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Aren't you tired of running? Aren't you tired of hiding?
— The North Wind taunting the Refugee boy.

The North Wind is a major antagonist in Little Nightmares (comic series). It hunts down children and uses the corpses for its collection.


This character's physical appearance, for most of the comic, was disguised with a red wind/mist. When it was briefly seen, it appeared to be a humanoid with a pointed head.


Like most creature in the Little Nightmares universe, the North Wind has a particular hatred for children. It is said to go from town to town, destroying anything that gets in its way of slaughtering them. When it comes to its victims, it is very sadistic and cruel. It follows them nonstop, and when it can't catch them, it will manipulate them to the best of his ability. It did so in the first comic by presenting the boy his dead sister's corpse.

As seen in the first issue, the North Wind likes to play games and make deals. It made an unspecified with the Ferryman, who disguised himself as the boy's sister after his real sister had died.

Powers and Abilities

  • Wind Manipulation: The North Wind, who's true form is never seen, has the ability to control aspects of wind. This allows it to manifest a red mist around itself, and to blow harsh winds which supposedly destroyed the many towns of its victims. This wind is so strong, that whatever touches it perishes. This is demonstrated by the many birds turned to skeletons that flew through the wind.
  • Lightning Manipulation: The North Wind was seen to have the ability to control lightning. When presenting the boy his sister's corpse, a lightning bolt was seen behind her.
  • Flight: The North Wind has the ability to fly really high in the sky, as seen many times throughout its chase with the two young children.


The North Wind seems to have a "deal-keeping" weakness, as presented during its defeat. It mentions that it had a deal with someone prior to this, and based on the Ferryman's actions, it was him that it made the deal with. Despite the North Wind's powers, it was still scared away when the Ferryman revealed himself and took the boy.

The North Wind may have the inability to enter structures. When the boy and his sister hid in a barn, the North Wind was unable to pursue them, and had to vocally manipulate the boy into coming out. This might play into the deal that he hinted at during his manipulations.

Little Nightmares

Children of a specific village had to wear a charm in order to protect themselves from this entity. One winter, they didn't, and so the North Wind destroyed their village and presumably killed everyone but a young child and his sister.

In the comic, the North Wind was hunting down both of the children, causing destruction to everything that stood in their way of capturing them. They found and hid inside of a barn, but the North Wind found them. It began taunting the Refugee Boy by mocking his courage, trying to manipulate him into coming outside. All the while, it surrounded the barn, killing birds that flew into its path. It refused to let the boy go, and hinted that it had a deal with an "adversary", who was a "bit of a cheat". Eventually, it convinced the boy to take a peek outside. Once the boy looked, it showed the skeleton of his sister, proving that she was already dead for a long time, and the Ferryman was next to the Refugee Boy all this time. The Ferryman rescued the boy, taking him to the Maw, and left the North Wind in rage.

The North Wind is later seen at the very end of the comic, alongside the Ferryman, with a mysterious character.


  • According to the Refugee Boy, special charms were given to everyone in his village at birth in order to protect themselves against the North Wind. It's unknown why the charms no longer protected the people and the children on one specific winter, but it's speculated that the North Wind had targeted the Refugee Boy and tricked him into doing something which would leave the charms powerless to stop them. This is supported by the Refugee Boy revealing to Six how he still carried his charm around even when his village was destroyed and the North Wind pursued him, but because the charm's were no longer effective, the North Wind never stopped pursuing him.
    • It's unknown how the charms were able to protect the villagers against the North Wind, but it's speculated they were powerful enough to keep a strong entity like the North Wind away long enough to only attack the village once. However, this one time attack resulted in the village's demise.
    • Although the Refugee Boy's village already knew the North Wind was a threat, it's also speculated the villagers themselves had become too fearful of the North Wind and never attempted to find a way to defeat them. Although the charms provided protection, neither he or the narrator are ever seen mentioning if the villagers had attempted to defend themselves against the North Wind, leaving the suspicion that the villagers chose to risk their lives on the charms provided to them, rather than run the risk of finding a solution to end the North Wind's rain of terror against them.


  • The North Wind is based on stories where it was portrayed as an entity.



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