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This is the article for the semi-protagonist of the Little Nightmares series
You could be looking for the protagonist of Very Little Nightmares, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat.

Six (not to be confused with the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat) is a smart and hardy girl of about nine, whose main motif is a yellow raincoat. Throughout the entire universe of the franchise, Six is trying to survive in a world filled with cruel monsters, seeking to destroy her by any means.

She is the main protagonist of Little Nightmares, the comic series of the same name, and Episode 1 of Little Nightmares Comics, a minor character in Secrets of the Maw, a supporting character in Very Little Nightmares, and the deuteragonist of Little Nightmares II.

In Little Nightmares II, Six also appears as a monstrous form of herself, being the fifth and final antagonist of the game, and the main antagonist of The Transmission chapter.

Website Description

Little Nightmares Description

Trapped in the darkest depths of The Maw, starving and alone, Six’s world is one filled with danger. Most children would have already given up, but Six is different. She’s smart, and tough, and has a lovely yellow raincoat. She belongs elsewhere.

Little Nightmares II Description

Awaking in a world she cannot recognise, Six must learn to trust someone else if she is to stand a chance of survival. She has already seen more than any normal child ever should, but then... Six is not a normal child.


Six is much smaller than the adult characters of the series, being barely a third of their height with an extremely small, thin frame. She wears a bright yellow raincoat that ends just above her knees with three buttons, two pockets, and a rhombus-shaped hood. Up close, she has black bob-cut hair with bangs that completely obscure the top half of her face, only revealing her tiny nose and mouth. Her feet and hands are bare. Her only possession is a cigarette lighter.

In Very Little Nightmares she wore a white, short-sleeved shirt and matching shorts. Her hair also looks neatly combed compared to other designs of her in other Little Nightmares media. This appearance of Six is similar to that of her in the concept art of the six children.

In Little Nightmares II, Six wears a charcoal shirt under a button-up, stained, gray cardigan that reaches to her knees instead of her trademark raincoat, which she later wears over the cardigan after she escapes the School with Mono.

When Mono finally finds Six in the Black Tower, he discovers her to have been changed into a distorted, monstrous creature with distorted arms with its lengths resembling the Janitor's. Her body is completely warped and lanky, with her left foot seemingly dislocated judging by her structure. Her face is hidden by her grown-out hair, and stretched-out raincoat.


Little is known about Six's past before the games and comics' events, but it's stated that she "belongs elsewhere"[1], implying that she used to live somewhere else before the events in the games and comics.


Like all the other characters in the Little Nightmares series, Six does not speak; however, her personality can be inferred through her actions. Six frequently displays the characteristics of an anti-hero; she does not seem to care about saving the other children trapped aboard the Maw and will do whatever it takes to survive and escape the resort by herself, with little to no help from anyone else. She has an insatiable hunger and will eat virtually anything to satisfy it, with her diet gradually becoming darker and more desperate over the course of the game. On one occasion, a friendly Nome offered Six who was starving a sausage to eat. Instead, she chose to feast on the Nome, displaying a clear indifference to killing, at least while overcome by her hunger.

To other children littered about the world, Six is ​​clearly distrustful. She almost never makes any attempt to help them or, as in the case of Mono, (initially) rejects any of their own help outright, demonstrating that she is concerned first and foremost with her own survival and escape. However, when she finds herself in a quandary, Six does seem capable of realizing what she can and cannot handle on her own. She joins forces with Mono in Little Nightmares II and, temporarily, with The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat. In Very Little Nightmares, it is revealed that Six is ​​not completely indifferent to other children's need for help (or perhaps has some reciprocal moral code) as she did try to save the main character from the persecuting Pretender after the Girl herself saved Six from death. However, this did not save the Girl; the mistress of the Nest survived, and launched herself and the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat into the ocean where they both presumably drowned.

