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Mono is a kind and helpful boy who showed compassion to others. All of this changed when he accompanied a girl named Six on a journey to the Signal Tower.

He appears as a stand-alone character in Little Nightmares Comics, and the main protagonist of Little Nightmares II.


Twitter Description

A [sic] uncommonly single-minded child. When he sets himself to a task, he rarely gives up before it's completed.

Website Description

As the world buckles under the relentless pulse of The Signal Tower, Mono takes refuge where he can. His thin paper mask offers some respite, helping him forget that the world outside hates him, and wants him to fail - but he can't stay hidden forever.


Mono is a short and scrawny pale-skinned boy whose face is hidden by a light brown paper bag with two round eye holes that allow him to see. He wears a one buttoned khaki trench coat that reaches below his knees above a brownish-gray shirt tucked into his long brownish-gray pants rolled up at the end. His hands and feet are bare. Mono can also wear items like a key on the side of his coat.

Under the paper bag he wears, Mono has short, messy black hair that sticks out a little bit. It is later shown that without the bag, Mono has a fairly skinny and slightly more angular facial structure and dark eyes.


Like most other characters in the series, Mono barely speaks. Instead, his personality is shown in his actions, and it was stated in an interview that Mono is naturally protective. Mono appears to be a noble, confident, well-meaning boy who is willing to go out of his way to help others, as shown when he struggles to free Six from her apparent imprisonment in the Hunter's Cabin and offers his hand to her. He stays by her side, offering his help again when she asks for it despite her initial rejection of his assistance. He has a degree of compassion, being very clearly disturbed by the decaying bodies in the Hunter's house, as well as initially being shocked upon seeing Six in her monster form when he finds her in the Signal Tower. Mono is also notably cautious of his surroundings, and resourceful enough to use various objects in his surroundings to evaluate the integrity and safety of the path forward.

His official description indicates that the character is quite purposeful and stubborn in achieving his goals. Mono's main feature is that he likes to wear various objects on his head that hide his face, which may indicate his shyness or unwillingness to show his personality.[3] His description also claims that his paper bag helps him forget that the "world hates him and wants him to fail", which may mean he considers life to be cruel against him.

In the climax of the game Mono is injured and attempts to walk a straight path to the Black Tower only to be confronted by the Thin Man once again. Mono, who has grown tired of this world's apparent resentment towards him, removes his headwear and angrily decides that enough is enough. He chooses to fight the Thin Man head on with his powers and succeeds. This shows how tired Mono has become from hiding himself from the cruel nature that is life.

After his encounter with the Thin Man, Mono has become more brave. As when he faces off against monster Six, he fights her head on rather than running and only fighting when given an opportunity. He is also shown to be more brash as well, as he continuously yells at Six to get her attention and to weaken her, despite how much pain she seems to be in. When he finally returns Six to normal by destroying the music box, she and Mono attempt to escape the Signal Tower once it starts to collapse. However, Six leaves Mono for dead and escapes the tower herself. Mono becomes broken and resigns himself to his fate as he sits on a chair inside the tower. As he ages, the Transmission corrupts him, turning him gloomy, hateful, depressed, and bitter.


Mono is quick and agile, he can jump very high and hold on objects in mid-air even while supporting Six's weight, although he cannot jump as high or far as Six due to his stockier build. Moreover, while Six is centered around stealth and speed, Mono is centered around strength and direct combat, granting him more versatility. For example, Mono can lift heavier objects and use them for various purposes; to attack and defend himself from small enemies (like the Bullies and Living Hands), use a stick to avoid the Wilderness' bear traps, and break a deteriorated door with any tools available. Mono is also able to submerge himself underwater in order to hide from enemies, mainly the Hunter. However, remaining underwater will deprive Mono of oxygen which can lead him gasping upon reemerging and alerting enemies. Later in the game, Mono acquires a flashlight and is able to illuminate the darkest parts of the City. This comes in handy when facing the Patients of the Hospital who, because of the light cast by it, freeze and are deprived of the opportunity to attack. He can no longer use the flashlight after it's destroyed when he and Six are almost crushed beneath a decaying room. He is also able to attach things to his coat instead of picking it up with his arms, which makes things less complex for him. Mono can also call out Six for help if he is stuck or the other side of her or get her attention, however in the black tower he uses this method to attract the distorted, monstrous version Six as a distraction so he can break the music box to free her from her distorted form.

