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The Hideaway is the second Secrets of the Maw chapter DLC the Runaway Kid passes through of Little Nightmares. The Janitor appears to be the main antagonist in this area.


The Hideaway consists of dungeons and cellars. It is here that the Runaway Kid first meets Nomes and learns that this is their refuge, where they support the operation of the furnace responsible for the movement of The Maw.


The Runaway Kid's main goal is to gather the Nomes to traverse through the Hideaway while briefly avoiding the Janitor.

The Runaway Kid lands on a pile of coals.

After the Runaway Kid gets out of the package on the hook, go to the right. There, in the room, pull out Nome, stuck in the crack, and hug him. After that, throw it to the door handle so that Nome opens the door. When he reaches the water door, remove the second Nome from the cabinet drawer and drop it with the first on the table so that they throw off the box and you can let the third Nome out of the cage. Four of you will open the door and reach the furnace supporting the work of the Maw. Activate it by pressing the lever.

The next task of the Runaway Kid is to collect all the Nomes in this location in order to fuel the stove with coal and activate the ascent to the upper floor. In total, the player has three paths to walk along, but only through two of them can Nomes be collected.

The Runaway Kid is trying to get past the Janitor.

The first path is located on the left in the highest tier. Once in the room, you need to jump on the floor in the place where the boards creak, eventually breaking the floor. Due to the loud sound, the Janitor will come out and go into the workshop. Next, you need to go under the floor to the far room and press the lever located above the workbench and, while the Janitor is distracted by his sound, turn on the circular saw in the workshop. After that, while it is noisy, you need to quickly go back to the room and open the hatch with the pulley, once in the lower level.

A big pile of coal.

First you need to go to the right and free the Nome from a can standing on a shelf. To do this, you just need to jump - it will repeat your movements until the bank falls and breaks. Next, you need to run to the left and catch Nome, who was hiding in a heap of coal, and then use it to press the lever and activate the conveyor to get to the third Nome. It will run into the nearest opening, but it will drop out from there into the coal when you press the lever of the second conveyor.

The Runaway Kid and the Nomes are carrying a coal trolley.

Having collected all three Nomes, it is necessary to lower the trolley with coal onto the rails using the pulley at the top, and drive to the door. After breaking it, the Nomes should stand on the hatch for supplying coal, and you just have to go down and open it. Take the dropped Nomes to the furnace.

The second way will lead you to the coal warehouse, where you can find two Nomes - one of them gets stuck in the slots of the drawer, and the other jumps into the hatch, which can be easily opened. Climbing the stairs and getting into the room with an elevator, you need to get a working fuse to make it work. To do this, go through the door to the corridor and, dodging the Janitor, go to the room with writing cabinets. In one of them there will be a chair, which must be moved to the cabinet with shelves and climb up. Going further you will reach the room where a working fuse is on the shelf. Thanks to its light, you can safely escape from the Janitor without using a flashlight.

A Nome drawing on the other side.

Having activated the elevator and going up to the upper floor, you will be greeted by the Nomes, who will escape into the next room. Two Nomes can be found in the drawer of a fallen writing cabinet, but they will not be given into the hands at once. One will run to the drawers and cling to the corner, and the other will run around the folded cardboard boxes. The third Nome will be standing on a table in the very corner of the room. To get to it, it is necessary to jump on a run on a mobile trolley and drive on it to the target. Having collected all three Nomes, they need to be thrown to the hanging handle and substitute the box under the opened door. After this, Nomes must be taken down the elevator and open the door by pressing the lever.

Nomes throw coal into the oven.

Finally, having gathered all the workers and rising on the rise for coal, you must go to the right into the room where there is a box blocking your path. It will help you remove the Nomes, who have finished work, after which you can go through their shelter and jump onto the roof of the elevator, which the Lady will be riding at that moment.

Survey Room

As in the main game, gaining access to the observation room is not a prerequisite for passing the game, however, it can be used to activate the easter egg by looking at the places that players have already visited in the main game. It can be found in a coal warehouse, where the Runaway kid gets through the Janitor's workshop. When he needs to lower the cart from the upper tier, go to the left, where there will be a passage to the secret room. It will contain a massive eye-shaped screen, which, judging by its condition, has long been abandoned. It can be activated with a button, thanks to which you will see some places in the Lair, until, with the fourth click, the eye shows Six in the house of the Shoe Monster.


  • This area hints that the Nomes have drawn some of the drawings seen throughout the game.
  • In the fireplace, the player can see that Nomes cast the shadows of children.


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