The Secrets of the Maw is a dowloadable DLC to the Little Nightmares (Video Game).

The DLC is divied in 3 chapters all released separeatey.


Secrets of the Maw follows the Runaway Kid, another prisoner that is trying to break free of wicket vessel.

The Depths

Chapter one of the DLC is the Deptsh where the runway kid explores the floated depths of the Maw, where a new in habitant known as The Granny lives among the murky water. rs. This chapter introduces water mechanics being the ability to swim.

The Hideaway

Chapter two of the DLC takes place in the Hideaway where the runaway kids is in the engine rooms of the Maw where a lot of Nomes reside.

The Residence

Chapter three of the DLC takes place in the residence, an unseen part of The lady´s Quarters where the Runaway Kid will end his journey in the Maw by confronting the Lady.


  • After the credits of chapter three, we can see a scene that suggest o a possible continuation of the Little Nightmares universe/franchise.