The Kitchen is the area that you visit in the 3rd chapter of Little Nightmares, and contains the main characters of the chapter, The Twin Chefs

  • The Pantry
  • Cutting Area 1
  • The Cooking Area
  • The Bedroom
  • Cutting Area 2
  • The Sausage Area
  • The Dish Area
There are multiples areas in this one location, such as the pantry and the bedroom (slideshow with the most important areas above). You are chased around by both of the chefs in this location, and once you finish this chapter, you go to the Guest Area. The chefs are the rulers of the kitchen, and majority of the time you are there, other than you being chased by them, they are (probably) preparing for the guest's meal. The chefs are very quick, but the Kitchen has so many places, you could run from them quite easily. Most of the kitchen isn't even a kitchen; there is only 3 cutting or cooking related rooms, the rest are extras or the rooms leading to your escape. The last room that you are in in this chapter is a room with a table, and both of the guests are chasing you. You have to jump on top of some boxes, grab onto a hanger, and drop onto a pipe to escape. Keep in mind, the chefs, and basically all of the antagonists, are the least of your worries. Like the Janitor, hiding in a cage or under a table is one of the best picks for a hiding spot. There are lots of tables in the kitchen for you to hide under, just in case you're being seeked out. The Kitchen is a very interesting location.