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Flesh Walls are the fifth minor enemies that Mono and Six encounter in The Transmission chapter from Little Nightmares II. They appear to emerge from the ceiling, walls and from the floor.


The Flesh Walls are walls, ceiling, and flooring made of flesh and big eyes with black pupils of various sizes. They don't appear to be aggressive when Mono falls onto them.

Secrets of the Maw

The Flesh Walls make several appearances in Secrets of the Maw via portraits in the Residence.

Little Nightmares II

After the Thin Man kidnapped Six, Mono goes back to the television where he tuned into the Transmission and let the Thin Man free. When Mono travels through it, he is seen moving through a tunnel made of flesh as an eye observes him.

After Mono freed Six from her monster form, the Flesh Walls begin breaking down the concrete walls of the tower, revealing that they actually compose the tower itself. The Flesh Walls pursue Mono and Six, but the pair escape them through the narrow gap in the collapsing walls.

After Six betrayed Mono, he falls into an endless plain composed of flesh and eyes, wandering around for some time before a chair appears. As Mono approaches the chair, the Flesh Walls surround him and slowly start to squeeze together, stopping just before crushing him. Once Mono takes his seat on the chair, the Flesh Walls begin to recede behind their veneer of concrete.


  • It is speculated that the Flesh Walls are the remains of the Viewers sucked in by the televisions, and that all of their bodies were fused into one big fleshy monster.
    • It is also speculated the Flesh Walls may have a consciousness of its own and may have always been the true antagonist of the Little Nightmares world, as it is seen being foreshadowed throughout the Little Nightmares games. The light seen on top of the Signal Tower is considered a hypnotic light produced by the Flesh Walls. This light is believed to be what is being broadcasted as a transmission throughout the world. However, to send out its transmission to all the televisions requires the Thin Man's power to serve as a signal. When the Thin Man gets freed by Mono, the Viewers appear to be less satisfied by the televisions as the game goes on. They begin to ignore them to pursue Mono; this is most notable when Mono enters the grocery store. Despite the many televisions within view of the Viewers, they all ignore them and continue chasing Mono instead, although being distracted for only a short time. Implying since the signal provider is no longer in the tower, the Flesh Eyes are no longer capable of properly emitting its transmission.
  • It's speculated the Flesh Eyes may have also been watching Mono through the TVs throughout his journey across the Pale City as they are seen through the television screen when Mono teleports for the first time.


  • When Mono falls on them after Six abandons him, the Flesh Walls don't appear to be aggressive towards him.
  • They are encountered right after Six turns back to normal, where they start to destroy the Black Tower.
  • During Mono's transformation into the Thin Man, the Flesh Walls disappear completely. This may imply that the tower restores itself as Mono becomes the Thin Man.
  • Its name can be found in the game files of Little Nightmares II.
  • A concept art implies that originally the Flesh Walls were also supposed to created a giant baby-like creature, but this was scrapped for possibly about ratings.
  • The eyes that this monster possesses are very similar to the multiple symbols that can be found in the universe of Little Nightmares and its recurring motif.
    • This could imply that the role of the Flesh Walls could be of more importance than the one shown so far.



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