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The Principal[1] is a cut character from Little Nightmares II. He is the supposed head of the School.


He appears to be a giant humanoid, like most other characters in the series. He has extremely pale skin, no hair, and has three black extensions coming out of his eyes and forehead. It is unknown if these are wires or a gas of some sort.

He is wearing a grayish-tan business suit with a pair of pants to match, an undershirt, and a tie. He appears to have his belly hanging out of his suit.

Little Nightmares II

The Principal makes an appearance as an Easter egg in a picture of him sitting on a red couch in a room that was presumably said to be his office.


  • This character's full concept art was revealed by the Latino American Bandi Namco Instagram page in a now-deleted post.
  • A character resembling him appeared in a concept art with a broken porcelain head, sitting in the teacher's seat of a classroom full of Bullies. This concept is similar to the first direct encounter with the Teacher.
  • The official Twitter described how he is currently "Stuffed away in his office, like always".[2] This may imply that he's currently dead.
  • His portrait's name in the game files is "SchoolManSofa".
  • The extensions coming out of the Principal's head appear very similar to that of one of the Teacher's concepts.




  1. An official source that states the name hasn't been found yet, or the citation was invalid.
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