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The Lunch Lady is a minor character in Little Nightmares II. Her body can be found in the kitchen's freezer at the School.


The Lunch Lady wears a pale blue dress with a white apron tied onto the dress in a bowtie style and brown shoes. The Lunch Lady has an obese body and stubby fingers similar to the Twin Chefs.

Little Nightmares II

Before entering the cafeteria part of the school, Mono has to pull away from a door so that he can climb up it. If he chooses to enter through this formerly blocked door, he will find the Lunch Lady lying dead in a pile of food.


  • It is likely that the Lunch Lady was killed by a child. This is implied via a Glitching Remain found curled up shivering in the room where she died. This is further backed up by a tweet released by the official Twitter featuring her and the Glitching Remain. It wrote: "Ah, so that's why she never came back from her break."[1]
    • Some bed ropes that are seen scattered around the School also heavily back this up.
    • While less likely, it is also possible that she was killed by the Bullies or even the Teacher.


  • The Lunch Lady's name in the game files is labeled as "SM_FoodLady".
  • The Lunch Lady was referred to in the 2021 Little Nightmares April Fools prank.[2]


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