Nomes are skittish creatures found throughout The Maw. They have impressive running ability and can easily outrun any other known inhabitant of The Maw. While skittish, some attempt to befriend strangers; those that take that risk rarely survive.

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Unpredictability can be found throughout The Maw, and so can The Nomes. Though experience has taught them to be skittish, some still try to make friends with strangers. These Nomes rarely survive.


Nomes are small, humanoid creatures with papery white skin and conical heads or hats, seemingly styled after gnomes or dwarves from folklore. They have large hands and feet. As seen in the hideaway dlc they are really the children.


There are thirteen Nomes that can be interacted with in the game. When spotted, they will usually run away into little nooks and crannies that can be found with a keen eye. When found, the player can hug them by attempting to pick them up. This action is apart of the achievement "Lost Little Things" (details for the achievement can be found in the page Achievements.)

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