It was initially thought that Mono was a special occasion for Six, as he offered his help. Although she refused at first, Six realizes that she can not traverse on her own and will require Mono's help in order to escape. After that, Six seems more than willing to work with Mono, remaining by his side as they travel through Wilderness and the Pale City. The girl's confidence in Mono begins to grow after he saved her from bullies, accepting his help when he offers to help her get back on her feet. Despite not understanding the obscure reaction Mono had to the TVs, the heroine shows genuine concern and compassion for Mono as she constantly pulls him out of the transmission he uses to get into the hallway. Once he accidentally frees Thin Man and she drags him away from the screen once again, Six seems concerned when Mono doesn't move at first, reaching her hand out to him before he finally regains conscious. As the Thin Man approaches them from the TV, Six encourages Mono to flee, unfortunately his lack of reaction leads her to ignore her instincts to stay close to him as she witnesses the Thin Man preparing to exit the television screen. However, towards the end of the game, when Six caught Mono mid-jump during their escape from the Black Tower, instead of pulling him back from the cliff, she lets go of Mono and leaves him for dead. This incident may indicate that Six's own perspective had lead her to no longer see Mono as an ally as she does not express any compassion or horror after letting him fall. However, in the Little Nightmares II secret ending, Six's obscure reaction after escaping the tower and leaving Mono behind, imply there may be additional factors to her betrayal.

In her distorted form, Six is very protective of her music box and initially not hostile toward Mono, that is, until he damages her music box with a mallet which apparently angers her. After that, Six chases Mono and will attack him if he gets too close, anywhere near her music box, or if he calls to her.

Throughout the journey in Little Nightmares II, Six displays savage tendencies after Mono rescues her in the School. This can be seen by Six killing a Bully with her bare hands, breaking some mannequin fingers, showing no remorse to the Doctor and instead finding some warmth by the fire that burns him, and kicking a Viewer's body. She also tends to make use of the environment when bored. At times, when Mono is idle, Six will sometimes goof around in the area she is in, for example, playing with a ball at the School's playground. Six also seems to display self awareness throughout the game, showing that she is aware of her savage tendencies.

Despite her apparent apathy and animal-like cravings, Six displays a high level of intelligence and slyness, being clever enough to evade and/or hide from her pursuers assisted by her inferior size. She is a proficient puzzle solver. She frequently throws objects at buttons she couldn't reach normally, for example; and towards the end of Little Nightmares, incapacitates the Lady using a mirror, having somehow deduced the weakness from all the shattered mirrors around her living quarters. After killing the Lady and absorbing her powers, however, Six truly begins to live up to the game's title.


Six, despite her age, is quite quick and agile. She is a gifted climber and can run for extended periods of time, thanks to which she manages to escape from enemies. If it is necessary for Six to activate a button that is too high, or if she needs to distract the enemy, the heroine can pick up any object and throw it with the necessary force. As additional mechanics, Six uses a lighter to illuminate places that are difficult to see in the dark. If one is available Six can light the nearest lantern or candle, which will be enough to constantly illuminate a portion of the terrain.

Six is shown to be rather strong in Little Nightmares II, being able to kill a Bully with her bare hands, tear off planks in which Mono was unable to and hold closed large metal doors with monsters behind them. She is also significantly faster, easily outrunning Mono when able to and also jumping much farther than him, but to her disadvantage, her stamina is worse than his as she tends to get tired and slow down when running for long periods of time. However, Six's role is quite important throughout her journey with Mono as she will assist Mono through different ways. For example, grabbing Mono's hand when he needs to jump over far platforms, giving Mono a jump boost when he needs to reach for handles or openings that are too high. Other minor examples include aiming the shotgun at the Hunter for Mono, helping Mono open stuck windows or vent doors, collecting objects (such as a power fuse) for later use, and distracting a bully to allow Mono obtain a key. When Mono calls or whispers to Six, she will respond and give assistance if necessary. But in most occasions, Six knows exactly what to do to help her partner, before he calls for help. If Mono is idle for too long, she will show hand gestures or call to him, telling him (or reminding players) to move.

In Six's monster form, she is initially not hostile towards Mono and will be lured out when she hears Mono's calls. When Mono gets too close, she will push him away with her arms but the strength of push won't hurt him. after Mono attempts to damage monster Six's music box, she will start to chase Mono. In the later parts of the game when monster Six is guarding her music box with her arms, She attacks either when Mono gets too close, or when she hears Mono's screams. Monster Six is quite sensitive to Mono's scream. Upon hearing Mono's scream, monster Six will cover her ears in shock for a moment, then proceeds to destroy Mono by following his echoes to determine his position.

Little Nightmares (video game)

At some point after her arrival, Six manages to break away from other children, taking refuge in the bowels of the Maw. Upon waking from a dream about the Lady, Six begins to make her way back to the outside but soon finds herself stricken by hunger pains that severely weaken her. Another child sees her and throws her a piece of bread to help.

