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The Mail Recipient[1] is a minor character that appears briefly under certain circumstances in Little Nightmares II.


They have pale humanoid hands and dirty sleeves. The fingers appear to be skinny and long, resembling the Janitor's. They have a pair of legs that aren't visible in the main game. One is bending down, while the other is broken and laying on it's side.

Little Nightmares II

If Mono puts on the postman hat, takes a package out from a briefcase, and takes it to the mail slot to the left, the Mail Recipient will use one hand to open the slot and the other to receive the package. They then leave with the package.


  • Discovering this character will earn the player the "Post Industrial" achievement.
  • Unlike most citizens of the Pale City, they do not seem to have an obsession with televisions.
  • While an entire model wasn't created for this character, legs were rendered for them outside of the map.




  1. An official source that states the name hasn't been found yet, or the citation was invalid.
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