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The Barber[1] was an unused character for Little Nightmares II. He is armed with a large pair of scissors.


The Barber appears to be a giant humanoid creature with wrinkly pale skin, dark hair that curls on either side of his head, and a mouth that is always open.

His attire changes depending on the picture that he is depicted in. In one reoccurring painting, he appears to be wearing a green bowtie with a red button-up shirt. In another photo, he is depicted to wear attire similar to that of the Teacher. Finally, he appears to be wearing regular clothes with an apron in the concept art.

Secrets of the Maw

While he is never physically seen, two portraits of him are hung in the Residence. The first can be found in a room with a wall covered in paintings, where he is in a portrait wearing an attire similar to the Teacher's. In the next room, he can be seen in a portrait where he is wearing a red button-up and a green tie.

Little Nightmares II

While he was cut from the game, his existence is still alluded to in the game. There is a portrait identical to that of the one found in Secrets of the Maw that can be seen down the corridor in the first part of the School. It appears to have fallen off the wall due to a large hole where it was hanging from, likely the doing of the Bullies.

He can also be seen in a newspaper, using his large scissors to intimidate a child.


  • The Barber's concept art shares similarities with Die Geschichte vom Daumenlutscher, the sixth story from the German children's book Der Struwwelpeter, where a tailor wielding large scissors cuts off the thumbs of a child who would not stop sucking them.
  • A newspaper with a picture of the Barber can be found in the Pale City. The sign at the top of the paper can also be found in the School on a door, which is also close to his portrait.


Newspapers and Paintings

Concept Art


  1. An official source that states the name hasn't been found yet, or the citation was invalid.
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