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The Granny is the first antagonist encountered in Secrets of the Maw. She lives in the Depths of the Maw and appears to be extremely hostile. She is the main antagonist of The Depths chapter.


The Granny, as her name suggests, is a monster that resembles an old woman. Her physique is very lanky with long, bony limbs, a saggy neck, and drooping breasts. Her wrinkled face bares two dark, sunken eyes and a wide, toothy grin full of crooked teeth. Her long dark grey hair is thin and sparse, with the top of her head completely bald. Her skin is pale and waxy, and she wears only the tattered remains of a thin, brownish-gray dress.


The background of the Granny is unknown, but judging by the description of the chapter "the Depths", she was "abandoned to decay and rage".

Secrets of the Maw

When the Runaway Kid descends into an open drain, he enters the Depths where the Granny lives. She begins to follow the boy, swimming after and attempting several times to pull him under.

However, when the boy almost reaches the exit from the Depths, the Granny becomes aggressive and destroys the deck he is standing on to force him into the water. However, the Runaway Kid pushes a TV into the water, electrocuting The Granny.


The Granny typically remains out of view, her only indication of movement being a rippling motion on the surface of the water followed by a bubbling growl that grows louder as The Granny approaches the player.

Granny lives in a large hall flooded with water, which cannot be drained. Usually she remains out of sight, making herself known only as a ripple on the surface of the water, accompanied by bubbles and a gurgling growl, which becomes louder as she approaches the Runaway Kid. The Granny cannot harm a player if he is not in the same body of water as she is. Knowing this, the player can move between floating objects or objects, without fear that Granny will grab him. In any case, Granny can try to (successfully) push, break, or sink objects in order to push the player back into the water, where she can reach him. The Runaway Kid will not be able to escape from Granny in the water.

Powers and Abilities

  • Swimming: The Granny is able to swim perfectly and quickly. This helps her to catch up to the Runaway Kid faster.
  • Underwater breathing: Although she breaths on land, she can also breath underwater. This can be seen as no matter how long the Runaway Kid is around the water, she will never raise out of the water for air.


  • By the description of the Depths chapter, the Granny presumably was once the governess of the Maw. She may have been evicted, ending up in the sewers after being overthrown by the current governess, alias the Lady.


  • The Granny shares some similarities with the Kaernk from the game Amnesia The Dark Descent by Frictional Games as they are both creatures restricted to water and can be distracted by tossing body parts as bait.
  • If the player is too far from her, The Granny will teleport towards the player.
  • The Granny seems to be similar to the Shoe Monster and the Dump Monster encountered in the main game and Very Little Nightmares respectively.



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