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Leave us be! Leave me be!
— Refugee boy to the North Wind.

The Refugee Boy[1] is one of the characters in Little Nightmares (comic series).


He is taller than Six. The Refugee presumably has black hair, he wears a dull brown shirt and a pair of gray pants, and he wears a dull brown cloak with a pointy hood.

Little Nightmares

The Refugee Boy first appears at the very beginning. When he notices Six, he tries to drive her away, saying that "she does not belong here." However, when a leech nearly attacked Six, the Refugee still let her go to the campfire and offered to tell her about her past.

He later shared with Six the story of his arrival in the Maw. As it turned out, he lived in the village with his younger sister. But once the North Wind appeared in their village and destroyed it. The children manage to escape, and for some time they wandered like tramps until they found a barn in the middle of a field in which the children decided to rest. However, they were soon attacked by the North Wind. Taunting the Refugee Boy’s courage, he invited him to go out and look at what he had been keeping for a long time. The Refugee agreed and when he got out, the North Wind showed him his sister’s skeleton. As it turned out, his sister was killed a long ago, and the one who was with the Refugee turned out to be the Ferryman. Explicitly not wanting evil for the Refugee Boy, he takes his hand and takes him to the Maw, thus protecting the child from the North Wind.


  • According to the narrator of the comics, only two children survived the destruction of the Refugee Boy's village, his sister and himself. However, due to the North Wind revealing to the Refugee Boy that his sister had died by his hands long ago, it's speculated the Refugee Boy was always the only survivor of his village.
    • It's unknown why the Refugee Boy was not killed by the North Wind when he destroyed his village, however, it's speculated that the Refugee Boy survived because the North Wind had other intentions for him.
      • It's also speculated the Refugee Boy was unintentionally responsible for the destruction of his village and the death of his people after being persuaded to do something he shouldn't which resulted in giving the North Wind entry into his village. This is supported by the Refugee Boy refusing to listen to the North Wind's requests to step outside the barn, but then later agreeing to do as he says when persuaded to simply look at what he has, leaving the suspicion that the Refugee Boy was not only persistent, but gullible as well.



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  1. An official source that states the name hasn't been found yet, or the citation was invalid.
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