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The Hanging Man[1] is a resident of the Maw and is a minor character in Little Nightmares. He died before Six visited the Maw and, possibly, the Nest.


He is a lanky and thin man. He wears a gray shirt, pants with a belt, and has black shoes on his feet. What the upper part of the Hanging Man looks like is currently unknown.

Little Nightmares

Six encounters the Hanging Man's body once throughout the entire game, shortly after waking up in the depths of the Maw. In order to leave the room his corpse is in, she needs to drag the chair beneath him to a nearby door, allowing her to climb the chair and reach the door handle. It is not known whether this character hanged himself or was hanged, although a letter composed of what are presumably his last words is visible beneath his corpse, indicating suicide. Strangely, in spite of this, the chair beneath him is not tipped over, which may allude to his death possibly being a homicide staged to look like suicide.


  • In the main hall of the Nest, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat can spot a framed picture of the Hanging Man draped on one of the walls. This shows that the character died sometime before Six got to the Nest and that for reasons unknown, his death has been commemorated there. It is currently unknown how the Hanging Man is connected both to the Maw and the Nest.





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