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And then the thing that wasn't there... took him.

The Mirror Monster[1] is an antagonist encountered by the Humpback Girl in the second issue of Little Nightmares (comic series).


The Mirror Monster only appears in mirrors found in an abandoned house. It appears as a man dressed with a white buttoned shirt, bow tie, belt, black shoes and brown trousers but has massive tentacles sprouting from where its head should be. The tentacles are brown and appear to be either hairy or root-like.

Little Nightmares

After removing cloaks covering some mirrors found in an abandoned house, the children began staring at their reflections which were in fact their deepest wishes. Slowly, their reflections were switched with their true appearances. They then coax the Humpback Girl to stare in the mirror herself but she saw the Mirror Monster standing behind her reflection. The monster then grabbed one child with its tentacles and pulled it inside. Unable to escape, the children instead rearrange the mirrors so that the Mirror Monster's would try to grab the Humpback Girl who volunteered to use herself as bait. This succeeds and the child who became taller proceeds to shatter the mirror, presumably killing the Mirror Monster.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hair Manipulation: The Mirror Monster has the ability to control the hair-like tentacles on the top of his head, using them to compensate for his arms. He is seen using them to bring children into his mirror dimension.
  • Mirror Teleportation: The Mirror Monster has the ability to create portals out of mirrors, using them to capture children in the outside world and bring them into his. He is seen teleporting his tentacles out of his mirror reality and even moving them from mirror to mirror.


  • According to the boy who got tall and the humpback girl, there are terrifying stories surrounding the very building where they would inevitably face the Mirror Monster. Implying the town they lived in might have always been aware of the dangers within the abandoned building and had attempted to warn the children of its terrors through stories alone, it is unknown what these stories told, but it's suspected the adults of the town had attempted to leave the mirrors untouched in order to prevent whatever could be unleashed from them from hurting anyone else. When the humpback girl and the other children break one of the mirrors the Mirror Monster appeared in, the Mirror Monster is no longer shown within the other mirrors in the room. Because the children are unaware if the Mirror Monster had perished, it's speculated that the Mirror Monster may still be alive but had now been freed from the mirrors world. This is supported by the mirrors ability to transfer whatever is reflected in them onto the real world. The children who had promised to return for the humpback girl near the end of the comic might have never returned because they were killed by the Mirror Monster who had now been unleashed onto the whole town.
  • It's speculated that the Mirror Monster was created from the humpback girl's fear of monsters. The mirrors she and the children found may have the ability to bring to life a persons deepest desires as well as their greatest fears.
    • Contrary, it's also speculated the Mirror Monster might have never been the humpback girl's creation but was instead a monster which had been imprisoned within the mirrors themselves by the towns people. This is supported by the mirrors ability to trap whatever is thrown into them, the boy who got strong was dragged into one of the mirrors but was unable to escape even after the Mirror Monster disappeared. In the beginning of the comic, the children state there are stories about a monster within the abandoned building, leaving the speculation that the towns people might have attempted to prevent anyone from potentially freeing the Mirror Monster by warning them of the dangers hiding in the building. The Mirror Monster might have been drawn to the humpback girl because of her fears and potential abilities which could be used to ensure its freedom.


  • The Mirror Monster has some sort of unspoken attachment to the Humpback Girl. In addition to being his potential creator, his demise caused the girl to become deformed as she stared into the mirrors shattered pieces, not realizing the mirrors still retained the ability to reflect what was in them and make it into reality.
  • The Mirror Monster shares some similarities with the Hanging Man encountered in the Maw.



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  1. An official source that states the name hasn't been found yet, or the citation was invalid.
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