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Don't! Don't look!
— The girl before her brother saw her skeleton.

The Refugee Boy's younger sister (placeholder name) is a character in the first issue of Little Nightmares (comic series).

She only appeared in the memories of the Refugee Boy.


She has long black, curly hair that completely hides her eyes. The girl wears a dull brown dress, a pair of pants and shoes, and a vermilion cloak, similar to the clothes of her older brother.

While her skeleton was shown, her dress seems to be completely burned out, her hair and cloak are tattered. Her shoes were also seen untied.


As shown in the comics, the girl is very easily frightened, as she is seen needing her brother's protection in every dangerous situation she encounters. However, it was unclear if that was really her personality, since that time the girl was actually the Ferryman.

Little Nightmares

The Refugee Boy's younger sister and her brother survived, but the North Wind did not give them rest, chasing them everywhere. Because of what happened to their village, the refugees were not welcome anywhere. Once the children found an abandoned barn in which they decided to rest from the road, but the North Wind quickly found them. It scoffed at the Refugee Boy and his courage in every way, until he said that he would not give up for his sister. Then the North Wind shows the boy the skeleton of his sister, saying that she belongs to it. As it turned out, the boy’s sister had long been dead when the disguised Ferryman was beside him all the time. Not wanting evil to the child, he saved him from the North Wind and took him to the Maw.



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