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The Nest is so dangerous, it barely has to try to exterminate a wandering child. But when it DOES try, that’s when the real fun begins.
— Twitter description.

The Nest is the main location in Very Little Nightmares where all the gameplay takes place.


It is a tall and narrow mansion located atop a rocky cliff springing out of the ocean. Next to it is a large garden filled with statues and potted plants. The whole yard is surrounded by a gated fence, which itself is surrounded by an electric fence. Given these defenses, the easiest way to infiltrate the mansion is by air. Beyond the fences is a deep trench lit by haphazardly placed street lamps and a shed connected by a rope bridge.
The mansion is in a clear state of decay or disrepair, as many of its walls have holes in them and some of the floors are missing. The game begins in the mansion's attic where pigeons are nesting. Deep within the mansion is a large dump where objects as large as pieces of airplanes have been thrown away. The mansion has its own source of electricity as evidence by the number of appliances plugged in outlets throughout the floors.


Level 1

When the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat wakes up, grab the handle of the gas burner to burn the ropes of the balloon. After that, lead the heroine into the next room, but do not go on the broken boards, otherwise they will break and the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat will die. At the end of the attic, a metal tank will fall in front of you, so run back and then left to continue the game. Next, you have to climb up the pieces of wood, and then tear off the boards that hide the passage in the wall.

Get down the cells. Then you have to run along to a different path. Close the cell grid and go down it. Go right and you will notice a thin board. Push it, and then run to the wide board and follow it to the end. Push the thin board again, then go down to the bottom and carefully walk along to the ventilation hatch.

Level 2

Go down the cells, and then go to the button on the wall to open the door. Open the cabinet door and climb up to throw the can with the key on the floor. The Craftsman will prevent you from picking it up right away, so try to be quieter.

Take the key and go back to the room with the cages so that the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat opens the cage with a child. Run after them to the door - they will help you open it.

In the next room, press the lever so that the trolley goes forward, and then press again, but run forward along the rails, on the side of which there will be a wooden ledge. Stand on it so that the trolley does not crush her. After that, run forward. Press the lever and quickly climb up the cage. Now, with the help of the trolley, you can reach the air vent and complete Level 2.

Level 3

Avoiding the Eyes, you must run to the cells stacked in the tower and climb up them. Click on the switch to turn on the power, and then run to the freight elevator on the right. Stand on the button and stand until the elevator stops. On it you will notice a crowbar with which you can dump a box standing on the edge directly above one of the eyes. You can hide behind it and go to the last eye. You will have to step on the button in the floor several times to lower the elevator down, without having to be exposed to the light of the eye. When it goes down, run to the upper tier again and go down the cages in the elevator to the open door.

In the next room you will notice the Craftsman, but he will not harm you. Climb the boxes to the shelf, run along it to the end and go down, where the protagonist will be able to get into the next room.

Level 4

In a room with a pit full of salt, you will notice a pulley that a Nome will prevent you from taking. In order to pick it up, you must lure the Nome to the low end of the floor, and then take away the pulley from it. Use it to open the door and go into the next room.

Turn the valve so that the side of the huge barrel with the hole closed is at the bottom. Then climb the ramp and open this hole. Turn the handle again so that the hole is at the top of the barrel.

Go up the shelf on the left side to the shelf and push the barrel down. After that, go down to where it fell, and push it to the right. It should be stuck in the hole you opened. Go down and turn the valve so that the barrel falls to the floor. Push it on the button in the floor to open the door. Go to the next room.

In a room full of bathtubs, you will notice the Craftsman. He will notice you, so lure him to the glands, and then crawl under them so that the Craftsman wheelchair is stuck. This will stop him for a while, so run as hard as you can to the bookshelves and go upstairs. Through the hole in the wall you will be taken to the workshop, but the Craftsman will prevent you from going downstairs. You will have to dodge his hands for some time, after which he will leave, and you will be able to go further.

Level 5

In the workshop there will be a lot of cracked tiles in the floor, which will fall under the floor at any pressure, so try to go on the whole tiles, and then climb up the cabinet shelves in the corner up, where there will be a ventilation hole.

In the second workshop, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat must climb onto the table, and then pull out the right drawer of the writing cabinet to climb the narrow shelf through the narrow cabinet. At its edge there will be a cell with a locked Nome, so in order to save it, you need to push it down. Nome gets stuck in a crack in the floor, but the Raincoat Girl can easily get him out of there.

Then go up the drawers on the left and pull out the board, which prevents you from opening the door of the white cabinet. Go down and open the cupboard to free the second Nome.

Both rescued Nomes will stand on cracked tiles. Stand next to them to fall under the floor. Go to the first workshop and climb through a hole in the floor in the corner onto a long shelf. Run along it until the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat reaches the ventilation hatch. Through it you will be taken to a room adjacent to the elevator, where the Girl will fall into the box, which the Craftsman will immediately send to the lower floor.