Mono has been shown to have some sort of connection with the televisions in the Pale City. After indirectly releasing the Thin Man, he is able to travel between televisions through the town. However, he does not seem to have complete control over these powers, as at times he will accidentally break the screen he teleports out of. Mono can also use a remote to turn on and off the televisions he is near in the Pale City, which somewhat helps control where he wants to go. Similar to the flashlight, the remote becomes useless when it breaks after Mono escapes from the Thin Man on a train.

Mono's abilities also seem to be able to distort reality to a certain degree. It's unknown whether or not Mono can use these abilities whenever he chooses. These powers can be seen during his last confrontation with The Thin Man, his powers not only were able to twist and push the Thin Man away, but also change the surrounding environment. After destroying The Thin Man, Mono uses his power to move himself to the door of The Signal Tower.

At first, Mono chooses to wear items over his head to conceal his identity due to his insecurities and shyness. Whenever he finds something that he can wear, such as his paper bag, Mono can choose to collect and wear it if he wishes. By the time he arrives in The Transmission, the opportunity to do this is no longer available as Mono decides that he doesn't have to hide himself anymore.

Little Nightmares II

Mono first appears at the beginning of the game, where he wakes up in a forest next to a TV. After the beginning sequence with vision of the door inside the Signal Tower, it is assumed that Mono had recently traveled through that TV. It isn't long before he decides to venture further into the forest and past the many traps set up. This all leads up to him breaking into a cabin and following a melody into a basement, where he encounters a scared child going by the name of Six. Seeing the fearful state she is in, Mono offers to help her escape, only to be turned down as she pushes him aside and runs off. Mono gives chase to the room past the dining area filled with taxidermied people. It is there when Six decides to trust Mono and the children become a duo. Working together, they are able to escape the house. However, they alert the Hunter, the owner of the cabin while doing so and he takes his shotgun in pursuit of them. With their speed, stealth and partnership, they survive all of their encounters with him until they are cornered in a shed. To their fortune, Mono finds a shotgun on the wall and, with the help of Six, lifts it and pulls the trigger as the Hunter readies to break in. Afterwards, Mono and Six escape the Wilderness and ride across the vast ocean on a severed door. It is only after a little while where they hit shore and arrive at the Pale City.

After exploring the city and seeing what remains of its population, Mono and Six arrive in a room with a TV, where the former is prompted to place his hand on the screen in order to "tune the transmission". When succeeding, he is placed inside the same hallway he had a dream about at the beginning of the game. Mono tries to reach the door, but pulled from the TV by Six as he draws near. He and Six then decide to leave the room that they are in and almost immediately at a rundown school. In order to traverse, the duo manage to get inside. They soon realize that the school is filled with traps and is managed by a sadistic Teacher. As they avoid the many traps hidden throughout the school, a group of Bullies, porcelain dolls that resemble children, push a locker onto Mono and capture Six. Mono tries to go after them, but they use a rope ladder to escape to the upper floor. This leaves Mono alone to deal with them and their Teacher.

After narrowly avoiding the other Bullies as well as the Teacher, Mono finds Six hanging upside down in a bathroom. He manages to defeat the Bullies who tied her there and frees her, reuniting them. Together, they again move forward and barley escape the Teacher and the school altogether by passing through the vents when she hears them leave in the music room.

The duo continued to move forward until it became apparent that Six had become cold from the constant downpour of rain. She and Mono decide to briefly shelter themselves in a dry area, where Six found and wore a yellow raincoat. Soon after, the two arrive in a dark hospital. There, Mono finds an operating flashlight to illuminate the dark halls of the hospital. He also makes another attempt to make a run for the door in the twisted hallway upon tuning another television, but is once again pulled away thanks to Six. On the upper floor, he is forced to deal with the patients and severed hands alone and receive the power cells that activates an elevator. Mono and Six descend to the depths of the hospital and, after fighting two more hands, encounter the Doctor. While they are able to keep their presence hidden for a long time, he eventually catches on and chases the children. They are able to outsmart him by trapping him in an incinerator where they can choose to burn him alive before exiting the building through another elevator.

