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You search for the shadows. But the shadows find you first. Forever at your heels, they hunt you down... and bring you here.
— Narrator about the Ferryman.

The Ferryman[1] or the Shadow is an anti-villain in Little Nightmares. His job is to search the globe to hunt down children and bring them to the Maw. It is unknown at the time whether he works under orders from the Maw, or if he is sneaking the children on board illegally. He appears in the 2017 Little Nightmares comic series.


The Ferryman appears to be wearing a grey trench coat with a grey hat on his head. This hat has a red stripe around it. Like most monsters in this universe, the Ferryman is gigantic. He has yellow skin, and his facial skin is sagging down to his chest.


The Ferryman is not like most monstrous humanoids seen in the series. Rather than screaming and chasing after children when he spots them, he kindly offers them his hand and holds them gently. Even so, the Ferryman still desires to bring these children to The Maw, where they will be turned into meals for the Guests.

Like the North Wind, the Ferryman seems to like to play games. He uses his transformation ability to pretend to be a child's dead sister for a prolonged period of time, seemingly because he had a deal with the Wind (as hinted at through the Wind's dialogue).

Powers and Abilities

  • Shape-Shifting: The Ferryman has the ability to shape-shift. As seen in the first issue, he was able to change his size and appearance to look like the young Refugee Boy's sister.

Little Nightmares (video game)

In Little Nightmares, the Ferryman appears in a painting standing at the end of his fishing boat in the Lady's Quarters.

Secrets of the Maw

Similar to his appearance in the first game, the Ferryman appears in a painting among a large collection of paintings in the Residence. This is seen in the third part of the DLC.

Little Nightmares (comic series)

Issue 1

The Ferryman spots Six in a crowd of Guest-like figures. He points to them, drawing the attention of the passerby's and causing them to as well point. Later on, he is seen rowing Six to the Maw on his ferryboat.

He is next seen pretending to be the Refugee Boy's younger sister. After the boy is confronted by the North Wind and is shown that he had held on to his sister's corpse the entire time, the Ferryman transforms back into his regular state. He offers the boy his hand, and scares the North Wind away.

Issue 2

He appears at the very end of the second issue, escorting the Humpback Girl out of a mansion that she was abandoned in. He offers her his hand, and they walk off into the distance.


  • The comic heavily implies some sort of relationship between the Ferryman and the Lady.



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