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Patients are the third minor enemies in Little Nightmares II. They are encountered in The Hospital chapter and are the main antagonistic faction of said chapter.

Website Description

The Patients cannot live with their selves. They look in the mirror and hate what stares back. Seeing nothing but the flaws and ugliness of nature, they beg the Doctor to fix them, to work his magic, and make them whole again.


Patients appear to be an amalgamations of human remains and wooden mannequin parts. They vary greatly in appearance and size, from full bodied bandaged human heads and torsos with ceramic limbs, to scuttling rotten hands.

Like all adult characters in the Little Nightmares universe, the more complete Patients tower over Six and Mono, standing easily three times their size.


The Playstation Blog sheds some light on the Patients' past. The Patients were actually people who came to the Doctor for "a medical solution to the boredom infecting their lives." The Doctor stitched various organic and porcelain body parts together, to create the Patients as we see them now.[1]

Little Nightmares II

Although there are a lot of Patients seen throughout the Hospital, only a small percentage that are encountered by Mono are active.

After Six gives a boost for Mono to start a journey for the second fuse for the main elevator, a Patient will be seen blocking the bars. Mono has to distract it out of the way by turning the lights off. Not long after, he encounters more of them in a ward.

Later, several Patient arms burst through numerous cell doors in a corridor. Mono has to avoid these arms and keep moving forward. Afterward, some Patients with no legs break out of the doors and pursue Mono. Mono manages to escape them by climbing a cabinet file.

In a shower room, Mono encounters a Patient sitting in a wheelchair, its weight making the chair immovable. Mono is able to get the Patient to stand up by turning off the lights and then back on to prevent the Patient from attacking him. Before finally finding the second fuse, Mono is faced with a large dark room filled with countless Patients, about half of which become active. Mono eventually makes it to the other end of the room where a set of nailed wood boards barricade Mono from the hostile Patients, whom begin reaching at him through the gaps.

After taking the elevator down, numerous inactive Patients are found littering the morgue and being operated and checked on by The Doctor. A still breathing Patient is seen when Mono and Six try to stay unseen by the Doctor while trying to obtain a fuse. However, Mono has to shut down its life support to distract the Doctor.

Following the final encounter with the Doctor, Mono and Six at last escape the hospital through the waiting room, where the duo encounter numerous inactive Patients waiting around one final time.


Some Patients can chase Mono and Six, but only in the dark. If Mono shines a flashlight at them, the Patients will freeze until no longer lit. If they catch up with Mono, they will not hesitate to reach and grab him, which will result in a game over.

It may also be worth noting that some Patients can sprint while others walk more sluggishly. The latter moves at about the speed of Mono's run, have a harder time turning or maneuvering around obstacles and can even be dodged if they reach to grab Mono (though doing so is still highly difficult). Patients that sprint can be identified by being more hunched over when active while Patients that merely walk have a more straightened posture.


  • In the attic of the Hunter's shack there can be found prosthetics, similar to the ones the Doctor uses to "heal" Patients.
  • After dealing with the first Patient and arriving at the hallway, there will be a visible Patient's body on a shelf. If Mono climbs onto the shelf and stands on top of the body, the body will wiggle around loudly, causing a jumpscare to those who aren't aware.
  • After Mono escapes several of The Patients, their arms will reach out of the boarded up doorway he used to escape. Mono can find a ball in the room where the chase ends and throw it at the Patients arms, which they will catch and throw back. Mono can do this over and over, similar to a game of catch.
  • In the pre-launch trailer for Little Nightmares II, one of the Patients moves without any problems and tries to get out of bed, despite being exposed to light from the window. It is likely that at that time the mechanics of using light against Patients had not yet been invented and developed.
  • One of the Doctor's Patients is shown to be still breathing, laying on a bed with life support activated.
  • Originally, there were going to be younger-aged Patients according to the concept arts.



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