Once having escaped the Hospital, the children explore the apartments in the heart of the city. There they find many of the townsfolk, who are called the Viewers, all of whom have a far too unhealthy television addiction. They use this addiction to their advantage and sneak through the lofts unnoticed. After moving from building to building by using the rooftops, the room they are in suddenly starts to cave in. Mono and Six attempt to escape, but the flooring underneath them collapses and the fall into the depths of the building, breaking Mono's flashlight in the process. Mono and Six wake up at the bottom of the chasm, where Mono pulls Six out of a pile of rubble and they continue forth. Once again, the former finds and tunes the transmission of another television. This time he succeeds in opening the door at the end of the hallway, only to immediately regret his actions when he realizes what's behind it; A very thin and tall man sitting in a chair, who was supposedly awaiting his arrival as he ominously stands up. Luckily for Mono, Six is able to pull him out of the transmission and to safety. However, the Thin Man follows him in pursuit and causes the area to become static like and laggy, making their movements much slower. With no other options, the children flee and hide in the room over.

Mono hides under a bed while Six chooses a table. The Thin Man instantly finds Six with ease and moves in on her. Mono can only watch in pain as she is captured and taken away. Afterwards, he looks at her Glitching Remain for a moment in sorrow. Not wanting to leave Six behind, Mono then sets off to rescue his friend. Mono quickly goes inside the same television he tuned prior to Six's capture in order to follow The Thin Man. Instead of arriving in the bendy hallway, he travels through a fleshy tunnel and arrives outside of another television in a different location of the Pale City.

Mono continues to use this technique to get closer and closer to the Black Tower thanks to a remote he found that helps turn on and off other televisions. However, this also draws attention from the Viewers, who attempt to kill him for either distracting them from their TV or to vent their frustration when not having a TV set to look at. Thanks to the environment and televisions, he escapes their wrath multiple times. Mono is almost killed by a horde of them at one point in a shop when he gets their attention after teleporting through and breaking another TV, but once again escapes. He finds Six in a random television inside another apartment and attempts to pull her out, only for the Thin Man to grab her and pull her back into the television. The Thin Man then arrives in the apartment through the television in an attempt to get Mono, forcing the bag wearing child to run away from his clutches.

The chase eventually leads to a bunch of railcars, where Mono detaches one from the other and rides away from his capture, only to get badly hurt from the train suddenly crashing to a stop on impact and for his remote to break. He notices the glitching remains of his stolen friend, who guides him out of the subway tunnel and encourages him to keep going. Mono is able to get above ground and realizes that the Black Tower is only a straight and very long path away. Just as it seems he is in the clear and attempts to walk forward, the Thin Man once again appears and approaches him. Too injured to run away anymore and with no way to defend himself, Mono falls to his knees in despair, seemingly ready to accept his inevitable death. Just as he is within the Thin Man's reach, Mono removes his bag and stands, refusing to give up as he confronts the tall fiend. With the raise of his hand, Mono uses his Transmission powers to combat his. Once he is able to knock the Thin Man down to his knees, Mono, having found a way to finally defeat him, continues to fight back. After the boy repeatedly beats him back, the Thin Man finally backs down and dissolves in defeat. Mono, instead of walking, uses his powers to pull the Black Tower up right in front of him while restoring the other buildings to their non-bendy state, with the doors to the tower opening soon after. Mono steps inside, and the doors close behind him.

Inside the tower, Mono is drawn to the sound of a musical tune. He travels through many doors that take him to different areas of the tower until he eventually steps into a room and finds that a large music box was playing the sound. As he begins to approaches it, he is shocked to discover that the music box is being protected by a very distorted and monstrous Six. Initially, Six is not hostile in her current form and Mono comes to conclusion that the music box is what's distorting her mind and body. After calling Six to him, Mono picks up a nearby mallet and whacks the music box, which briefly sends him to a dark area. Mono is then forced to run from the enraged monster Six throughout the Black Tower and lure her away from the music box long enough for him to smash it. After a few more hits, Mono destroys the music box and is able to restore Six to her normal self.

