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This is the article for the main location of Little Nightmares II
You could be looking for the level of the same name.

The Pale City is the main location in Little Nightmares II.


The Pale City is a dismal, gloomy coastal city consisting of countless looming buildings that bend and sag down like dying plants, the only exception being the Signal Tower at its center. At first glance it seems the entire city has been deserted for a long time: garbage litters the streets, doors and windows are boarded up or broken, many buildings and apartments appear abandoned and suffering long-unchecked damage from leaks and rot, and clotheslines are left to be drenched in the pouring rain. Many streets and entire city blocks are separated by giant fissures in the ground impassible by Mono or Six. Electricity seems to still exist, though many places seem to be without power due to downed telephone poles or damaged wiring. Different parts of the Pale City are seen to have suffered various levels of decay and damage.

The most noticeable oddity in The Pale City are the number of television sets: televisions are found almost everywhere; in apartments, lying on beaches, scattered about the streets, piled in stacks, and so on. Found more so than television sets are discarded clothes, found draped over chairs, on floors, hanging out of windows, or even drifting down from up above. Many are laid out in full sets of clothing in poses that suggest that whoever was wearing them vanished somehow, leaving their clothes behind.



  • It's speculated that the Pale City was once inhabited by a number of children as there appears to be a school for kids to attend, a play room in the Hospital, a toy store and various toys scattered throughout the city. However, based on what appears to be a missing child's poster, it's suspected that many children had gone missing, but it remains unknown as to what could have happened to these kids if there were any.


  • Unlike previous locations the players explored in their respective games, players are able to explore multiple separate environments in this location.



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