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Glitching Remains are collectibles in Little Nightmares II that Mono can find.


Glitching Remains appear to be composed of interference, which is likely harmful signals from the Transmission. They look like young boys, dressed in pants with torn suspenders, and a shirt. When Mono approaches the Glitching Remains, they disappear and Mono bends over with his body briefly turning to static.

Little Nightmares II

Glitching Remains are scattered throughout the Pale City in the game. They appear as collectibles that the player can gather to obtain an achievement.

There are a total of 18 Glitching Remains. Collecting all of them would give the player a secret ending.

The Wilderness

The first Glitching Remain appears in a secret room with a shovel sticking out of a shallow grave. The player can find the room under the first collapsed bridge.

The second Glitching Remain appears in a secret room containing a dead animal. The room can be found by going underneath the log after the first area with the bear traps.

The third Glitching Remain appears inside the outhouse after escaping the Hunter's shack with Six. Boost up with the help of Six to open the outhouse to interact with the Glitching Remain inside it.

The fourth Glitching Remain appears on the beach of the Pale City in the background near the end of the chapter. It can be spotted easily as it stands near a broken television.

The School

The fifth Glitching Remain appears at the third floor of a building where Six jumped onto after being lifted by a television, thanks to Mono. It can be seen in the same ground where she jumped onto previously.

The sixth Glitching Remain appears near a tricycle in the School's yard. It can be seen in the back corner.

The seventh Glitching Remain appears inside the third locker on the left before Mono enters the classroom.

The eighth Glitching Remain appears at the left side of the school hall after escaping the library from the Teacher.

The ninth Glitching Remain appears in the left room the first time Mono enters the kitchen. There is also a dead cook inside the room.

The tenth Glitching Remain appears in an alley with a paper boat right before Six finds her raincoat.

The Hospital

The eleventh Glitching Remain appears in a dark room after Mono finds a flashlight. It can be seen in the back of the ward near a trolley.

The twelfth Glitching Remain appears in the back of the corridor near the room in which Mono fought a living hand.

The thirteenth Glitching Remain appears in a secret room at the back of the Patients corridor. Go through the gap and enter the room, as it'll be seen sitting down there.

The fourteenth Glitching Remain appears in a secret room near the back corner in the bathroom. Drag the box, enter the vent and you'll arrive into the room.

The Pale City

The fifteenth Glitching Remain appears in a sewer on the streets right after exiting the Hospital. The sewer grate is located at the back. Climb down the ladder and it will be seen on a fishing board.

The sixteenth Glitching Remain appears in a secret room after passing the elevator puzzle. Go to the left, drag the box, and go through the vents. It will be seen in there.

The seventeenth Glitching Remain appears after Mono and Six see the Black Tower for the first time in a secret room. Go to the window behind the motif and it will appear inside the room with cages.

The eighteenth Glitching Remain appears in a secret room after Mono zips down with a coathanger. After breaking through a window, go back outside and walk to the window beside it. Enter the room and it can be seen there.


  • These Glitching Remains, as their name suggests, may be what remains of an individual after they get consumed or distorted by the Transmission, making them, essentially, souls. Considering this also happened to Six, it could be an explanation as to why Six is so cold as she lets go of Mono, as she is without her soul, the one acting on her behalf is not truly Six, but her body, now afflicted by the resulting hunger that only the emptiness a missing soul can bring, shown through the secret ending and the entirety of Little Nightmares. This is further supported by the fact that her Glitching Remain guided Mono through the subway tunnel and to the signal tower, as it was the soul that still cared for him.
  • Despite suspected of being fully capable of interacting with the Glitching Remains and making them disappear like Mono did, the Thin Man has no interest in interacting with any of the Glitching Remains himself. This is supported by the Thin Man seen separating Six's Glitching Remain, but never seen making any efforts to approach it or any other Glitching Remains found in the Pale City. It's unknown why the Thin Man ignores the Glitching Remains as he pursues Mono. However, it's speculated the Thin Man's power may actually aid in absorbing the souls of others in order to directly sustain the Transmission rather than himself as it is the Transmission which is described demanding "one thing in return" from anyone who is living their lives through it from the television screens.

Notable Glitching Remains


  • The Glitching Remains appear to wear the same clothing as the unnamed children whom Mono encounters in Episode 6 of Little Nightmares Comics.
  • In spite of not having physical bodies, they are still capable of casting shadows.
  • Every time Mono yells at Monster Six during their battle in the Black Tower, his Glitching Remain momentarily appears in his place.



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