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Rats are animals found throughout the Little Nightmares franchise.


Rats are small critters, about half the size of a Nome and have brown or grey fur.

Little Nightmares (video game)

There are several rats encountered in the Maw, mainly in the lower parts of the Maw.

Usually, Six encounters rats anytime throughout the game while exploring the Prison and the Lair.

After Six escapes the Janitor and enter the Kitchen, she is for the third time stricken with hunger pains. Six satisfies her hunger by devouring a helpless rat trapped in a mouse trap.

Secrets of the Maw

Throughout the Runaway Kid's journey in the Depths, he encounters some rats scattering around.

If he throws a wrapped head to a basket which may give the player an achievement, several rats will come out of the basket.

Little Nightmares II

Although rats don't appear much in the game, Mono can see them in some secret places with Glitching Remains throughout the Wilderness, the School, and the Pale City.

After Mono dispatches a bear trap with a twig, he slides down a broken log. He later sees a giant rat with its head caught in a bear trap under the log.

While solving the puzzle of The Nome's Attic DLC, in a dark room near the entrance to it, you can see a cage in which a rat is sitting.

If the game is modded with free camera, the player can see some rats on the table which the Hunter used to tear an unknown animal inside the barn.

Mono later finds two dead rats hanging inside a locker with a Glitching Remain in it before entering the Teacher's classroom.

In a sewer system, Mono can see a rat standing on a pipe while descending down. Later, in a room with cages, some of the animals inside appear to be rats.

Little Nightmares (comic series)

In the first issue of the comic series, a rat was encountered in a barn by the Refugee Boy and his sister. It was cooked and eaten.

Little Nightmares Comics

In the fifth episode of the comic, Ghost finds an injured rat while fleeing with it from an apartment room with two Viewers watching a television. After the child reaches the window, the rat appears already dead due to blood loss.



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