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Nomes are skittish creatures found throughout the Maw and the Nest. They have an impressive running ability and can easily outrun any other known inhabitant of The Maw. While skittish, some attempt to befriend strangers; those that take that risk rarely survive. In the first game, they also double as collectibles.

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Unpredictability can be found throughout The Maw, and so can the Nomes. Though experience has taught them to be skittish, some still try to make friends with strangers. These Nomes rarely survive.


Nomes are small, humanoid creatures with papery white skin and conical heads or hats that resemble mushroom caps seemingly styled after gnomes or dwarves from folklore. They have large hands and feet. Additionally, Nomes also emit a croaking sound.

Little Nightmares

During the game, the player can find Nomes. Sometimes the player will have to scare and/or chase after a Nome into a certain spot to give it a hug. In total, 13 Nomes can be found and hugged in the game.

(Details for the achievement can be found in the Achievements page.)

The Prison

The player can frighten off the first Nome by opening the refrigerator. After that, if the player follows the Nome, they can find a hole in the ventilation. Crawling along through it, they will find a small room with a lantern and the Nome standing next to it.

While passing through the room with an Eye, the player can climb up some boxes and cages, and, from there, go down to an open cage, which is located in the bottom right, and, passing through a hole in the wall, the player will find themselves in a secret room, where the second Nome can be found.

To hug the third Nome, the player must first turn off the power by flipping a lever, then go into the adjacent room with a cage on the rope on the left and go to the cage in which a Nome sits. After opening the cage, follow it back to the lever room and find it in the left corner.

The Lair

When the player climbs the long stairs to the Janitor's room, go into the office on the floor below it. Having frightened off a Nome, into the next room with an eye-screen, walk behind the table, scare away the Nome and run after it. In the end, the player will find the fourth Nome on the side near some boxes.

On the way to the Shoe Monster's room, the player needs to go into the room with a suitcase in the ventilation. Behind it is a ladder leading to another vent, on the edge of which the fifth Nome sits. Seeing them, it will run into a small room with boxes and a candle, where you can hug it.

To find the sixth Nome, the player must go through the clock corridor where the Janitor will give chase, into the library and look under the table by the bookcase, from where a Nome will jump out and run to one of the stacks of books where the player can hug it.

The Kitchen

In the Kitchen, the player must go into the Twin Chefs' bedroom and scare off the seventh Nome, who is sitting under the bed. It will run into the toilet, where it will sit in a corner, there you can hug it.

The eighth Nome will appear only after the player visit the chef's bedroom. When the player must get down to the lower floor, going to the left to the pantry where they started. There the player will immediately notice a jar on the ground with a Nome inside it. Pick the jar up and smash it, then quickly hide before the Chef comes in. After it leaves, come out and hug the freed Nome.

To find the ninth Nome, just go into the room with the meat grinder and walking under the table, where the nome sits.

The Guest Area

After escaping from the Chefs, the player must jump from the hole and go into the slot under it. There will be a room where they will find the tenth Nome. Keep in mind that this area will be unaccessible if the player starts this chapter through the Chapter Select menu since it will start later on. The player has to start from The Kitchen chapter if they wish to collect the Nome.

The eleventh Nome is in the room where Six must run across a long table, avoiding the Guests. Go to the right wall to a stool covering the gap, into which a Nome immediately runs into. Move the stool and go into the slot, where the player will find the Nome.

To find the twelfth Nome, the player must go through the bathroom with a double-sided mirror. Ride the elevator, and go into the room on the left. The Nome is next to a sleeping Guest.

The thirteenth Nome is the one who decided to give Six a sausage. But this time she does not hug it but eats some of its flesh to satisfy her hunger. After that, the player will receive an achievement.

Secrets of the Maw

The Depths

Although the Nomes never physically appear in the Depths, one of them can be heard as The Runaway Kid crawls through a pipe after escaping from some Leeches.

The Hideaway

The Runaway Kid unites a whole bunch of Nomes from all over the Hideaway who then help him with fueling a massive furnace with coal so he can use carts to travel upwards.

After encountering a couple of Nomes in front of an oven, which casts a warm light on them, their shadows do not actually resemble their silhouette with a pointy hat. Instead, their shadows have the appearances of children.

The Residence

Before the Runaway Kid enters the Residence, he sees some Nomes running around.

After the Runaway Kid encounters the Lady, he eventually gets caught by her and she uses her magic to transform him into a Nome. He continues to roam The Maw for a bit and encounter a couple of other Nomes. He eventually makes his way to The Guest Area. He and a few other Nomes skitter around in a room with a single sausage lying on the ground.

It is thus revealed that some of the Nomes may have once been human. It is also very heavily implied that the Runaway Kid is the same Nome who offered a sausage to Six, and is killed by her hunger.

Very Little Nightmares

Various Nomes can be found living within the walls of the Nest, either doing what they can to survive or playing games with each other. Most of them are skittish and hide when they see the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat. The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat has some Nomes jump onto a bed in order to escape a bedroom and has another one help her open a laundry chute.

Little Nightmares II

Currently, only one Nome can be found in the entire game, — during The Wilderness chapter, if you try to solve the puzzle in the Hunter's house. To do this, in the attic where the stuffed woman is kept, get into the hatch in the ceiling, where the Nome living in this place will help Mono find a hat, which appears to be similar to Nomes' head. To do so, the player requires The Nome's Attic DLC.

Notable Nomes

At the moment, the only Nome whose identity is potentially known is that of the Runaway Kid, who is the main character of the Secrets of the Maw DLC from Little Nightmares.


  • Although the Nomes cannot speak, they can sing with children's voices, which they demonstrate when Six tries to find food during her hunger pangs by following her and humming softly off-screen.[3]
  • Throughout the whole game, the player can encounter two dead Nomes, the first of which can be found in the kitchen refrigerator in a hidden room, and the second is the Runaway Kid, who is killed personally by Six's ravenous hunger.
  • For each Nome the player hugs in the main game, a piece of concept art will be unlocked in the art gallery.
  • In a PlayStation Blog answering questions about Secrets of the Maw, the developers jokingly revealed that the Nomes in the Hideaway had a wild dream in which they escaped the Maw, sailed off on a 32-foot yacht called “The Endeavour”, sipped champagne, and played shuffleboard in their pajamas.[4]
  • In the cancelled game The City of Metronome, there were creatures called the "Metrognomes." Perhaps they are early versions of the Nomes, as the Metrognomes were also children whose souls were carved and they became urban workers.
  • As seen in the Hunger trailer, initially the Nomes looked like wooden creatures with barrel-shaped heads, a long nose, and slits for the eyes.[5]
  • They share the name of the antagonists from the Land of Oz books by L. Frank Baum.
  • In the demo version of Little Nightmares II, it is possible for the player to reach The Nome's Attic by jumping off of the broken mirror and onto the ledge. Once the player gets the Nome's cap as a new hat, they are unable to equip it and are unable to leave the room. Tarsier Studios most likely did not intend for the player to be able to reach the area, forcing the player to restart from checkpoint if they wish to continue.
  • The Hunter's Cabin is the only place so far where a Nome can be found in the game Little Nightmares II.
    • However, they are also seen making an appearance in drawings and paintings throughout the Pale City.
  • Several times in Very Little Nightmares, a Nome of rotund shape can be seen hanging around.
    • This may be in reference to their design in Little Big Planet.



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