rope is tied to.

After Mono and Six break through the floor with a piano, Mono will see a female Bully playing with key in a frog's corpse. Six distracts it by playing the piano and the Bully is killed by Mono. Shortly after unlocking a door, a Bully will be seen drawing on the floor, Mono will attempt to take the hammer to kill it, but before he can do it, Six will pounce onto the Bully, breaking its head by smashing the Bully onto the floor.


Although the Bullies can be easily defeated with a hammer, they are quite fast and strong. Most often they chase Mono alone, but in some cases they can ambush together, alternatively attacking Mono. If he cannot resist them, the Bullies will knock him down and strangle him. They will also set up all sorts of traps around the School, identified by loose floorboards. In self-defense, Mono can use objects against them as weapons to smash the Bullies' fragile heads. However, to successfully do this, Mono has to hit the Bullies with great timing and at a close distance, especially when the Bullies are about to pounce on Mono.


  • After Mono and Six jump down with a piano, a female Bully is seen afterwards playing by putting a key into a frog. It could be that she considers the key as a clockwork key. Clockwork keys are keys on the back of a toy that if turned, will activate the toy for a short amount of time. This may imply that the Bully wants to make the frog 'alive'.
  • Although it is unknown how some of the bullies are capable of roaming the school with their heads broken, it is speculated the Teacher is capable of reviving them if and whenever they are rendered inactive after being damaged. This is supported by the fact that she alone has control over the bullies and is currently the only resident identified within the school.
    • Although it is speculated she is responsible for reviving any inactive bullies after they are damaged, it is speculated she is incapable of repairing their bodies once they retain any physical damage, this is supported by the bullies never displaying any signs of physical repairs, leaving suspicion the bullies porcelain bodies were made by someone else.


  • In The Residence DLC, three of the portraits on the wall depict the Bullies (see gallery).
  • Smashing the Bullies heads will render them inactive, seemingly dead. However, some of the Bullies seen in the School have broken heads and are still active. It is unknown why this is the case.
  • The Bullies' OST, "Crackheads", is a pun on either how Mono defeats them or them having an easily-crackable head.
  • In the game files, the female Bullies are named Jennifor, while the male Bullies are named Truls and Benny.
  • In the cafeteria, in the east part right before going under the table, one of the male Bullies in the background will only be wearing a white towel around his hips. However, this Bully can only be seen if the game is modded since it is normally hidden by other tables. It is unknown whether this is a leftover from a gym/changing rooms area or just an Easter egg.
  • While Mono dons in a Bully's head and traverses through the cafeteria and a hallway, three Bullies are seen doing some skipping while singing the "Fake Children" song from Little Nightmares.
    • This could be a reference to the 1950s song Down in the Valley, showing children playing in the streets of Edinburgh with one of their activities being skipping.
    • Bullies are one of the few characters in the Little Nightmares games that speak. The rest are Guests, Shadow Kids, and the Pretender.
  • The player is able to kill the Bully which Six supposed to kill by bringing the pipe into the room and sprinting. This saves the player time and skips Six's attack.
  • Bullies are one of the few antagonists in the franchise who are children, along with Shadow Kids and the Pretender.




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