The victory is short lived, however, as the walls of the tower turn into piles of flesh and eyes that began to close in on them. The children are able to stay ahead and have to cross a crumbling bridge to escape. Six is able to make it to an exit for the tower and turns to catch Mono when a gap is formed. He makes a jump for it and grabs Six's hands, expecting her to pull him up. Instead, Six ponders for a moment and, to Mono's shock, she drops him. Mono could only flail his arms as he fell into the depths of the tower as Six escapes the Transmission.

After regaining consciousness on top of the fleshy remains of the tower and still hurt and confused by Six leaving him for dead, Mono wanders around for a bit until he stands atop a chair. The Flesh Walls then start to surround Mono, much to his terror. Just as the flesh begins to cocoon him, the concretes are restored, leaving the Black Tower back to its original state. Instead of leaving, Mono decides to sit down and resign himself to his fate. Time goes on and he grows older and taller, while the Transmission corrupts him. Eventually, all of this leads to him taking on the form of the Thin Man. The camera draws back to reveal Mono in the room at the end of the dream hallway. The door to his room closes, leaving Mono inside the Black Tower.

Little Nightmares Comics

In Episode 1, Six escapes the Hunter by traveling under a tree. Once she makes it out the other side, she stops and notices Mono sitting on a tree branch in the moonlight. He soon takes notice of Six and the two children regard each other until the Hunter arrives and takes Six hostage.

In Episode 6, Mono awakens in a building that is burning. Multiple children are trapped in the fire, trying to escape. Suddenly, the sprinklers turn on. The relief doesn't last long, as a mysterious figure snatches the children in the area one by one. Meanwhile, Mono separates himself from the group of children and arrives in a living room to find a hiding spot. Mono then realizes that the figure is approaching him and with no time to find a proper hiding place, hides inside a broken TV. The figure walks in Mono's direction. The boy peeks out, and the episode ends with a horrific questionable sound.

Powers and Abilities

  • Unlimited stamina: Unlike the protagonists in previous installments, Mono has an unlimited stamina. This allows him to run as far as he can without getting tired.
  • Weapon wielding: Unlike other children in the universe of Little Nightmares, Mono is able to wield weapons to either defeat small enemies or dispatch obstacles. The weapons may vary from a twig to an axe.
  • Tileórasikinesis (Television Control): After Six is kidnapped by the Thin Man, Mono is able to travel from a television to one another. This would help him to traverse through the Pale City to reach the Signal Tower.
  • World bending: Shortly after Mono defeats the Thin Man, he starts to bend and distort the buildings around him. With this supernatural power, he is able to move himself to the entrance of the Signal Tower without moving his legs.


