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Dark Six is a mysterious character who appears briefly whenever Six feeds in Little Nightmares.


Dark Six has exactly the same appearance as Six, although with shadowy silhouette. She wears a black raincoat that ends just above her knees with black buttons, two pockets, and a rhombus-shaped hood.

In Little Nightmares II, a glitching hologram version of Six appears at the secret ending of the game.

Little Nightmares

In Little Nightmares, Dark Six appears whenever Six is eating, watching her as she devours her meal. After Six's battle with the Lady. Dark Six can barely be seen in the background where the Lady lies.

Very Little Nightmares

In Very Little Nightmares, she appears as one of the boxes that the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat can find in the game.

Little Nightmares II

After the Thin Man took Six, a glitching silhouette of her is left behind. Mono sadly looks at what remains of his kidnapped friend before it disappears.

When the Thin Man was close to getting Mono, the hero detaches a railcar from another to escape from the broadcaster. However, the train crashes to a stop in a subway tunnel, leaving him seriously injured with a destroyed remote. Hurt, but far from being down for the count, Mono pulls himself together and limps out the tunnel where he is briefly accompanied by the Glitching Remain of Six.

In the game's secret ending, after Six escapes from the Signal Tower without Mono, the Glitching Remain of Six appeared and looks down at a picture of the Maw before fizzling and fading away into the wind. This scene only plays if Mono has collected all of the Glitching Remains.


  • Dark Six may or may not have been a Glitching Remain, as when Six is captured by the Thin Man, the Glitching Remain left behind looks exactly like Dark Six.
  • It's speculated Dark Six could potentially have a consciousness of her own and had been following Mono throughout his journey to save Six. This is supported by Dark Six's independent and sometimes playful behavior in the subway tunnel, where she is seen guiding and following Mono to the nearest exit, as well as her behavior in the secret ending, where she is seen looking towards the Maw poster. It's unknown why Dark Six looked at the Maw poster, however, it's suspected that Dark Six might have been aware of something Six was not and could've potential known of something important which could only be found at the Maw. It is currently unknown what Dark Six was trying to imply towards Six, but based on her frequent appearances in Little Nightmares, it's suspected to be something which required her to stay close to Six at all times.
  • Six's walking animation at the end of the game when she kills and consumes the Guests is labeled as "«Dark Six»" in the game files, possibly hinting that both Six and Dark Six have merged into one being.


  • The fact that Dark Six appears when Six consumes a meal or makes a kill leaves the impression that she or it is the manifestation of some darkness or evil related to Six. However, much of these assumptions are based on Six's actions alone during her time in the Maw, leaving Dark Six's true nature unknown.
  • Dark Six appears to look more solid the closer she is to Six. This is noticeable when she is seen in the Pale City after Six is taken by the Thin Man, where she looks glitchy and ghostly, and in the secret cutscene at the end of Little Nightmares II, where she has definite form and is much less ghostly.



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