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Headgears are additional items sold separately or accessed by solving certain puzzles in Little Nightmares and Little Nightmares II.


Headgears are various accessories worn on the head, which the player can receive as a reward for an achievement, purchase separately from the game, or find it in any location to modify the appearance of the Six, the Runaway Kid, and Mono.

Little Nightmares

There are 6 masks in Little Nightmares, of which one is the Switch exclusive Pakku Mask, which can be worn by Six and the Runaway Kid.

Image Title Official description Method of obtaining
Image (1).jpeg Scarecrow Sack. The Maw is filled with awful things hiding in the shadows and around every corner. Wear this twisted old Scarecrow Sack - it might not frighten away the monsters, but at least you won’t see them! Must be purchased.

Unlocked by default in the Complete Edition.
Image.jpeg Upside-down Teapot. Six is a natural born explorer, but bad things can happen if she peeks a little too far in. By the looks of things, she might be wearing this Upside-down Teapot a little while longer! Must be purchased.

Unlocked by default in the Complete Edition.
C7b3b4c225b1e94d30552e149bc2f328.jpg Tengu Mask. Fear can take many forms and can live in many worlds. Wearing this Japanese Tengu mask won’t keep Six safe from harm, but it will certainly make her fit in! Must be purchased.
Apps.9389.68812252605090525.083fe8f4-71f5-4d14-927a-a49711b77c4c.jpeg Fox Mask. With so many nooks & crannies to explore in this unpredictable place, it takes someone special to survive. Six is as brave and cunning a character as you will find, so this Fox mask couldn’t have found a better home! Must be purchased.
1ea925dfb46e6cd2b0d2d4b66fb9644d.jpg Rascal Mask. - In-game. Given for breaking 10 statues.
DcCNmiZXkAEYQrl.jpeg Pakku Mask. Yellow, cute, innocent... and very hungry! Switch exclusive.

Unlocked by using a Pac-Man amiibo on the title screen.

Little Nightmares II

Spoilers in front!
This section contains important plot elements.

There are a total of 12 hats in Little Nightmares II, which is double the amount of the first game. The paper bag is already available at the beginning of the game. The player can also get the Mokujin Mask and the Nomes' hat in The Nome's Attic DLC if they purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game. The rest of the hats are collectibles that are spread throughout the Pale City. The Thin Man's hat is awarded to the player after they complete the game. The Bully's head is the only hat that isn't a collectible and is only temporarily used by the player in a certain situation.

Note: The hats that are italicized don't have official titles.

Image Title Official description Method of obtaining
Paper Bag.png Paper bag. - In-game. Available from the start of the game.
Coonskin cap.png Scout tail cap. - In-game. Located in the Hunter's house in the room opposite of the dining room with the mummified family.

Mokujin Mask.png

Mokujin Mask. It is said that this mask is carved from a 2000-year-old tree, but its power won't protect you from what awaits Mono in the Pale City.[1] Bonus for pre-purchase of Little Nightmares II.
Nome Hat.png Nomes' hat.[2] - In-game. Awarded for completing The Nome's Attic DLC.
Panama.png Sou'wester. - In-game. Located inside a hanging cage shortly after Mono and Six traversed a collapsed bridge. To collect the hat, climb the stacks of cages, then jump onto the hanging cage with the hat in it and climb it. Keep jumping until the cage falls down and the bars are open.
Postman Cap.png Postman cap. - In-game. Located in a vent on the left side of an area with letters and packages in a small chasm.
Gatsby Cap.png Gatsby cap. - In-game. Located in the shop where you have to push a shopping trolley. To collect this hat, push the shopping trolley to the shelf at the far left. The hat is located in the corner.
Teddy Bear's Head.png Teddy bear's head. - In-game. Located in the nursery room of the Hospital. Climb the shelf on the right to find the hat.
Fedora.png Thin Man's hat. - In-game. Available after completing the game.
Tin Can.png Tin can. - In-game. Located inside the School's library, specifically in the section with the moveable ladder. To collect the hat, move the ladder onto the second shelf.
Ripped Ball.png Ripped ball. - In-game. Located on the dumpster in the School's yard.
Mummy Mask.png Mummy wrappings. - In-game. Located in the morgue room where you have to find a key. Open the bottom door near the sink on the left to find the hat.
BullyHead.jpg Bully's head. - In-game. After Mono defeats the fourth Bully in the School's kitchen, his head will be decapitated and fall onto the ground. Mono must wear this mask to get past through the chaotic cafeteria and hallway of the School. Will break and can't be worn anymore once Mono enters the biological storage room.

Cut Hats

These are a list of hats that were cut from Little Nightmares II.

Note: The hats that are italicized don't have official titles.

Image Title Description
Wax Bellman Mask. A cut mask that resembles the face of the Wax Bellman, who was cut from Little Nightmares as well.
Native American Bonnet. A cut mask that resembles a Native American War Bonnet.
Television Mask. A cut mask that resembles a television with a face on the screen.
Gas Mask. A cut mask that just so happens to be a gas mask.




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