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Televisions are devices used in the Maw, the Nest, and the Pale City.


Externally, televisions resemble those that were produced in the 1950-60s. This is confirmed by the fact that absolutely all of them have a black and white image.

Little Nightmares (video game)

The only television in the game appears in the Lair when Six enters the library. In order to continue her journey, she needs to distract the Janitor. To do this, the girl must turn on the television in a small room, the sounds of which will distract the Janitor. When first turned on, the television plays a sped-up song, and displays a looping video of a woman cooking.

While many believe the song has lyrics, it has been confirmed to simply be phonemes and not actual words.[1]

Secrets of the Maw

While fleeing from the Granny, the Runaway Kid turns on, and then pushes a television into the water, where the Granny was attempting to catch him. The current electrocutes the Granny, after which the boy manages to escape from the Depths.

In the Hideaway, the Runaway Kid can enter a secret room, where there is a pile of broken televisions (some with a drawing of an eye sticked on).

After the credits of the Residence ends, a television is shown standing in an unknown room. It will then activate, showing the silhouette of the Thin Man.

Very Little Nightmares

In a secret room, hidden in the hallway with some Eyes, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat can find a pigeon, a pigeon nest, and a television suspended above it.

You can see a television in the Butler's apartment, but you can’t interact with it in any way.

Once in the Pretender's apartment, the girl finds a room where the hostess of the Nest watches televisions with her dolls. Having turned them off, the Butler will enter the room, so the heroine must pretend to be a doll.

Little Nightmares II

Televisions in Little Nightmares II play a pivotal role in terms of both story and gameplay.[2] Since the central theme of the game is escapism (moving away from everyday reality into another world), the inhabitants of the Pale City are dependent on their TVs, which seemingly makes them act like zombies. Televisions are also used to travel between two points as shown in the Gamescom 2020 trailer. In the game, you can hear game shows, advertisements, news broadcasts, cartoons, comedy shows, marching song, and the Veronica song emitting from the televisions.

In the game, televisions are scattered everywhere. Even in rural areas, such as the Wilderness, TVs are scattered all over the ground and are hanging from various areas by their wires. TVs are most prominent in the city's abandoned living space buildings. Most of the time, TVs are placed in clusters and piles. Throughout the Pale City, clothing is left in a way that makes it look as though the wearer was mysteriously taken while they were in the middle of an activity or just sitting. In the concept art, we see clothes strewn out in a similar manner in front of a television. It is assumed that however the clothing got this what and where their owners went has something to do with the televisions.

TVs are used as two different mechanics in the second game. Firstly, in particular parts of the game, TVs will turn on and use a powerful signal to attract Mono to them. He will approach them, and the player will need to help transport him into the television. Each time he arrives inside, he will run down a hallway with the door at the end. The first couple of times he will get pulled out of the TV by Six before he gets close enough to open it, However when he finds a TV in an apartment in the Pale City, Mono is able to open the door. Opening the door will free the Thin Man, who has the ability to walk out of it and pass into the physical world. After doing so, he will capture Six. Capturing Six will unlock a new mechanic that Mono will have the ability to use. Following the Thin Man into the TV in an attempt to save Six will transport Mono into the TV, where he will bounce off of the Flesh Walls and then out of another TV. He will then be able to travel from place to place by teleporting through one TV and then coming out of another. He will also have the ability to turn them off and on with a remote, which also distracts Viewers.

In a secret scene towards the end of the game, Six is shown to have escaped the Black Tower through the same TV where the Thin Man was released.

Little Nightmares (comic series)

Issue 1

In the first issue, Six performs the same act of turning on the television to distract the Janitor, who turns it off.

Little Nightmares Comics

Episode 2

In the second episode of Little Nightmares Comics, a television turns on near the end. It catches the attention of the Toddler. The Thin Man presses his hands against the screen as the Toddler approaches. The Toddler takes the cloth from under his eyes and looks, after which a scream is emitted and he vanishes.

Episode 5

Two Viewers are seen watching a television channel of what appears to be a baking channel. This allows Ghost to easily sneak past them. However when Ghost is on the window, the television turned off, causing the Viewers to attack them.

Episode 6

Broken TVs appear in the final episode of Little Nightmares Comics. Mono hides from a mysterious figure by hopping into one of the hollow ones. The figure finds him, and a cracking sound is made, ending the episode.


  • If you continue to press the button after Six turns on the television to distract the Janitor, the television will change channels until, after some interference, it shows a dark figure approaching a sleeping child (see gallery).
    • The dark figure in the last channel greatly resembles the shadow from the silent horror film, Nosferatu.
  • Certain televisions in the Pale City play the same song as the default channel on the television Six uses to distract the Janitor on The Maw.
  • Every time Mono interacts with a television to teleport around, the screen flickers while showing several images including notable places, things, and characters from inside the game and even the announcement trailer of the game.
  • When Mono presses himself against the TVs and then backs out, the screen will have a static effect.
  • Several Bullies playing skipping can be heard singing the TV song from the previous game.




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