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Welcome to the Little Nightmares Wiki! Please read our rules and guidelines before contributing here.


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Note that outdated threads (posts, comments, messages) aren't affected by these rules.


  1. Do not vandalize articles, templates, or profiles, or whatever thing that can be edited by anyone. Otherwise, vandalism results in an instant 10-year block.
  2. Do not put fan media/content on articles or make it an article itself; these types of media should be in discussion or a blog post.
  3. Do not make an article that is a duplicate of a pre-existing one. Before creating one, look up the article you're about to make in the search bar on the top right to see if it has already been made.
  4. Be sure to read the article you're about to edit thoroughly. The information you are about to add may already be there or similar to another one.
  5. Be sure that an article remains objective when editing. For example, say: "Six attempts to escape the Maw" or "Mono wears a paper bag" rather than "Six is a cold-hearted prick who hates and kills everyone" or "Mono likes fries".
  6. Do your best to have proper and decent grammar and spelling when editing articles.
  7. Do not add articles without permission from an administrator, moderator, or founder. Please discuss the future article in a thread.
  8. Do not change the character's gender and pronouns; unless the character was misgendered/confirmed by the developers or company.
    1. Examples of valid confirmation of a character's gender are Twitter or Facebook posts by the official accounts, an installment's description, related quotes, or an interview with one of the devs.
  9. Do not change an article with a confirmed name, it's only okay to change it if the name of the article is unconfirmed.
    1. Examples of valid name confirmation are Twitter or Facebook posts by the official accounts, an installment's description, quotes, game files, or an interview with one of the devs.
  10. Please do not use fan content or unrelated Little Nightmares things as sources of things, like a name of a level or a character's gender.
  11. Aside from the devs behind Little Nightmares, do not mention any people by name in an article. Crediting people for screenshots of their gameplay or their model sheets is allowed, however.
  12. Please use US writing. This doesn't apply to the word "grey/gray" as "grey" is both used in UK writing and US writing while "gray" is mainly used in US writing, so it doesn't matter what spelling you use.
    1. This also doesn't apply to official sources like descriptions or quotes related to the Little Nightmares series.
  13. Write the descriptions and quotes as to how they're written. Don't fix the grammar or change it to US writing. Leave it as how it is.
  14. Do not add an image that is already added or a duplicated image to the page.
  15. An admin's word on an edit is final. Any attempts to disobey this rule will result in a 24-hour block. Further attempts will result in longer blocks, including a permanent block if it is deemed necessary.
  16. Don't make pages that are irrelevant to Little Nightmares, spam or unnecessary to keep, or use the "add new page" button for posting things. For the latter, if you want to post something, go to the "Blog" tab on your profile or go to "discussion" by clicking on the speech bubble icon.


  1. Do not harass other members; it's impolite.
  2. Don't insult someone, please apologize to them, and if you don't apologize, you'll get a 1-week block. You'll get blocked longer if you continue to offend, humiliate, or be catty to others.
  3. Don't make a post to badmouth anyone on this wiki or people from third-party sites. If you have a problem with someone on this wiki, then go to their profile and message them on their Message Wall.
  4. Do not share stuff that is NSFW (see Wikipedia:Not safe for work).
  5. No excessive swearing.
  6. Please credit creative works that aren't yours.

Administration and moderation

  1. Don't overuse your abilities. It's better to be equal than uneven.
  2. Overall follow the socializing, editing, and miscellaneous rules.


  1. Follow Fandom's ToS/ToU. Violating the Fandom Terms of Use will end up in a 6-month block unless the Membership rule was broken, as you'll be blocked depending on how old you are.
  2. Do not upload files that have already been uploaded. Check through all the photos to make sure it's there first.
  3. Do not put spoilers or leaks onto pages or share them with the contributors here. Please wait until the installment has launched on its worldwide release date and remember to add {{SpoilerWarning}} to the page when the installment finally releases. If you continue to share spoilers before an installment releases or adding speculation to articles, you'll get blocked for a week or year.
  4. This is an English wiki. Write sentences on pages and threads in English.
  5. No badge/achievement farming. You'll be warned or blocked infinitely.
  6. Do not spam. Anything considered spamming will result in a 3-month block; examples of spam include, but are not limited to:
    1. By definition, publishing multiple comments or media. (The maximum is 2 comments and 1 post.)
    2. Necroposting (unless the thread is still active or it needs to be answered). Please read the date of the thread before commenting.
    3. Typing in a paragraph in Caps Lock. (Does not include paragraphs that are a combination of Caps Locks and no Caps Locks.)
    4. Keysmashing.
    5. By definition, anything irrelevant. Stay relevant to the wiki, blog, comment, or thread.