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Guests are the second minor enemies seen in Little Nightmares, encountered in The Guest Area chapter. They are the main antagonistic faction of said chapter.

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The Guests are an essential part of The Maw’s life-cycle. Herded into the large hall, they slump into their bowing stools, and there they feed. Without taste, without need, without end. And then they leave, one way or another.


The Guests appear as massively obese humanoid creatures with stumpy limbs and fat, misshapen heads. Their bloated faces appear to be almost deflated or melting, with bulging cheeks, flabby jowls, and/or sagging neck-folds, and many of their eyes appear to be buried by, or sinking down into, the surrounding flesh. All of them wear simple button-up coats stretched tightly over their corpulent guts, and some can be seen wearing dress hats or white masks similar to Japanese kabuki masks. The males all appear completely bald, while the females have hair styled into neat buns.

Little Nightmares

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Guests are first encountered during the time Six re-enters the Maw after briefly making it outside. Six can watch as a long line of Guests exits a boat and marches along the walkway to where they will feast, as a strange chanting noise is heard as they move. The Lady can be seen observing them from atop a balcony.

The first Guest Six encounters is seen chewing on a slab of meat and will not notice her. Upon moving to the next room, a male Guest will spot Six and throw his table to the side before falling onto the floor to crawl after her. Six will get out of the way of the thrown table and move quickly to the next room by climbing a step before the Guest can catch her. Fortunately, the Guest's oversized body will prevent him from climbing the step, leaving him stuck and unable to continue chasing Six.

In the next room, Six will find two guests, a male one and a female one, both sitting together at a single table. Six will climb a tall stack of used plates on the table and while doing so, the female Guest will see her and frantically try to reach for Six. Upon reaching the top, Six will leap off and grab a light fixture hanging above and swing into the window of the next room while the female Guest still tries to reach for her.

Six will arrive in a room with long table and several Guests sitting at it while they gorge themselves. Six will run to other side of the room and climb onto the long table, running to the other side while all the Guests attempt to grab her. Upon reaching the end of the table, Six will climb and reach an upper floor of the Guest Area, where she will find more Guests that will crawl after her. Six will use another light fixture to escape the Guests. Arriving in a large dining room of the Guest Area, Six will continue before another male Guest starts to chase her. Six will lure the Guest into getting stuck under a table before jumping over him and escaping by sliding into a vent in the wall.

After evading one of the Twin Chefs, Six will continue down a hallway where several Guests will emerge from their rooms to chase after her. The Guests will form a large wave in their pursuit of Six, crashing through walls and destroying furniture. Six will manage to escape this wave of Guests, however, by once more swinging on a light fixture to another room. One of the Guests that was part of the wave will fall down the gap that Six swung across, while the others will stop and be unable to reach her.

Shortly after Six kills the Lady and inherits her powers, she will walk through the Guest Area as she leaves the Maw. As Six makes her way to the exit, several Guests will see her and will attempt to catch her. However, these Guests will quickly be killed, as Six seemingly uses her new powers to suck away their life essences, leaving their lifeless bodies behind.


Sitting at their tables, Guests will attempt to grab Six if they see her and if they manage to get a hold of her, they will immediately put her into their huge mouths. Upon spotting Six, they will immediately stop eating and some will fling themselves from their tables and crawl after her, persistently chasing and attempting to consume her above all else. In this case, they can either pounce on and eat her, or crush Six with their bodies. The Guests are so consumed with their hunger, that they are willing to kill or die for food (some guests will fling themselves from high ledges to try and reach Six, or trample each other). However, Guests can be avoided if the heroine is dexterous and quick enough. Guests' fat bodies can be used against them, as there are certain parts of the environment that they become stuck in, and their arms are short and cannot reach very far.


  • The Guests' four different models are each named in the game's audio files, which identify them as Harry, Maggan, Piggy and Paddan. As it is difficult to distinguish which guest has each voice, the only one that is clearly identifiable is Maggan as the female Guest.
  • The Guests may be heavily inspired by the gluttonous humans-turned-pigs in the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away, to which the general art style of the game is also readily compared.
  • The Guests are seen only boarding the Maw from their travel boat, and never vice versa.
    • The Guests are said to leave the Maw "one way or another."
  • The Guests appear to be entirely carnivorous, as none of the food they are seen eating is of a vegetable or plant-based nature.
    • This is in spite of the fact, that vegetables can be found in the Kitchen.
    • Some Guests have been seen eating cheese though.
  • It is heavily implied that the Lady drains the life force or energy of the Guests.
  • There were several hints in the game, that the Guests might be fed in order to be slaughtered, in other words, using their meat for the next newcomers. Under this post, the developers hinted that the sausages cooked in the Kitchen were not of animal origin. A question was also asked (now deleted) about whether the guests really eat other guests, to which the answer was given: Kind of ... but not directly.
    • In the Shoe Monster's house, Six encounters large piles of shoes resembling those belonging to guests, as well as luggage. This heavily implies that the Guests are slaughtered aboard the Maw.
  • One of the kabuki masks that some of the Guests usually wear can be seen laying on the floors in the room where Six encounters Dark Six in the secret ending of Little Nightmares II.
    • This heavily implies that Six used a television to travel to the city where the Guests inhabit, starting the events of the Little Nightmares comic series.
  • The Guests are, in some ways, similar to the Viewers in Little Nightmares II. Both are apparently obsessed with one particular thing (food for the Guests and television for the Viewers) and disturbing them will result in chaos. Furthermore, they seem to be fed upon by the main antagonists of their respective games that serve them (the Lady for the Guests and the Thin Man for the Viewers). The protagonists in their respective games also narrowly escaped them.
  • The Guests are one of the few characters in the Little Nightmares games that speak. Some of them at certain moments pronounce the word "yummy", as well as some other indistinguishable words.
  • The Guests' bodies will release black smoke after being killed by Six near the end of Little Nightmares.




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