The Janitor quickly discovers that Six has escaped, and traps her in a cage when her hunger pains return, using a piece of meat as bait. Six escapes again shortly after, resulting in a long game of cat and mouse in the lower parts of the Maw until Six manages to defeat the Janitor by severing his arms with a watertight door. She then transcends through the Maw.

Unfortunately, she is again stricken by hunger pains, which she sates by devouring a trapped living rat.

She eventually enters the kitchen regions, where she confronts a pair of twin chefs who are in charge of preparing the Maw's annual feast. The chefs also perceive Six as an intruder and try to catch her much in the same way as the Janitor, but she finally eludes them by grabbing onto one of the moving hooks on the ceiling that transports meat.

After briefly reaching the outside, Six then comes across the guest area, where the obese visitors of the Maw gorge themselves on several tons of food. The event is hosted by a woman simply known as "the Lady", who watches the Guests from a balcony. The Guests seem to be driven mad by gluttony and even attempt to eat Six, culminating in a massive flood of themselves that Six barely manages to escape.

Shortly after, however, Six's hunger pains return. She encounters a friendly Nome that offers her a sausage, but instead, she pushes the sausage aside and eats the said Nome.

Afterward, she follows the Lady up to her living quarters, where she is eventually discovered. After escaping once, she finds a mirror that seems to have a harmful effect when directed at the ominous figure. Six forces the Lady to look at her reflection several times until the Lady loses her strength and falls to the floor. At that moment, Six's hunger pains strike again, and she bites down on her fallen opponent's neck, killing her in the process.

After consuming the Lady's flesh and blood, she somehow attains the ability to drain other people's life-force. She uses this power to many of the Guests, and then leaves through the Maw's main entrance, disappearing into the sunlight while a few Nomes watch. On the surface, Six patiently awaits rescue as a boat's horn is heard in the distance.

Secrets of the Maw

Though not the main playable character, Six makes a few appearances during Secrets of the Maw. She first appears in a cage in the same room as the Runaway Kid before the Janitor drags him away. The Kid can later spot her crossing the room of shoes from a camera room in the Hideaway DLC.

Very Little Nightmares

In Very Little Nightmares, it is revealed that Six was also a prisoner in the Nest.

Six appears throughout the game, where she was literally followed by the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat; however, for most of the game the player cannot interact with her. The characters first directly interact with each other when the girl runs out of the Nest. Together they open the gate and run through the grounds to a shed in the trees. However, Six does not get to the entrance of the shed in time, and the girl locks herself inside leaving Six outside, thinking that the Butler is pursuing her.

The characters meet again when the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat descends from a cliff, trying to escape from the Pretender pursuing her. Six falls off a cliff and barely manages to grab onto a protruding root. The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat saves her from falling onto the rocks, dropping a tree under her. In gratitude for the help, Six tips a boulder onto the Pretender, who almost caught up with the Girl. However, this does not kill the Pretender. The Pretender again attacks the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat and because of this, the two of them fall off a cliff into the water, where they both supposedly die.

Little Nightmares II

After Mono finds a shack and investigate it, he finds Six locked inside a closet with a music box. Mono frees her by breaking the door with a hatchet then offers her a helping hand. At first, Six is skeptical and avoids Mono, she tries to escape from the shack alone. After a failed attempt to get to the attic to retrieve a key to unlock a door, Mono arrives and again offers Six his help. Although she is shocked to see him again, she realizes that he is not hostile and only wishes to lend a hand. Seeing that he's offering an assistance necessary for an escape, she decides to trust Mono and stays by his side.

As Six and Mono sneak past the Hunter, they push a tiny disposal box open, the sound of the door alerts him. The Hunter takes out his shotgun and starts shooting at the children. Six and Mono run away as they both hide behind boxes, using them as shields. Six and Mono run and hide under a cliff to avoid him. After the Hunter leaves, Six then walks out of the area she and Mono were hiding in, then she offers Mono her hand. The children soon sneak past the Hunter by hiding under the tall grass, they then quickly duck into a hole.

When they come out of the other side, Six gives Mono a helping hand for the first time to help him cross a bridge over to a field where the Hunter continues to search for them. As Six and Mono continue to move forward, they alert a crow and simultaneously alert the Hunter. He starts his rampage on the children once again. As the Hunter is shooting, Six and Mono both start climbing up wooden boards to get inside a decayed building.

