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Eyes are minor obstacles encountered in Little Nightmares and Secrets of the Maw. They appear in The Prison chapter and later make another appearance in The Residence chapter. They also make an appearance in Level 3 from Very Little Nightmares.


Although there are numerous eye symbols found throughout the Maw, these Eyes are artificial devices found exclusively in the Prison and the Residence. They were likely designed to prevent prisoners from escaping and intruders from entering. Some Eyes are heard faintly in the distance as Six crosses a chasm that separates the two main areas of the Prison. She will have her first true encounter with one near some prison cells, then once more near the end of the Prison area. In the Secrets of the Maw DLC, one appears in the Lady's Quarters while searching for statues.


Eyes usually slowly scout the rooms they are built in, slowly rotating between three directions; left, center and right. Any organic creature caught in the beam of light will gradually turn to stone. If Six is caught in the light, she will only have seconds to slowly make it back to the shadows before she comes to a stop and turns to stone, resulting in a game over. Eyes are motion sensitive and will focus their light on any moving object until it becomes still again or leaves its line of sight. This is evident from the second encounter where one will track the movement of a janitor cart as it rolls across the room following the list of the Maw.

The Eyes are not impassable however. Players can time Six's movement with the rotation of the Eyes, allowing her to reach obstacles where she can hide in their shadows. It is even possible to hug the wall on which the Eyes rest and bypass their beam of light altogether.

Powers and Abilities

  • Petrifying lights: As heavily demonstrated, Eyes are able to shine lights onto intruders until the latter petrify. It is unknown how they can do so.


  • Eyes may be based on the concept of Medusa or Gorgons in general, which are Greek Monsters known for turning people into stone should they make eye contact.
  • Eyes do not affect the inhabitants of the Maw. This is shown when Six approaches the walls of the Prison. In the distance you can see how the Eyes are directed at the Janitor walking with the cage through the bridge, but their light does not cause him any damage.



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