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While the guests indulge beneath her feet, The Lady retires to her private quarters. Little is known of this place, for none have ever dared approach it, but if The Maw had a heart, it would have lived here.
— Official Little Nightmare website

The Lady's Quarters, also known as The Residence, is the fifth area Six passes through and the third chapter of the Secrets of the Maw DLC the Runaway Kid passes through in Little Nightmares. It is where the Lady resides and is the last chapter of the main game and DLC.


It appears to be a small house, in which the Lady lives. It is rather lavish when compared to the rest of the Maw, featuring lush, purple-red carpeting/wall paper, decent furniture and flooring, and clean interior. Mannequins are scattered throughout the area, providing camouflage for the Lady. It is important to note that nearly all mirrors in this area have been damaged.


Little Nightmares

Six must retrieve the only unbroken mirror and defeat the Lady.

Six exits the elevator that connects the Guest Area to the Lady's Quarters.

Upon exiting the elevator, Six must head right then up the stairs to the Lady's dressing room. The Lady will be encountered immediately, busy humming to herself while brushing her hair in front of a vanity. Six must tip toe across the room otherwise her movement will make too much noise and alert the Lady. If the Lady hears Six, she will immediately turn around and possess Six with her psychic powers, resulting in a game over. Once Six has safely made it across the room into the Lady's bedroom, she must jump onto the shelf with the vase and knock the latter over onto the floor. This will reveal a key but also alert the Lady of the intrusion. However the Lady will not attack Six and will instead leave the dressing room, allowing Six to head back down the stairs without worry.

Stairs that connect the Lady's dressing room to the locked door.

After unlocking the door, Six will find herself in a long dark storage room where the Lady will give chase after she passes several mannequins. She must run until she reaches a hole in the wall in which she can slide through to reach the dressing room.

The Lady will appear at this spot in the dark storage room.

After climbing some short stairs, Six must cross a vast room filled with many more mannequins. On the right end, Six must find another hole behind the mannequins and remove planks of wood to gain access. Inside is a small room with a smaller drawer, on top of which sits a small unbroken mirror sitting on a pillow. Six must climb on top of the dresser and grab the small mirror and bring it back to the vast room.

Back in the vast room, the Lady will appear in the background waiting, but will vanish the moment Six approaches her. A spotlight will appear on the ground on the left hand side of the room and Six must run to it and position herself in the center. To defeat the Lady, Six must use the mirror to reflect a blast of light towards her, which will cause harm to the Lady and force her to withdraw back in the darkness. If the Lady gets too close to Six, she will possess Six with her psychic powers, resulting in a game over.

Six fighting the Lady.

The spotlight will fade but reappear on the right side of the room so Six must run to reach it. During the third approach, the spotlight will appear in the center of the room in the background, and from the fourth approach onward, it will be at the center of the room closer to the foreground. Every time Six lands a successful hit, she will recoil and drop the mirror, but she can just pick it up again. The first and second time the Lady approaches Six, she will simply advance towards her. On the third, fourth and fifth attempt however, she may first circle around Six before making her approach. After being struck a sixth time, the Lady will scream in pain as the mirror shatters.

Six devouring the Lady.

As Six recovers from the battle, the Lady will appear laying on the floor and heavily weakened. Six will also experience her hunger pains for the fifth time. She must approach the Lady and feast upon her neck, killing her in the process. This will not only satisfy Six's hunger, but she will begin to absorb what appears to be a dark aura and slowly turn towards the screen, reenacting the dream she had at the beginning of her journey.


Six leaving the Maw while killing the Guests.

Six will take an elevator down back to the Guest Area and begin walking towards the background. On both sides of her, Guests will notice her approaching. There is no risk to her however as her newly obtained dark magic will instantly kill all the Guests as they get too close without her having to lift a finger. As she continues to walk across the room, shattering lights along the way, two large metal doors will open, allowing her to climb the stairs that lead outside the Maw. As she walks out of view, any Nome that she has hugged throughout her journey will appear on screen at the foot of the stairs. A post credit scene shows Six standing outside the Maw's entrance as it barely breaches the surface of the ocean. The horn of a ship can be heard in the background as the scene fades to black.

Secrets of the Maw

The Runaway Kid's main goal is to escape the Residence while avoiding the Lady and the Shadow Kids.

The Runaway Kid entered the Residence.

When you wake up on the roof of the elevator, climb up the bars on the left and grab the hook to jump into the ventilation hatch on the right. Walk forward along the corridor and then carefully walk past the Lady playing with one of her porcelain dolls in a well-kept room. Run through the foyer to the right where you will notice a locked door. It will be the main target of the Runaway Kid. In order to open it and continue on his way, he must find three statues, and then insert them into certain openings in the floor.

The Residence.

The first statue is located on the second floor on the left, but you cannot pick it up, because when you pick it up, the ceiling in the room will begin to drop, which can eventually kill the Runaway Kid. Therefore, go right to the very end of the library. On the floor, you will notice books that need to be inserted in certain places between others. Their roots with certain patterns will help you with this. The third book will be at the top of the cabinet, so you have to climb up the stairs there. After that, a secret passage will open in front of the Runaway, in which a fake statuette is hidden. Go to the last room and replace the real one with the one you got. Go to the first floor and insert the "key" into the desired opening.