Six grabs Mono seconds before he falls from a wooden plank. The two continue to flee from the Hunter, avoiding his shots as quickly as they can. She and Mono then jump outside the window and slide down the roof into a swamp. She and Mono then hide under a board after hearing the Hunter banging the door. As Six continues to swim and hide from the Hunter with Mono, they both then climb onto an island. The children push down a log of which quickly alerts the Hunter. Six and Mono climb down and swim behind the log they had just pushed, allowing them to avoid detection and his gun blast. After the two swim a short distance, they climb on land.

Later, the Hunter was alerted by two crows and started to shoot at Six and Mono for the third time; the children narrowly avoid his blasts behind boxes once again. Both then enter a shed. Six locks the door so the Hunter doesn't break in while Mono takes a shotgun off the wall. As the Hunter is about to break in, Six grabs the fallen shotgun on one side while Mono grabs the opposite end. With the two holding the gun in place, Mono pulls the trigger, allowing them to shoot the Hunter. Once they recover from the recoil, her and Mono both get up and climb outside the window to the beach of the Wilderness, Six and Mono both push a door onto the sea using it as a raft. Six curls herself, feeling uneasy about what just happened while Mono remains unfazed as he waits patiently to cross the ocean, touching the water to pass the time. As the two sit in silence, the duo wash up onto a beach: the beach of the Pale City.

After venturing within the city, Six and Mono encounter a television. As Mono finds himself inside the TV, he runs down the hallway but is unable to reach the door as Six pulls him away from the Tv screen. Exiting via a window, the duo encounter a large, run-down school. Inside the school, they soon realize the place is full of traps designed to kill intruders. As they venture deeper, a group of Bullies, porcelain dolls that resemble children, trap Mono under a locker and kidnap Six, leaving Mono alone to deal with the dangers that lie ahead.

Later, Mono finds Six in the School's restroom, hanging upside down high above the floor, guarded by two Bullies who take delight in their actions. After Mono break the bullies head with a hammer, he then breaks the board connecting to the rope Six is hung from. After Six crashes to the ground, she wakes up, and sees her companion by her side once again. Mono offers his hand to help her up, she accepts. The both of them escape the School after avoiding the Teacher's clutches.

As the city starts to rain, Six is shivering under the heavy downpour. The duo cross a ravine to the other side, continuing their journey. Six and Mono discover something in a room: a yellow raincoat. She puts it on, lights start to flicker, she is not cold anymore. The duo proceeds and decides to take refugee in an abandoned Hospital.

As they work together to enter hospital doors, climbing up hanging beds and narrowly avoiding a falling elevator, Mono finds another television, as he once again runs down the hall, Six pulls him away from the screen. Following a moment of silence, they proceed to explore the ruins of the hospital. After Mono retrieves a power fuse, he sees Six playing with a mannequin arm, breaking its fingers, before noticing his presence and continuing to follow his lead. They proceed to another area. Once again, Six boosts Mono into a prison cell-like cabin, as Mono traverses through the mannequins, she waits for him to retrieve a second power fuse.

After Mono reaches the cell containing the power fuse they need, Six helps him exit the cell after he drops the power fuse into a slot for her to take and use to power the cell door. The duo grab the power fuses to activate an elevator. They get in, not wondering what they will encounter in the deeper grounds as the elevator descends.

The pair arrive at the morgue and encounter two living hands attempting to attack them. Six holds onto a metal door in an attempt to contain the second hand, while Mono fights the first hand with a pipe. Despite not being able to contain the second hand, Six proceeds to tear off the wooden planks blocking the only exit to the next room as she entrusts Mono with defeating the hands. After Mono defeats the hands, the two tear off the remaining wooden plank and proceed into the next room until they encounter the Doctor rummaging through the metal shelves of hospital supplies. Mono and Six sneak past the Doctor throughout the hospital until finally alerting him of their presence. As the Doctor pursues them, Mono lures the Doctor inside a crematory machine, after Six helps Mono escape the cremator, she closes its door to trap the Doctor for good. Mono activates the lever to burn the Doctor alive. Six lays down to get a little warmth beside the fire. Moments later, they get in another elevator, and ascend from below.

More united than before, the two glance at the emotionless patients for one last time as they proceed to leave the hospital and return to the Pale City's rainy streets. As they continue through the streets, the two encounter numerous Viewers, many of which are falling to their deaths from the roof of buildings. The two encounter a Viewer as it falls through the ceiling of an apartment, though it quickly rushes to ram its head through a Tv in the next room. Six kicks the dead Viewer's leg as Mono inspects, then the duo resumes their journey.

