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This is where the guests arrive, where they waddle up the creaking boards and into the gaping Maw. This is where they come to sit and sweat, where they gorge and purge. Again, and again, and again. This is not a place for distinguished guests. This is where the well-fed beasts come to feast.
— Official Little Nightmare website

The Guest Area is the fourth area Six passes through in Little Nightmares. Hence the name, the Guests will be the primarily antagonists found here, although one of the Chefs will also give chase briefly. This area is briefly seen during The Residence chapter after the Runaway Kid is turned into a Nome.


The architecture of the Guest Area is highly reminiscent of Japanese restaurants. It is mainly a large dining area that connects to the main entrance of the Maw. It has several floors all lined with tables and stools to accommodate the Guests that crowd this area in large numbers as well as the massive banquet of red meat and wine prepared for them. The Guest Area must be extremely sturdy for it to support the collected mass of the Guests, although one guardrail will give way under the weight of one unfortunate Guest.

Aside from the dining rooms, there is also at least one bathroom and isolated rooms where Guests can rest after eating their fill. The Guest Area also connects to The Lady's Quarters via an elevator and The Lady can also monitor the entire diner from her balcony. After her encounter with The Lady, Six will return to the Guest Area to exit the Maw, killing several Guests along the way.


Six's main goal here is to escape the Guest Area while avoiding the customers themselves.

The Hull

Guests climbing aboard the Maw.

After exiting the Kitchen, Six will need to walk along a large pipe towards the hull of the Maw. At the end, a conveniently placed ladder will bring her towards porthole and the sound of seagulls. As she walks into the light, Six will be surrounded on all sides by ocean. Diving in the water would mean certain death, so she must jump onto the anchor's chain and climb up. Along the way, she'll notice that the Maw is taking in new passengers, ferried aboard via a walkway.

Although the chain ends, Six can continue climbing higher thanks to a series of handle bars leading to another porthole. Once through, she must carefully walk along a metal beam overlooking the many Guests still boarding. Once across, Six can pass through a vent to enter the real Guest Area.

The Restaurant

The Lady overlooking her clients.

Immediately, Six will fall down a shaft but will recover quickly. To continue to the left, she must first remove a wooden plank which will let her crawl into a circular vent. Once through, she must carefully walk along a metal pipe (one false step will send her plummeting down a chasm) which will lead her to the pagoda-style entrance of the restaurant. Six must climb the wooden framework of the entrance to reach a window that will bring her inside. Guests will enter the restaurant, passing very close to her, but they will not notice Six. Even the Lady who's overlooking the entrance of her clientele will pay no mind.

The first time a Guest will chase Six.

Once in the lobby, Six must leap from the door overhang to the chandeliers, then to the first balcony on her right. By slipping through a partly open sliding door, Six will find herself in a room with giant meals laid across wooden tables. Through the next doorway, there will be a Guest feasting upon large pieces of meat. He will pay no mind to Six so she can safely cross the room. However, when Six passes through the next sliding door, she will quickly be spotted by another Guest who will toss his table aside to give chase. If Six does not move, the table will be flung into her, crushing her. If she passes under the Guest as he collapses on the floor, she will also be crushed. Worst yet, if the Guest catches her, she will be shoved in his mouth. All she can do is run across the room, past two more Guests eating at a nearby table and jump over the ledge leading to the next room. The pursuing Guest will get lodged into the doorway and won't be able to chase further.

The Guests have very short arms, limiting how far they can reach.

In this next room, two more Guests will remain seated as they feast, with a tall stack of plates between them. Six must climb onto the table using the bench and scale the stack of plates. The Guests will reach for her but their stubby arms won't be able to reach as long as she remains center. Once on top, she must jump and grab onto the chandelier and begin swinging to get enough momentum to leap through the window to the right.

The next room will house several Guests lined up parallel to one another along a lengthy table. The only way to get up is for Six to run across the room but the Guests will not notice her yet. At the end of a table next to a large pot is an empty chair that Six can use to climb onto the table. Any Guest she approaches will notice and reach out to grab her, occasionally spilling their glasses of wine in the process. To avoid being devoured, Six must run across the table, leaping away from the Guest's massive hands. Once she reaches the left hand side of the table, Six can climb wooden crates and jump to grab the wooden frame on the wall. This can be climbed to reach the next floor.

Six must jump away from a Guest's reach to prevent becoming dinner herself.

