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This is the article for the 2021 comic app.
You could be looking for the 2017 comic book series.
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Little Nightmares Comics (not to be confused with Little Nightmares (comic series)) is a digital comic book published by Plast!ek.


Discover six original stories from the Little Nightmares universe in a unique animated digital comic format. Little Nightmares II coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One and PC digital on February 11th, 2021.


Episode Description
Episode 1 In the Wilderness, Six tries to run away from the Hunter. She manages to elude him by hiding in a hole under a tree.
Episode 2 An unnamed boy travels through the Wilderness after he wakes from a nightmare. He is then lured to an old shed in the depths of the Wilderness after hearing the sound of someone screaming.
Episode 3 Trapped in a cell at the Hospital, a girl digs through the floor in order to escape, and is given spoons by an unseen source.
Episode 4 At the School, a boy is hiding from Bullies. As a defense, the boy uses his lollipop to smash open the heads of the Bullies.
Episode 5 A child scavenges for food within an apartment of the Pale City then the child discovers a wounded rat. Hoping to save it, the child takes the rat with them.
Episode 6 Mono realizes that he and many other children are trapped within a place that's burning down. After the fire was doused, the other children get captured by an unseen figure.



  • The comic consists of a total of six different episodes, coinciding with Six's name.
  • Some of the stories seems to take place before the events of Little Nightmares II.
    • It is unknown if Episode 2 takes place before the events of the Little Nightmares II game as it displays elements from the game's timeline such as Monster Six's screams, the Thin Man's appearance, and the Hunter's absence throughout the Toddler's journey through the forest.
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