The Janitor, alternatively, The Butcher, and also known as Roger (in the game files), is the initial inhabitant/antagonist of The Maw, and one of many individuals that pursue Six in her progression. His profession consists of doing laundry, tailoring, and performing mechanical repairs. He takes residence in a section of the Maw called "The Lair," isolated from social interaction.

Website Description

With long forgotten things from long forgotten places, he fled the world and found The Maw. Now as The Janitor he is a tall tale hiding in the shadows, stalking the silence, a monster alone.


The Janitor appears as an incapacitated male deprived of eyesight. His most notable features are his minuscule legs, making him a dawdling adversary, arms protracted beyond proportions, enabling him to reach farther than his associates, his deficiency of a suitable torso, giving the deception that his appendages are connected to an ordinary pair of legs suitable for a 3-foot human being. While at first glance it looks like he has an uneven blindfold, his skin has actually collapsed, baring the top of his skull and covering his eyes; this giving the indication that he is blind, an important characteristic. His wardrobe is consisted of a light brown shirt which nearly obscures his legs, miniature brown shoes, which are a darker hue than the brown leggings above them. He also features a dark brown hat and a name tag on his shirt which, being revealed from the files, says Roger.


The Janitor's most prominent mechanic is his lack of eyesight, which can be used to Six's advantage, leaving the player to manipulate the senses of touch, smell and sound. A useful tip is to concentrate on even insignificant sounds, for the Janitor can perceive them. Despite his sluggish pace he uses his arm extensions to capture the player, which will result in a Game Over.


  • According to hidden game files, a name tag can be found of the character model. It is revealed that The Janitor's name is Roger.

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