They walk past by several viewers, all unaware of their presence as they remain entranced by televisions. Mono and Six reach the upper platform to exit and see the Signal tower shining brightly in the dark. Six and Mono proceed to another building. After evading a crumbling building, Six is crushed by some debris. Mono later pulls her out and the two share a moment before continuing their adventure. Together they find another TV, which calls to the boy. He reaches the door and releases the Thin Man. Six pulls Mono out, pleading him to flee as the Thin Man nears exiting the Tv screen. As the Thin Man crawls out from the screen, the two make a flee. They escape to a room, while Mono hide under the bed, Six is quickly seen and kidnapped by the Thin Man, leaving a Glitching Remain resembling Six, who looks back at the boy before fading away. After Mono manages to escape the Viewers in a supermarket, he later sees Six in a television, banging the screen desperately to get out. Mono attempts to pull her out, but she is pulled back into the screen by the Thin Man. While Mono is walking in the subway, a Glitching Six guides him.

Six appears again in the Transmission, corrupted and distorted, her attention fixated on a music box as it plays a mesmerizing tune, in a room filled with an abundance of toys. Mono finds her, shocked by her distorted form. Desperate to free her, Mono grabs a mallet and whacks the Music Box, angering monster Six.

Once Six has been turned back to normal, the pair look at each other right before the room around them starts collapsing, the two make a quick get-away through the fleshy crumbly remains of the Black Tower. Six has the lead on Mono, running past him without a second glance. Six manages to run and jump across the crumbling stone walkway, reaching a spot near the exit as the path behind her collapses. Seeing the floor between herself and Mono gone, she quickly turns back and outstretches her arm to help him, catching him as he jumps, but instead of pulling him up to safety, Six pauses for a moment, before ultimately letting him go, dropping him into fleshy abyss, and walks away as the music plays a demented tune. Six walks towards the exit with no emotion towards what she had just done.

In the secret post credits scene, Six arrives back in an room through a TV, she looks around and slowly stands before being approached by a distorted and dark shadow version of herself, a remnant of what she had just gone through after being taken by the Thin Man. Dark Six looks towards a poster of the Maw, before fizzling and fading away into the wind, then Six's stomach begins to rumble with a loud, deep hunger as she stares off into the camera, obscured by shadow.

Little Nightmares (comic series)

Issue 1

Issue 1 starts with Six being chased by one of the Twin Chefs. She crawls through an opened vent then meets a group of children by a bonfire. Before getting captured by a leech, the Refugee Boy grabs Six and takes her to the bonfire to keep her safe from dangerous monsters. The Refugee Boy asks how Six got to the Maw and what she has seen.

As revealed in the issue, Six originally lived in an unnamed city until she was captured and taken to the Maw by the Ferryman. It transitions to the boy who gave Six the bread in the first game asking her what's the last thing she remembered, and if she doesn't tell them, Six will "forget altogether" and her running through a hallway, entering through a room. It then cuts to Six playing a music box. She then gets chased by the Janitor and cuts to her looking at him staring into a static TV. After the transitions, as the Boy in Green asks Six: "What have you seen?", the Bandaged Kid gets eaten by a giant leech. The issue cuts to her encounter with the Guests.

After the transition of Six as she is falling through her memories, the Refugee Boy tells her his backstory.

Issue 2

Six returns in Issue 2, where she brings a music box to make the bonfire warmer. As she and the other children look at the music box burning, the Humpback Girl destroys the music box Six provided. The Humpback Girl later explains why she threw the music box by telling Six and the group her backstory of how she got catoptrophobia.

When Six was done hearing the Humpback Girl's backstory, she looks back and sneaks out of the vent she initially entered.

Little Nightmares Comics

She made her debut in Episode 1, where she is running away from the Hunter. She hides behind a tree and throws a rock to distract the Hunter. While he wasn't looking, Six crawls through a tree hollow tunnel. Coming out of the other side, she notices Mono sitting on a tree branch under the moonlight for a moment before getting caught by the Hunter.

Powers and Abilities

The only time when Six gains a supernatural power is after defeating the Lady and eating her.

  • Life Absorption: After eating the Lady in the neck, Six apparently gains the Lady's power. She then later uses this power to kill the Guests along the way before exiting the Maw.