  • The most popular theory is that the Thin Man and Mono exist in a time paradox, as it is revealed that Mono grows up to become the Thin Man after Six leaves him for dead in the Black Tower, trapping Mono in its depths and causing him to fester in resentment as he ages, creating an all-too familiar monster. Consequently, within the timeline of Little Nightmares II, the Thin Man likely tries to capture his younger self to prevent Mono from becoming trapped in the Tower and repeating their fate on a loop, luring Mono to him by sending him television signals throughout the game until Mono finally "opens the door" and releases him from the Tower, allowing the Thin Man to take his vengeance. The official Twitter description of the Black Tower also supports this, as it asks "Will you go back?", suggesting Mono has been there before, and the Thin Man's description states that he is stuck in an "endless journey", possibly indicating he will continue to exist unless he stops Mono from being betrayed by Six and stuck in the Tower. Additionally, the game starts the same way it ends: prior to the start of Mono's journey, the camera pans down a long hallway of the Black Tower to the door the Thin Man is trapped behind, and then after Mono's journey shows how he became the Thin Man, the camera pans out of this same hallway and door, creating a loop from the game's beginning to its end.
    • Contrarily, it is also possible Mono may simply be the successor of the Thin Man. Due to Mono possessing similar powers, he may have been destined to be the next conduit of the Black Tower, with his abilities being used by it to spread its influence through the Transmission. The Lady similarly served the endless cycle of the Maw, killing the Guests to maintain the Maw's life cycle whilst trying to prevent the "next in line" from usurping her and acquiring her powers. This "succession" theory may be supported by a portrait in the Lady's Quarters of four other "Lady-like" women seen surrounding The Lady in a circle, possibly alluding to there having been other Ladies throughout the decades. A similar situation may apply to the Thin Man, which may mean that there is no time paradox but rather a forceful passing of the torch. To that end, the Thin Man may have been trying to stop Mono from killing him in order to prevent Mono from taking his powers and beginning a new reign over the Black Tower, to no avail. However, the writers state residents of the world have no real motivations or goals, leaving the Thin Man's reasoning behind his actions unknown. This theory assumes the Thin Man functions under the same rules as The Lady, however, and therefore may not be accurate.
      • The writer of Little Nightmares neither confirms nor denies whether the Thin Man is the predecessor of Mono or if they are the same individual. He simply states "It's all of that".[4]
      • Contrary it is speculated the Tall Figure from Little Nightmares Comics was once the former resident of the Black Tower before being usurped by Mono.
    • It's also speculated that Mono had lost his mind in his time within the Transmission during his transition into the Thin Man and had become another resident of the world as he was infected with escapism. According to the writer, the residents of the Little Nightmares world have no real motivation or goal, rather they run on some form of basic desire, leaving the suspicion that Mono may not have grown up with the motivation to prevent his younger self from being betrayed. This is further supported by the Thin Man's willingness to leave Six in the Black Tower, the very place Mono would be doomed to relive his betrayal. Rather than having the goal of saving himself, it's suspected that Mono had now become driven by some other base instinct similarly to how all the antagonist are in the world of Little Nightmares. It's unknown what Mono's true intentions were near the end of the game. However, the official Twitter account describes Mono's escapism as "Revenge, perhaps? A second chance?", neither confirming nor denying Mono's true desires after the events of the game.
  • After defeating the Thin Man, Mono remains standing in front of the manhole and uses his power to pull the Black Tower towards himself, possibly implying Mono was always far more powerful than originally presented. It's unknown why Mono had not used this power before, but it's speculated that Mono had the potential to cause far more damage to the Black Tower if Six wasn't still trapped within it.


  • Mono's name was revealed in an interview with David Mervik, the narrative designer for Little Nightmares.
    • Given his motif, it could be a reference to "monochrome television", also known as "black-and-white television", or like Six, Mono's name could also be based on a number, being the number one.
    • Due to the ending of the game, which has him stuck in the Signal Tower for the rest of his childhood alone, his name might also be a reference to "monophobia", which is the fear of ending up alone.
  • Mono is the first playable character in the Little Nightmares games series to actually speak, or at least utter a recognizable word.
  • Mono is the first playable character in the franchise to not have his face hidden by shade, but rather by an object.
  • Mono is the first child in the franchise to have his entire face visible at one point.
  • Early concept art shows Mono in many parts of the Pale City without his paper bag. It can be assumed that either Mono had yet to find and wear the bag as his mask or this was at an early point in time before Tarsier Studios had even decided for him to wear the bag to begin with.
  • Mono is the only character in Little Nightmares Comics to appear in more than one episode.
  • Due to the events of Little Nightmares II being confirmed to take place before Little Nightmares, the secret ending depicting the Thin Man near the end of the final chapter to Secrets of the Maw, heavily implies Mono is still trapped inside or trying to escape the black tower during and after Six's escape from the Maw.
  • Concept art portrays Mono with pale blue skin and a dark blue cloak. Although it is unknown why Mono's concept was altered so much, it is speculated to have been for the benefit of the game as his original design could have revealed his connection to the Thin Man before the games ending.
  • Concept art reveals Mono and many other inhabitants of the Pale City, were once planned to have an obscure black, cord like substance extending from their heads. This concept was scraped for unknown reason.




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