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You... know nothing. But you will...
— The girl after she threw the music box at a wall.

The Humpback Girl[1] is one of the characters in Little Nightmares (comic series).


Before the mirror distorted her, the humpback girl was short. She wore tan-colored pants, a dark orange long-sleeved shirt, a dark orange hijab, and a pair of shoes.

After one of the mirrors in the abandoned house distorted her, the girl became very stooped and her arms became large. Unlike many children, her blue eyes are not hidden by shadow or hair, but the rest of the face is completely hidden.


At first it seems that the humpback girl is rather shy and timid. However, it was later shown that she was not afraid for herself, but for others. When her friends were in danger, the girl saved them, but the result of this was that under the influence of the mirrors of an abandoned house she was mutilated. Since then, she suffered from catoptrophobia.

Little Nightmares

The humpback girl first appeared in the first comic but did not have any lines of dialogue. Six finds her along with the Bandaged Kid, the Boy in Green, the Refugee Boy and the Long-Haired Girl sitting around a fire for warmth. She evades being swallowed by a leech while the boy in green was interrogating Six.

In the second comic, the humpback girl shatters a music box brought by Six, much to the other children's chagrin. She reveals to the other children that she and some friends entered a house filled with mirrors that could grant wishes to those who stared into them. The mirrors were in fact a trap used by the Mirror Monster to lure children within the reach of its tentacles and trap them within the mirror itself. In order to evade capture, the humpback girl used herself as bait to lure out the monster. When it appeared, one of the other children that wished himself taller quickly shattered the mirror. This presumably killed the monster but mysteriously left the girl horribly disfigured. After covering her with a cloak, the other two children left the humpback child behind promising to return with help, but never did. She was then found by the Ferryman, who took her to the Maw.


  • This is the first child whose face is hidden, but their eyes are visible the other is the bandaged kid.
  • It is stated by her friend in the second issue of the comic how she had become fearful of the wind. It is unknown if this has any connection to the North Wind.
  • Despite her having lost faith in the friends who promised to return for her, the humpback girl is never seen making effort to leave the building she had been waiting in, leaving the suspicion that the girl might not have known what truly lead her friends to not return for her, only that she now believed they had grown too afraid to ever come back for her.



Little Nightmares


  1. An official source that states the name hasn't been found yet, or the citation was invalid.
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