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Issue 1 is a comic written by John Shackleford and illustrated by Aaron Alexovich, released on May 31, 2017. It is the first graphic novel of Little Nightmares (comic series).


Running away from the Chef, Six crawls into the ventilation, through which she reaches a group of children warming themselves around a fire. When they wonder how she got into the Maw, Six recalls how she wandered around an unknown city until the Shadow found her. Realizing that the girl does not want to share her story, one of the children says that he got to the Maw thanks to the Ferryman, who saved him from the North Wind, that had previously killed his younger sister.



  • It is understood that Six had already met with the children around the fire and probably did something bad, because of which she was kicked out. The proof of this is how the children reacted to the heroine, trying to drive her away.
  • Initially, the children around the campfire had dull yellow cloaks, and their faces would be hidden by a shadow, because of which Six would only see eyes. In addition, the children did not have to live in an empty room, where many ventilation systems lead, but a small warehouse with a bunch of jewelry and books.
  • Despite being asked numerous times by the other children she encounters aboard the Maw, Six refrains from talking about her past memories. The bread giving boy telling her she will forget her memories if she doesnt tell anyone as well as the Narrator's obscure remark saying: "sometimes memories are best left alone, locked away, out of reach," leaves suspiscion something is wrong with Six's memories.



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