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Leeches are the first minor enemies encountered in Little Nightmares and Secrets of the Maw. They are bloodsucking creatures found throughout the lower parts of the Maw, especially in the Prison and the Depths. They are the main antagonistic faction of both said chapters.

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In the dark, moist corners of The Maw, the leeches writhe as one, awaiting the swollen wanderers. Slimy, venomous parasites that feed on the living – the leeches truly belong here.


Leeches appear to be black slimy worms with circular suction mouths used to suck their victims' blood. They can easily suck living beings with almost the same size of them like Six and the Runaway Kid, strangling them around like a snake.

As seen in Little Nightmares (comic series), some are large enough that they can swallow a whole child.

Little Nightmares

After climbing up a refrigerator and walking on the boards, Six will encounter some Leeches falling from the pipes above and chasing her. After some time later, she will eventually fall into a dark chamber full of Leeches.

After shutting down the power for the bars in a big area with cages, Six will encounter Leeches in the shower room.

Secrets of the Maw

When the Runaway Kid drops down onto a room with a bed, a leech will seen under the bed, trying to catch the Kid.

Most of the leeches will be encountered later in the Depths, chasing the Runaway Kid in a flood after recently found a flashlight. Later he finds several leeches blocking his way to the drain. To do this, he has to throw a tin can to them.

When the Runaway Kid is in the Granny's apartment, he has to find a key to open a locked door. After pushing a jar from the table, he will find the key while also seeing a leech inside.


Leeches are encountered early in the game, in areas that are wet and decaying, notably in the Prison and in the Depths in the Secrets of the Maw DLC. The leeches hang from the ceiling or overhead pipes and wait for prey. Once they spot prey, they drop down and give chase. They will attack Six and the Runaway Kid upon sight. Being caught by one will result in a game over. However, they crawl rather slowly and can be evaded by running away or jumping over them. It is important to note that Leeches move faster in water.


  • Initially, they were going to have legs to walk, run, and even get up on the nozzle.[3] Some walking animations can still be found in the game files. Despite the fact that their models were not redone, the legs of the Leeches were never used.
  • The player has the ability to kill the leeches by throwing heavy objects at them.



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