The Runaway Kid has to put the book into the correct place.

Climb to the uppermost tier of the foyer, where a sphere with lenses on mechanical rings is installed. In order to open the door on the right, you need to rotate the lenses over the eyes located under the ceiling. To do this, you need to pull the sphere lever three times to the right, once in the middle and three times to the left, after each pressing the button. After that, direct the light of the flashlight to the door to close its eye. Go to the opened room.

There will be another puzzle in the next two rooms that opens the door. To do this, you need to look at the pictures in the first, find the repeating ones, and then go to the second and press the necessary buttons. To achieve the goal, you must press buttons number two, three, four, six and eight from left to right. You will find the second statuette in the room, but an Eye will prevent you from taking it, so try to be careful. Take it and run to the first floor.

The Runaway Kid walking on the beams.

As soon as you insert the second statuette into the opening, the light in the Quarters will turn off, and the Lady will disappear. You will be able to retrieve the key from her room to open the door on the top floor, but to do this is quickly placed by creatures called Shadow Kids who will try to kill the Runaway Kid if they catch up with him. You will have to go through several rooms, while using a flashlight to not only illuminate the path, but also burn the Shadow Kids. This will continue until you reach the passage to the safe room, which you have to open with the lever wheel, avoiding the remaining residents of the Residence.

The Runaway Kid walks on the piano.

After entering the room protected from the Shadow Kids, open the Maw case to retrieve the final statuette, and then grab the lantern in the wall that opens the door to the library. Run downstairs and insert the last key into the opening, and then go through the opened passage into the abandoned dressing room.

When the Runaway Kid accidentally sees the Lady's mutilated reflection, run through the mannequin rooms until you reach the closed door. First go left and then go back to the hall that was hiding the door. You can continue the game when the Lady catches the Runaway Kid and turns him into Nome. You just have to go through the Guest Area until you get to the Guest bedroom. Jump into the hole in the wooden floor, and then go through the gap to the left.


  • It's unknown why only one life-sized geisha statue has its head missing, but because no other works of art depicting the Lady are seen destroyed or vandalized to a similar degree, it's speculated the statue was of the former lady of the Maw who was succeeded by the Lady of Little Nightmares. The current lady of the Maw might have destroyed just the head as she could not bare to see the face of the woman who came before her.
  • It's unknown why the Lady's Quarters harbors eight headless statues of young girls, but due to the possibility of the Lady being part of an endless cycle of successors, it's speculated these statues were once of girls who inhabited the Maw before obtaining the title of "Lady" for themselves.
    • It's also speculated several of these girls could have once coexisted among one another for a large majority of their lives, this is supported by a picture depicting the Lady surrounded by four other geishas who's faces are also none recognizable. The Lady of Little Nightmares could have once willingly coexisted with other young girls until they all grew of age to be geishas. It's unknown why all the statues have their heads missing, but it's suspected the Lady was reluctant to see the faces of her former companions after killing them, as well as the faces of any past successors once she obtained the former lady's powers for herself and became the new lady of the Maw.
  • Although it is unknown why the small mirror Six finds remains unbroken, it is suspected to have been an item of great importance as it is left laying on a small pillow, atop of a drawer, locked away within a section of the Lady's Quarters, in a room which has been barricaded from the outside, making the mirror either a memento of the past or an item the Lady feared enough to keep locked away.


  • Glimpses of the Lady's Quarters can be seen in the survey room located in the Lair.
  • The location of the Lady's Quarters corresponds to the fact that on passenger ships, first class (wealthier) passengers have cabins located on the upper decks.
  • The first and second time Six crosses the vast room with the mannequins is actually two different locations programmed in the game.
  • Out of all the geisha statues seen within the Lady's Quarters, there are only eight statues of young girls wearing dresses, and all eight statues have their heads missing.
    • Out of all the geisha statues seen within the Lady's quarters, only one life-sized geisha statue has its head missing as well.
  • A peculiar source of light can be seen shining above the small mirror Six finds. The light can also be seen moving around, shinning over Six throughout her battle against the Lady. The mirror can not repel the Lady without being under this light first. It's unknown where this light is coming from, but it's suspected to be unnatural as there are no lamps or ceiling lights seen anywhere within the room.
    • Despite the Lady's attempt to attack Six, the light remains even as she faces the effects of the mirror, leaving suspicion that the Lady had no control over the light shinning above Six.
  • Of all the portraits observed throughout the Maw, only one portrait depicts the Lady standing next to a child. Although this child's identity remains unknown, they are believed to be someone the Lady was willing to be seen with in the same portrait.
    • The child can additionally be seen in two separate self portraits within the Lady's bedroom, one hanging on the wall, while the other remained hidden behind another draped portrait on the floor. The portrait on the floor depicts the child wearing a yellow coat with her eyes painted over, leaving suspicion that the child was not only valued, but resented in someway by the Lady of the Maw.



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