  • Initially, Tarsier Studios did not reveal Six's gender, which is why for a long time it was not known exactly whether the heroine was a girl or a boy or something else. However, since many fans referred to Six as a girl unprompted, the studio began referring to her as such as well, and in the following games hints were left that the heroine was female.
  • Excluding the unreleased TV series, Six is the only character to appear in every installment of the overall franchise.
  • The fact that Six is nine-years-old is ironic since if the number 9 is turned upside-down, it becomes the number 6, which is Six's name. The same can be said vice-versa.
  • When Six is eating, a dark version of her is seen nearby, watching Six as she devours her meal. It appears again in a secret ending of Little Nightmares II. This entity is commonly referred as Dark Six.
  • As seen in the Gamescom 2016 demo, Six initially was shown having the ability to whistle in order to attract the attention of nearby characters.[6]
  • At the moment, in Little Nightmares, players can purchase paid masks in order to change what Six wears over her head. These include a Tengu mask, a Fox mask, a Scarecrow sack, and an upside-down teapot.
    • If a player breaks all the statues, they will be rewarded with a white porcelain mask similar to that of the Lady. There is also a Pakku mask, an exclusive gift for Nintendo Switch players with the Pac-Man amiibo figure.
  • On the official Twitter account in one of the posts, it was mentioned that Six does not like vegetables.[7]
  • Six is currently the only NPC who can die non-canonically.
    • This is first seen at the end of the game Very Little Nightmares, where if the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat does not save Six from falling onto the rocks, the latter will die. In this case, the main character will not receive Six's mutual assistance, and the Pretender will catch up with her and vanish her.
    • Hostile characters do not seem to react to Six in Little Nightmares II, possibly to save players the stress and worry of keeping her alive. However, she is not invincible; for example: if she is too close to Mono when the Hunter successfully hits his mark, they will both be killed.
  • The announcement trailer revealed Six obtaining the yellow raincoat in an unknown room similar to the kid's bedroom where the Thin Man grabs away her. She was also shown wearing it while hiding from the Hunter and confronting the Teacher in the trailer, implying that the timeline of events for when Six obtained the yellow raincoat was changed in the final rendition of the game.
  • It is likely that Six was originally going to be the protagonist or a playable character of Little Nightmares II instead of Mono, as two pieces of art in the artbook of Little Nightmares II show Six on her own without Mono.
  • Six is the only character thus far who has been directly and at times unintentionally involved in the final fate of the protagonists from previous Little Nightmares games. Six saved the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat before she plummeted to her death with the Pretender, ate the Runaway Kid after he was transformed into a nome, and dropped Mono before leaving the black tower. Each situation containing major factors which resulted in its end:
    • The Pretender regained consciousness after being hit by the boulder Six dropped on her.
    • Six discovering the contents of the meat within the sausage and the Maw was made of children and Guests, but having no knowledge that the nomes were once children themselves.
    • Six falling victim to the Black Tower, becoming corrupted with escapism just as the Viewers and other residents of the Pale City.
  • When asked about his take on why Six betrayed Mono at the end of Little Nightmares II, narrative designer David Mervik replied that he couldn’t answer, but did state that “Six's perspective of this will be different to Mono's, and different again to the player's”.
  • When asked to explain the events between Mono and Six near the end of Little Nightmares II, the official Twitter account states that "Extracting someone from a fantasy can be deeply upsetting for everyone involved".
  • It is implied that Six may not have intended to betray Mono at first, as evidenced by the fact that she reached out and caught the boy before he fell into the abyss, while also temporarily contemplating her next move, leaving suspicion that additional factors were at play in her end decision to let him fall.
  • In the concept arts and game files of Little Nightmares II, Six initially had to wear white clothes and a haircut identical to her design in Very Little Nightmares, however, this design was altered to include a charcoal shirt and a grey cardigan, leaving her white shorts as the only part of her old clothing to be present and visible in all the games. How she obtained new clothes remains unknown.
  • When someone on Twitter commented that escapism is given through the TVs for the Viewers, the music box for Six, and fan art from the fandom, the official Little Nightmares Twitter account simply states, "Indeed. More of you understand the pain that Mono caused Six than you realize". Implying that while saving Six, Mono had hurt her in the process, leaving suspicion that the destruction of her music box freed her from her escapism, but became a major factor in her sudden decision to drop him near the end of Little Nightmares II as her dependence towards her music box left her resentful towards Mono.[8]




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