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The Tall Figure[1] is an antagonist in Episode 6 of Little Nightmares Comics.


The Tall Figure's appearance bears a similarity to the Thin Man's, but bulkier and less stiff. While kidnapping one of the Black children, he appears to have a dark skin tone.

The top of his body, which only appears in the comic's code, appears to have a face similar to that of the Thin Man and has what appears to be a dunce cap on the top of his head.

Little Nightmares Comics

The sprinklers turn on and douse the fires. That's when a hand reached down and began pulling some of the children into the dark ceiling.

Mono quickly escaped into another room then sees a broken television to take cover. The footsteps get louder and louder until the figure stood right in front of Mono, who was staring on. The screen slowly faded to black, but not before a crackling sound.


  • Although the Tall Figure's true identity remains unknown, characteristics similar to the Thin Man's are displayed throughout Episode 6, such as the sound of interference heard throughout the room, it's sudden appearance within the room despite the lack of entry and the sudden abduction of children. The Tall Figures presence throughout Episode 6 additionally displays characteristics which are indifferent to the Thin Man, such as the lack of distress and physical interference Mono's body is known to display whenever the Thin Man gets to close to him, the lack of the Thin Mans iconic hat not being visible within the Tall Figure's shadow, as well as the Tall Figure's physical build being bulkier when compared to the Thin Man's slender build. The similarities and differences between the Tall Figure and the Thin Man leaves the suspicion that the Tall Figure was once the resident of the black tower.
  • Similarly to how the Lady of the Maw is suspected of being part of an endless cycle of successors, where past children usurped and acquired the powers and title of the former Lady of the Maw, it's speculated the Tall Figure was once the signal provider to the black tower for the Pale City before being defeated and usurped by Mono before the events of Little Nightmares II. Leaving the suspicion that Mono was always the Thin Man of the game but only after defeating the former resident of the Tower within the timeline of Little Nightmares Comics. The fate of the former resident of the Tower is further speculated within the events of Episode 5 where the Viewers television is seen shutting off automatically with no remote in sight and with no other presence attempting to turn it off themselves, leaving the suspicion that whoever resided within the Tower to broadcast the Transmission, had perished. With no one left in the black tower to continue broadcasting the Transmission, all the televisions within the Pale City would be left to shut off automatically until the signal could return.


  • The Tall Figure is the only antagonist in Little Nightmares Comics to only be seen by their silhouette.



Little Nightmares Comics


  1. An official source that states the name hasn't been found yet, or the citation was invalid.
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