Level 6

Get out of the box and exit the elevator. Move the chair to the table and get to the button that opens the door. In the next room, push the cart with the boxes and quickly step aside so that they do not crush the Girl. Then climb the shelf on them and walk along it to the right. In one of the rooms you will notice a new enemy - the Butler, but he will not notice you. Finally, you will find yourself in his apartment.

Level 7

Remove suitcase from under the bed so you can climb onto the bed. Take a can and throw it in the trash. Climb onto the table and turn on the light in the room. Take the shelf to the cabinet and push the drawer. A lamp will fall along with it, so the water on the floor will be saturated with electricity. Turn off the water and run to the switch to turn off the light. Water will no longer be dangerous, so go to the shower and open the hatch.

You will notice a Nome who is holding the shoe you need, but to pick it up, you need to catch up with Nome without getting under the stream of hot steam. Take your boot and run back to the apartment. Throw it at the button to open the door, but do not leave it, as you still need it. Run into the last room and throw the boot at the button.

Go up the boxes and push the board so that the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat makes herself a "bridge". Climb on it to other boxes and grab the handle suspended on a rope and quickly run to the warehouse through the opened door.

Level 8

Remove the match from the box and light it. Quickly run to the nearest flashlight and light it. Take the second match, light it with the fire in the lantern and run to the next. So you will be able to illuminate most of the warehouse. Climb the crates, and then up the stairs to the top of the metal cabinet. Go down the stairs to the right and run to the lever. Having clicked on it, the necessary ladder will approach you. Climb up on it and go down with the other to the lever. After clicking, another staircase will move to another place. Go down it to the first lever and click on it again so that the ladder rode up to the exit.

Level 9

There will be a hole in the floor in front of you that you cannot get around, so climb onto the pipe that is located under the ceiling. When you get to the end, slide down the diagonal pipe to the floor.

In the room on the left, the light is not turned on, so you can not do anything in it, however, you can notice a circuit outside the door with which you can turn on the electricity. To do this, run to another room, where a wall switch with a short circuit is located on the wall, and levers with wires are built into the cabinet. The diagram from the last room indicates that the electricity will turn on after activating the two devices in the middle, but since the wires are tangled, you must determine which levers you need to turn on. Press the second and fourth lever, and then push the switch. Then run to the first room, where in the sink you will notice a sleeping Nome. Close the door to the room and pour water over the tap. Since Nome will have nowhere to run, the Girl can easily pick him up. Take it to the corridor and throw it to the garbage chute so that Nome grabs the handle, opening you the way to the landfill.

Level 10

Having dropped out of the pipes, you will be taken to a landfill, landing on a garbage bin. Here you have to avoid the Dump Monster all the way, which will chase you when the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat is in the trash. Climb the boxes to the lever with which you can turn the propeller of a broken plane. Turn it so that its broken blade is next to the box on the left. Then run to the crane and lower the hook. Run back, climb onto the blade and hook the hook to the drawer. Lift the crate with a crane and turn the lever so that the whole blade is under the crate. Lower the box onto it, and then turn the blade to the pile of boxes. Now you can climb them. Run along the board and jump into the trash where the Dump Monster will be waiting for you. If you climb onto an upturned trolley, it will move around it until the Girl jumps into the trash. You will be saved when you climb onto the platform with trash bins. So that you can climb the grate from the right up, you need to push one of the garbage cans through the passage down, making yourself a step. When the Girl climbs the trellises, try to avoid debris falling on her.

Level 11

First of all, go to the gap behind the stairs, where there will be a secret room. Remove the board on the left so that you can see the diagram of the code that opens the door from the outside. When you approach it, on three tiles you will notice crosses that need to be stepped in a certain order. First, step on the middle tile, then on the left, then on the right two times, and again on the left, after which the door will open.

Climb onto the drawers and take the bent hanger. Run back to the gap, but do not go into it, but go to the boxes near it. Pick up the top, after which it will fall, and a fuse will roll out of it. Pick it up and take it to the room with hangers. Replace the blown fuse in the machine and replace it with a whole one to make the conveyor work. Press the foot button that activates the linen conveyor until a red scarf appears near the trellis window. Climb up to him and unhook one of his corners. Turn on the conveyor again so that the scarf is between the machine and the pile of boxes. Climb onto them and, using a scarf as a bungee, jump onto the car and push the box on the button so that the conveyor runs continuously. Grasp the scarf again until the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat is next to the ventilation hatch above the dresser.

Level 12

You will find yourself in the ironing room, where the Butler will iron the clothes, so try to be as quiet as possible, otherwise he will notice and kill you. You may notice the key, but you won’t be able to pick it up right away. To get started, climb onto the ironing board, put the iron on the shirt and turn it on. After that, quickly run to the next room without getting caught by Butler. Go through the first laundry room to the second one and climb up the shelves of the cabinet to the ventilation hatch, from where you will get into the last room by jumping onto the washing machines. Turn off one of them and hide in the laundry cart on the right. When the Butler is near the machine, quickly run to the ironing room and take the key.