Once Six has climbed enough that she's above the platform carrying additional plates, she can jump onto it and then onto the floor once she's swung far enough to the right. If Six has been running a lot, she will need to take a breather as she cannot run forever. This may appear to be a dead end but she can walk towards the background and climb over a railing in another area where three more Guests are eating. This time, all three will give chase and Six must run towards the left. Through a doorway, she will find a wooden board conveniently leaning over another railing which she can use to get a running jump to grab another chandelier hanging over a hole in the ground. Once she has gained enough momentum, she can leap across to land on the railing of a window.

Unlike Six, Guests cannot squeeze through tight spaces.

As Six climbs down and passes by a stack of wooden crates, she will enter another area with several Guests sitting at a table. When she nears the left end of this one however, the last Guest will drop to the floor on all fours and begin chase. Six must make a u-turn and quickly pass by the wooden crates again. The pursuing Guest will become stuck in the small table, unable to reach Six, but will also block her path. He can easily be bypasses if she climbs the boxes leaps over the Guest, using its massive bulk as a trampoline if needed. Upon realizing this however the Guest will begin turning around so Six must quickly run towards the left and slide through a hole in the wall.

Six climbs through the now broken two-way mirror.

After slipping through some bars, Six will find herself in a hallway with an elevator in the background. The first of the Twin Chefs will come down the elevator within moments of her arrival, so Six must run down the hall and hide in the restroom to the left (hiding under the sink or in a crate on the right hand side are both viable options). The Chef will pursue Six but upon finding the restroom vacant, he will quickly exit, slamming the door behind him. While this may appear to trap Six, a tin can and a roll of toilet paper will fall from a shelf in the process which she can pick and throw at the mirror in the background. Doing so will reveal that it was a two way mirror, hiding a secret room. Six can enter that room and climb the bars in the background which will lead her to a vent. After slipping through some metal bars, Six will need to carefully walk along the metal pipes which will bring her out of the rest room and across the hallway. Once Six is above the tables, she can safely drop down without risking death. She can move onto the third floor using the elevator in the background.

Once Six has reached the third floor, she can pass through a doorway to the right. As she walks down the corridor, several Guests will begin crawling through sliding doors and pursue her. Six must begin running to the right, passing under tables laden with food yet to be served, as the Guests crash and break through doorways and furniture. It is important that she only begins running when the Guests start appearing as this is going to be a long chase and she may run out of stamina.

The chase.

After crossing that room, Six's path will be interrupted by the wall of a staircase, which she must climb or jump down towards the screen. The Guests will waste no time crashing through this doorway in a massive pile and will crush the very quarry they're after. After the stairs, Six must continue running to the right and may need to jump over a couple of cabinets that will fall over due to the rumbling caused by her pursuers. Immediately after she will encounter another table with several Guests feeding, which she can climb onto by hopping onto a bench. The Guests feeding at that table will all be in the background so she can just remain on the opposite side of them and will be out of their reach. At the end of the table, she must jump and grab onto a chandelier dangling above a chasm. The mass of approaching guests will cause the chandelier to bend forward and give Six enough momentum to jump across one chasm, while one unfortunate Guest will be sent plummeting to her presumed death, ending the chase.

Six approaching her next meal.

As Six passes through a sliding door, she will experience hunger pains for the fourth time. After walking down a hallway, she will be greeted by a Nome offering her a sausage to eat. Six will refuse the sausage and instead feast on the Nome's flesh, killing it. After she finished eating, Six will have the strength to leap onto a wooden crate and through a window that will lead her through a dark passage. At the other end is a ladder she must climb which will bring her to a lobby that connects the Guest Area with the Lady's Quarters. The Lady herself will be seen entering and elevator which will close before Six can get close.

Six enters the elevator to the Lady's Quarters.

To open the elevator doors again, Six must grab one of the two tin cans lying on opposite ends of the lobby, and through it at the elevator button. Once the doors open, she can enter and exit the Guest Area.


  • If Six tries to turn back to the left as the Guests begin appearing through the sliding doors, she will be ambushed by the masked Guest first seen sleeping in a small room to the left of the elevator.
  • If Six does not let go of the chandelier after the Guest chase, the handle will snap, sending her plummeting to her death.
  • As seen in the early concept art presented during the release of Hunger, Six was originally supposed to serve the Guests by washing them and presumably serving food for them.
    • This moment was inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's anime Spirited Away, where the protagonist temporarily worked at the Yubaba Baths, washing visitors.
  • This chapter has the most Nomes to be collected, as well as being the only chapter to not have three Nomes to be collected.


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