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Lanterns and candles are collectibles from Little Nightmares.


Lanterns have the appearance of a look small metal lamp with a metal piece on top to protect the flame. If the player lights 20 lanterns and candles, they will unlock an achievement.

Little Nightmares

All of the lanterns and candles are in different, sometimes secret, places on the map. They can be collected with Six's lighter.

There are a total of 30 lanterns and candles (21 lanterns and 9 candles) in the game for Six to find.

The Prison

The first lantern can be found at the hatch at the very beginning of the game if you run strictly to the right.

The second lantern is in the room with the first Nome. You can find it by going to the right of the refrigerator and crawling through the ventilation.

The third lantern is in a room with a lever, after running through a room with leeches that fall from the roof.

The fourth lantern is located on the other side of the wooden bridge from a dark leech-filled room. Noticing it should be very easy.

The player will find the fifth lantern by climbing up and through a barred window and entering the Prison. It is located in the top left corner of the room.

After sneaking past an Eye that watches over the prison cells, you can see the sixth lantern on top of a cage.

Having climbed up the cage wall and then creeping through an open cage, which is located on the lower right, you can get through a vent and from there, the seventh lantern is located next to a Nome.

In the dark bedroom, between two beds by the exit, you will find the first candle.

As Six rises through a room full of cages, the eighth lantern can be found in an open cage by a suspended bunch of cages.

To find the ninth lantern, you must first turn off the power by flipping a switch, and then go into the adjacent room on the left. Going all the way to the left, you will find the lantern by a Nome locked in a cage.

The Lair

The tenth lantern is in the first room when climbing the stairs at the start of the chapter. It can be easily seen on top of the desk in the room.

To find the eleventh lantern, Six must go down the corridor where she wants to eat for the second time. On the way to the cage with meat, you can see it near some pipes.

When you get out of the cage, go left and through a gap in the door. Next to the door, you will find the twelfth lantern.

Once out of the cage and having climbed up the door to the upper floor, you can find the second candle near a bathtub and a guillotine.

After Six escapes from the Janitor through a hatch into the ventilation leading to the Shoe Monster's lair, she passes through a small room where the thirteenth lantern can be found by a huge suitcase.

The third candle is located on the top of the bookshelf next to the suspended piano.

The fourth candle can be found on the top shelf of the library closest to the exit. This shelf is located almost above the bridge leading to the other side of the room.

After turning on a television to distract the Janitor, you can find the fifth candle on the lowest bookshelf in the library.

The sixth candle can be found when you raise and jump across the hanging piano. It is near the vent, standing on a stack of books.

In the tunnel where the Janitor blocks the path with his arms, the fourteenth lantern can be seen near one of the pipes.

The Kitchen

The fifteenth lantern is located on top of a white cabinet at the end of the kitchen.

After climbing up into the roof rafters, Six ends up in the Twin Chefs' toilet. In it, you need to climb onto the toilets and jump to the shelf where the seventh candle stands.

The sixteenth lantern can be found alongside a statue in the freezer above the sausage grinder if you enter through a slightly open hatch on the right wall.

In the room where the second Chef starts chopping meat, climb onto the shelf on the right until your directly under the ceiling, on which there will be a eighth candle.

Having passed through the garbage chute, Six can climb up a wall of pots and pans, jump to the hook hole and ride a hook to a shelf above the chute, where the seventeenth lantern can be found.

The Guest Area

After Six escapes from the Twin Chefs on a meat hook, she must jump down from the starting hole and go into the slot located under it. There is a secret room where a Nome and the eighteenth lantern are located. Keep in mind that this area will be unaccessible if the player starts this chapter through the Chapter Select menu since it will start later on. The player has to start from The Kitchen chapter if they wish to collect the lantern.

To find the nineteenth lantern, you must get into the room with a long table, on which Six must be run across while avoiding the ravenous Guests. At the very end of the room, behind a stool, there is a hole leading to a room with a Nome and a lantern.

Once Six climbs up onto the aforementioned table, you can find the ninth candle located between two guests.

Taking the elevator to the top floor of the Guest Area, Six should go down the hallway, at the end of which there is the twentieth lantern.

Having escaped from the swarm of Guests by swinging on a light, Six can find the twenty first lantern in the corner.



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