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Throughout the Little Nightmares franchise, other children can be seen within the sinister world, either struggling to survive or are falling victim to mysterious forces and monsters that prey on them. Six, the Runaway Kid, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat, and Mono, come across other imprisoned or killed children within the Maw, the Nest, and the Pale City. They play secondary, supporting, or minor roles in Little Nightmares, the comic series of the same name, Secrets of the Maw, Very Little Nightmares, Little Nightmares Comics, and Little Nightmares II.

Note: the name of most children listed here and the page itself are placeholders and unofficial.

Notable children

Children of the Maw

Sleeping children

Children sleeping in one of the many mass bedrooms in the Maw.

After making it past an Eye, Six will stumble upon this room filled with beds. Inside of each bed is a sleeping child. The Janitor is later seen coming into the room to check on them, leaving not soon after.

It is revealed in Secrets of the Maw that the Runaway Kid was one of the sleeping children among them. However, he stayed in a different bedroom.

The bread giving boy


While most children are asleep when Six begins her journey, she will encounter one boy who is still sitting at a table in the cafeteria. Noticing she is experiencing hunger pains, the boy will pass a piece of bread through the bars for Six to eat. After she finishes, the boy will return to his seat in silence.

He also appears in Issue 1 of the comics. In the said issue, the boy asks about what Six remembers before being sent to the Maw, with no response; he says that if Six doesn't tell him or the other children, she will forget about it.

Caged children


In a room that is seen in both Little Nightmares and Secrets of the Maw, there lies a handful of cages that are all filled with children. These children are taken by the Janitor into a room next to this to be wrapped in a white cloth (presumably cheesecloth) and sent to the Kitchen, likely to be cooked and served as food to the Guests.

Children by the fire

The first appearance of children at the fire.

In the official comics, Six meets a group of children warming themselves by the fire. Some of them share with her their backstory, from which she learned how the children got to the Maw.

Below is a list of children who were present in the plot:

The boy who gets captured

The boy getting caught by the Janitor.

At the beginning of his journey, the Runaway Kid will witness a boy trying to escape from the Janitor. He is quickly captured, and struggles in the Janitor's hand as the latter takes him away to an uncertain fate.

The flashlight girl


One girl the Runaway Kid encounters is seen in possession of a flashlight. She manages to evade the light of an Eye and runs past the playroom and bathroom faster than he can keep up with. To escape the cells, she is seen climbing down a bed-sheet rope, the same one that Six later used to enter the same area.

Later on, the Runaway Kid finds her discarded flashlight laying on the ground; the girl has presumably been killed by either the Leeches or the Granny.

Children of the Nest

The child sticking their arm out

The child waving in cage.jpeg

After the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat exits through a vent, she sees the Craftsman dragging a cage with a child sticking their arm out of it, seeking help as they are pulled into an uncertain fate.

The kid with a red scarf


For the first time, this character appears in a warehouse with cells, and they are locked inside one of them. For the Girl in the Raincoat to continue her journey, she must get the key and release the kid, and then open the door with their assistance. After that, the kid pushes the Girl aside and runs away. However, in the next room, the player can find the kid’s clothes next to a closed door and a hatch in the floor. It is unknown what happened to the kid, but later the Craftsman finds their clothes and puts them on the doll that he sends to the Pretender.

Towards the end, the Pretender is seen scolding the doll and drags it out the front door. Outside, the Pretender is then seen seated and crying on a bench by a cliff with the wreckage of the doll at her feet.

The Dolls


One of Very Little Nightmares' key plot points is that all children that wind up at the Nest end up being turned into dolls by the Craftsman, or at least was implied. These dolls can be seen during the third quarter of the game, being laid out in a manner meant to please the Pretender. These include a television room, a dining room, and a tea room. There is even a mass grave filled with dolls near the end of the game. In one room involving a piano, there is a wall filled with pictures of whom are most likely deceased victims who are now dolls.

Children of the Pale City

Victims of monsters

In the comic app, it is revealed that before Mono and Six began their journey together, there were other children in the Pale City who also tried to survive in the world of monsters, but were eventually either killed by them or kidnapped by the Thin Man, leaving behind Glitching Remains.

Below is a list of children who were present in the episodes.

The girl with a sou'wester

The girl without her sou'wester.

At some point, a girl fell into one of the Hunter's traps, where after a while she died of either hunger or thirst, being unable to escape the cage.

While traveling in the Wilderness, Mono can find the cage and drop it from the tree. Inside, he will find the corpse of the girl and can take her yellow sou'wester to wear it.


  • The room with the sleeping children can be seen again via an Easter egg involving a room with a spy camera.



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