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The Pretender is the third/final inhabitant of the Nest and served as the main antagonist of Very Little Nightmares. She is encountered in Levels 16 to 18.

Twitter Description

This pint-sized lady of the Nest loves her playthings. And anything that’s not her toy doesn’t last long in her nursery.


The Pretender appears to be a young child no taller than the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat. She has extremely pale skin, shoulder-length silver hair that curls at the end, thick bangs that cover her eyes and a short ponytail held by a grey band. She wears a dull green Victorian era dress with darker green sleeves and a large, white apron with dark green shoes. Her pale skin is contrasted by the red lipstick smeared over her mouth and pink blush on her cheeks.

Very Little Nightmares

The Pretender seems to be the only living inhabitant (besides the Nomes) in the living quarters. Despite there being dozens of frames of other children and even the (implied) parents of the girl hung all around the place. In order to make up for her loneliness, she has the dolls made of the children set up around tea parties and banquets in order to give herself the illusion of company. She's so serious about it in fact, that when the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat tips a doll off the table in order to reach the other side of the room, the girl drags her doll into the main hall and yells at it as if it was a living person.

She's later seen outside crying on a bench with the doll ripped apart, until she discovers that the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat is behind her and proceeds to scream at her. She then begins to partake in a long chase down a ledge after the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat. It all leads to the finale, where the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat is cornered by the Pretender until Six crushes her with a boulder. She recovers shortly after and leaps forward, tackling the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat off the edge of the isle and they both fall down into the waters below.


Unlike other enemies, the Pretender runs at the same pace as the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat, so she never catches up with her, unless the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat stops. In the event that she catches up with the protagonist, she will then destroy her with one touch.

Powers and Abilities

  • Stunning shriek: It is evident that the Pretender's voice is abnormally loud and even sounds unnatural, as heard when she is scolding a child. This is even more noticeable when she notices the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat, temporarily stunning her with her scream and causing everything around her to glitch.
  • Dissipate touch: The Pretender has the ability to instantly erase any living child upon touching them with her hands. In the final chase scene, she demonstrates this by making the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat vanish instantly, should she make contact with her, leaving only the raincoat behind.
  • Rock climbing: The Pretender shows great skill at escalating steep surfaces as she can crawl down the cliff face first in pursuit of the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat.
  • Durability: She is quite resistant to damage as she survives the impact of a boulder knocked directly onto her head.


  • The name Pretender may be a reference to a child's tendency to "play pretend", or imagine fictitious scenarios. This is supported by the fact that the Pretender can frequently be seen conversing with dolls and staging them in different locations around the Nest as if they were real people, such as having them watch TV or sit around a table for a tea party.
    • The name may also be a reference to the aristocratic definition of pretender, which is "a person who claims or aspires to a title or position". The Pretender seems to be the first well-off child of this world, unlike the children of the Maw, and appears to command the inhabitants of the Nest to do her personal bidding. Despite this, a portrait in the main halls shows her with what may be her parents, indicating she may not actually be in charge of the Nest despite her behavior.
  • The Pretender is one of the few characters in the Little Nightmares games that speaks, despite not actually speaking a discernible language. She can be heard angrily scolding one of her dolls in an indecipherable autotuned voice. This dialect surpasses Mono and Six's speaking roles in Little Nightmares II.
  • The Pretender is one of the few antagonists in the franchise who takes the appearance of a child, along with Shadow Kids and Bullies.



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