In the second laundry room you have to hide in the washing machines from Butler. You can use all open, except the third, because in it he will notice you. Then run to the last room and unlock the door.

Level 13

Run past the folded boxes to the next room, where you will notice pipes with holes from which hot steam comes out. To move further safely, turn the first valve twice and the second one time to block the flow of steam. Run into the next room and climb to the ventilation hatch, which will lead you to the previous room, but already to the car in the corner, on which stands the cart with detergents. Push it down and cover it with the first hole in the pipe. Turn the second valve, and then three times the first and run into the last room, from where you climbed into the ventilation hatch. This time you will notice that steam is now flying out of the bent pipe. On the shelf above is a screwdriver, with which you can remove the shield on the right, but it will only be knocked down when a stream of steam is directed at it. Using the valve, open the necessary passages to the pipes above the shelf twice, and then pull the bent pipe by the cord so that the steam knocks the screwdriver to the floor. Use it to remove the shield, behind which there will be a switch that opens the hatch in the floor. Before pressing it, turn the valve so that steam can enter the pipe near the door. When you open the hatch, the Butler will enter the room, but if you scald him with steam, he will turn away for a while, giving you some time to escape.

Level 14

When the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat lands on the spider cocoons, go through the crack in the wall to the game room. To turn on the light in it, click on the switch above the table. After that, run to the toy railway and turn on the train. When he pulls up to the chest of drawers, unplug it and climb up the hill. Push the drawer onto the floor, and then stand on it to remove the grille from the door.

In the Pretender's bedroom there is a huge bed, above the head of which there is a gap in the wall. To get to it, you need to break the bed, for which you need to collect several Nomes.

The first two Nomes can be found in the game even at its first visit. The first will be inside the slide, from where it can be pulled out if the Girl rolls down from it. The second Nome will be sitting in the toy box in the corner.

The third Nome will be in a vase placed on a chest of drawers near the bed to be smashed. The fourth Nome can be seen at the top of the cabinet, so to get it, you need to open the first toilet in the shared toilet, from which a red ball will fly out and get stuck under the ceiling. Together with him in the fourth toilet you can find the fifth Nome. Climb the pipes in the bedroom closet and pick up the ball, then give it to Nome so that he can safely go down from the closet.

Climb onto the pipes again and turn off the water. After that, run into the Pretender’s bathroom and throw the shower head into the bath. Turn on the water again and run back, where the sixth Nome will swim in the bath. He immediately jumps onto the Girl’s head and runs into the bedroom.

In the same bathroom you will notice five paintings on top and one below. You have to turn all the unturned paintings upside down, after which you can push the picture down and release the seventh Nome.

In the bedroom you will see that all the Nomes you have collected are jumping on the bed. Approach it, after which it will break, and you can walk along it to a crack in the wall. In the hidden room, grab the brick wall and climb up. So you get to the vent.

Level 15

Slowly and carefully, go along the board above Butler to the ventilation hatch. Once in the dining room, climb onto the table and run along it to the very end. Climb onto the cabinet, and then onto the shelf, and run to the right. There, the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat should clutch at the chandeliers and swing on them until you jump to the ventilation.

Turn off the televisions by pulling the plug from the outlet on the right, and then sit on an empty chair and pretend to be a doll so that the Butler does not notice you. Run through the opened door to the right, where the cart with food will stand. Push it so that the Girl can stand on the board in the floor and fall safely under the floor.

Level 16

First of all, you will go under the tea room, where the Pretender will sit until the Girl gets into the lounge. Almost in the very corner of the hall there will be a passage through which you can get to its surface. Climb onto the piano and double-click on its keys until a staircase opens in the wall. Climb it and go to the platform on the left. In order to be near the door to the right, you must click on the platform buttons until it is in the right place.

Level 17

Go down the stairs, and then get ready to run through the exit from the Nest, as the Butler will immediately chase after you. He will throw various objects at you, so try to be careful. First run along the edge of the road, avoiding stone hands. Then dodge the stone columns that fall in your direction. After that, run forward until the toilet falls on the road, so run to the wooden stairs and climb through it through the flowers. On the way, you will notice a girl in white, with whom you must simultaneously push the fence. Then run after it to the fence along which current is started. A girl in white should hook you to the switch, by clicking on which, you turn off the power. Run to the bridge quickly, but try to be careful not to fall. In the end, the Girl will be near a deep trench through which she will cross over the old rope bridge. In the middle, it will tear, but you will be able to get upstairs. Finally, the Girl runs into the barn, protecting herself. After a short cut scene, go down the stairs.

Level 18

Go forward through the cave. The heroine will be on the edge of the Nest, where the Pretender will notice her. Run quickly to the edge of the cliffs and get down. Almost at the very bottom, you have to hit the tree three times to make it fall, and the girl in white, who needs help, managed to safely go down. Keep running forward until you are on the edge of the road. After that, see the ending.



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