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Flotsams are collectibles that the Runaway Kid can find in the Secrets of the Maw DLC.


In appearance, flotsams are small grey bottles with an eye depicted on their labels. Inside each flotsam, the Runaway Kid can find a message that he puts in his pocket. Much like the Nomes in the main game, each of the flotsams the player opens unlocks a piece of concept art in the art gallery.


There are 15 flotsams in the DLC, with 5 for each chapter.

The Depths

The first flotsam is in the Prison bathroom, from where the Runaway Kid escapes through a window, in the sink. To get it, the player must move the cage under it and jump in.

To find the second flotsam, the Runaway Kid needs to get to the place where you need to use the lever to raise and lower the water. First, raise the water as much as possible, pump it out, then quickly swim into the pipe leading to the next room and open the flotsam standing in the opening, which otherwise would not be accessible due to the water.

The third flotsam is located on a small platform, on the right from two cylindrical tanks with a bridge between them.

When escaping from the Granny, the Runaway Kid must climb up some planks in the wall leading to the upper wooden platform. Up there, he needs to jump to the left to another adjacent platform and find the fourth flotsam against the wall.

Having defeated the Granny, the player must go up to the stairs leading to the exit from the Depths, to the right is a boarded up crevice, behind which is the fifth flotsam.

The Hideaway

To find the sixth flotsam, the player must go into the room where a Nome is trapped in a cage and go along the table to the left to a box, above which there is an opening leading to a secret room with the flotsam in it.

In the room with the large furnace, the player need to climb to the top platform on the left, where, under some stairs, the seventh flotsam is located.

In order to open the eighth flotsam, the Runaway Kid needs to move the minecart at the lower level to the left along the rails. Having reached the very end, the player needs to climb onto the cart and jump onto the shelf where the flotsam is.

The ninth flotsam is located in the dark room through the door on the furnace room's right side, under some stairs. Getting to it may be difficult due to the Janitor prowling around this area.

After fixing the elevator, the Runaway Kid gets to the top floor, where he has to catch three more Nomes in a paper vault. To find the tenth flotsam, the Player needs to climb onto the writing desk and into the rafters, where it stands.

The Residence

Near the start of the chapter, on the way to the main room, the Runaway Kid can find a small room if he goes along the wall. On top of a bookshelf is the eleventh flotsam.

The twelfth flotsam stands in a secret room connected to the one where a statue and an Eye are located. The Runaway Kid needs to get into it through a gap in the wall on the right. This room is designed as a small altar of the Lady. In the middle are three statues, and in front of them are plates, on one of which lies a pomegranate. In the corner is the flotsam. (It's advisible to get the flotsam before picking the statue up, as doing so will set the Eye off).

To find the thirteenth flotsam, the player needs to go up to the top floor in the main hall and through the first door on the left, where you need to go in the story. The flotsam is hidden in the lower left corner.

The fourteenth flotsam can be obtained if the player opens the cache behind the picture in the room with the piano. To do this, the Runaway Kid just needs to go over all the keys from right to left.

While running away from the Lady, the player must go to the very end of the dressing room on the right side of the hallway where, in the corner next to some mannequins, the Runaway Kid will open the fifteenth flotsam.



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