The Lady is the main antagonist of Little Nightmares. She is the proprietress of The Maw, and is said to cast the spell that keeps it running.

Website Description

With graceful restraint, The Lady casts the hypnotic spell that keeps the engine running. Amidst the chaos of the world outside, The Maw is the only place that makes sense, and now this rumor of an escaped child threatens everything.  Nothing can be allowed to interfere. The guests must eat. The Maw must survive.


The Lady is a tall, slim being who, for all intents and purposes, resembles a Japanese geisha, and is dressed accordingly in a dark, floor-length kimono with long sleeves. She wears her black hair in a bun at the top of her head, with part of her hair loose and falling to mid-back. She wears a white mask reminiscent of Japanese Noh masks.

Little Nightmares

The Lady first appears in a dream Six is having, where she slowly, yet menacingly, turns to face Six.

She appears again after Six arrives at the guest area, observing the guests from a balcony before returning to her chambers.

After escaping from the guest area, Six spots her entering the elevator and follows, taking note of the many shattered mirrors around her living quarters. Six encounters the Lady in her bedroom, calmly brushing her hair, but manages to sneak past her. Only when Six smashes a bedside vase to fetch a key does the Lady take notice, disappearing shortly after. She discovers and attempts to ambush Six inside her walk-in closet, but the girl narrowly avoids her. Arming herself with an unbroken mirror, Six engages the Lady in a dark, antique-filled room, overpowering the woman with her own reflection. When her hunger pains strike again, Six bites the incapacitated Lady on her neck, killing her and absorbing her powers.

Secrets of the Maw

The Lady first appears in an elevator that the Runaway Kid is also traveling on, ascending through the Maw.

The Kid later encounters her in her chambers, but manages to avoid her. While sneaking past her later on, he catches a glimpse of her without her mask, unintentionally revealing his presence in the process. The Lady eventually catches the Kid and transforms him into the Nome that Six inevitably devours.


Like the other characters in Little Nightmares, the Lady rarely speaks, but her personality is shown through her actions. She appears to be very vain and narcissistic, calmly brushing her hair in her bedroom to keep up appearances, despite sitting in front of a broken mirror. Running the Maw only fuels her vanity and corruption in more ways than one, as she is perfectly willing to allow the ugly guests to gorge themselves on meat from questionable sources.

In contrast to her narcissism, or because of it, she appears to be unwilling (and literally unable) to look at her own reflection, hence her mask and the various shattered mirrors around her living quarters. In Secrets of the Maw, it is revealed that her face is incredibly deformed.

Powers and Abilities

The Lady is the only character in the game who possesses supernatural powers, until Six defeats her.

  • Teleportation: The Lady mysteriously disappears from her room while Six fetches a key. As Six explores her closet, the Lady reappears behind her in an attempt to ambush her.
  • Darkness Camouflage: The Lady can seamlessly blend in with the shadows of a dark room until she chooses to strike.
  • Life Absorption: She can steal the life force of other beings, which usually manifests as trails of wispy black smoke. Six acquires this ability after killing and eating her.
  • Nome Conversion: She is also capable of transforming children into Nomes, as demonstrated with The Runaway Kid.


Her beauty is quite literally a curse, as she is unable to look directly at her own reflection for more than a few seconds before it incapacitates her. Six deduces and exploits this using the sole unbroken mirror in the Lady's quarters.

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