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The girl with braids (placeholder name) is a character from Episode 3 of Little Nightmares Comics.


The girl with braids is a pale-skinned, young girl with freckles and long ginger hair styled into two braids with blunt bangs. She wears a knee-length, off-white, oversized shirt stained with blood on account of her constantly bleeding nose.

Little Nightmares Comics

The episode begins with the girl with braids digging feverishly at the floor of what would seem to be her cell. She then hears a loud noise at her cell door and notices that a shadow accompanied by a bright blue light has appeared under her door. The figure then slides a spoon under the door, the girl starts to dig with the spoon. However the spoon soon breaks and another one is slid under the door, she marks a tally on the wall and begins to dig again and soon she has dug into the floor. It is seen that she has used many spoons and there are many more tallies on the wall.

The girl soon comes to what appears to be the source of the blue light, after breaking through the floor however, she finds that she has dug back into her own cell. The door of her cell then opens and she wanders into the hallway, and as she walks down a hallway it is shown that the Doctor is lurking on the ceiling behind her. The comic then ends on that ominous note leaving the girl with braids' fate unknown.


  • Since the name of the girl with braids' model is labeled as "Child02", it is most likely that her model was originally going to be used for the Glitching Remains due to the name of the Glitching Remains' model being label as "Child04".
  • As the girl digs a deep enough hole to enter, a dark figure can be seen watching her from the ceiling. Many speculate this dark figure is the Doctor who has been secretly slipping her spoons under the door in order to observe her pointless efforts to escape.


  • Unlike many other children, her face and eyes are not obscured by shadow. A similar appearance detail can be seen in the Fat Kid and one of the Hunter's victims.
  • The room that the girl with braids' story took place can be found as a secret room in the Hospital.
  • Photos of her can be found in some areas of the Pale City, such as the School and Pale City's apartments.
    • The girl with braids' photo depicts her using crutches, yet in the comic app, she appears to be able to walk on her own without the help of crutches.
  • Although the girl does not appear in Little Nightmares II, her model exists in the game files.
    • The model depicts her having blonde hair, an oversized, pale green shirt, pink-tinted skin, and no nosebleed staining her shirt.



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