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The Runaway Kid, usually referred to as the Kid, is the main protagonist of the Little Nightmares DLC, Secrets of the Maw where he ventures through the lower depths of the Maw and explores parts that have not been seen in the main game as well as avoiding monsters.


The Runaway Kid was around the size of Six, with a similar lean build, both being scrawny and thin. He wears a blue garment, with a collar around his neck and long slate blue pants. He also has a metal cuff with a broken chain wrapped around his right ankle. He has short charcoal brown hair with long bangs that completely cover his eyes, only revealing a tiny mouth and nose. His feet and hands are bare, like most children. He possessed no objects until finding a flashlight, which he used repeatedly throughout his adventure. It is presumed that he puts it in his pocket when not in use.


Like other characters in the Little Nightmares series, the Runaway Kid does not speak, but his personality is shown through his actions. Similar to Six, he has a strong desire to escape the Maw. The Kid is a proficient puzzle solver, repeatedly shown to crack codes and solve puzzles with perseverance. He is also not afraid of harming others as an act of self-defense, shown by him electrocuting the Granny with a TV, and later, he battles with the Shadow Kids, burning them with his flashlight. However, unlike Six, he is more than willing to work with others in order to escape. This is shown when he recruited several Nomes to fuel a furnace in order to get out of the Hideaway.


Like Six, the Runaway Kid is a proficient climber and can run for substantial periods of time; the Runaway Kid can also swim well, as demonstrated in The Depths chapter DLC. Unlike Six, whose lighter illuminates only those places where the heroine goes, the Runaway Kid can direct the light anywhere. In The Residence chapter with the help of a flashlight, the hero receives protection from the Shadow Kids by burning several of them.

Secrets of the Maw

The Depths

The Runaway Kid awakens in one of the rooms from a premonition. He is seen in the misty depths of the maw, swimming through the water stream. He is then dragged into the deep waters by The Granny.

He then wakes up in a gasp and attempts his escape. He manages to spot a girl with a flashlight as she runs away. The Runaway Kid gets past an Eye and continues to follow the girl. After running down the halls, he finds the girl pushing a rope down the prison window. He follows her as he climbs down the rope that Six uses later to get into the prison.

He sees an open hatch in the ground and drops down it. Soon after, he finds himself in the lower depths of the Maw. He explores for a bit, before climbing and going into a barricade of wood. With one of the pieces broken off, he climbs through it. The Runaway Kid finds the girl's flashlight, left on the ground.

Suddenly, the girl mysteriously disappears (Most likely was either killed by leeches or by the Granny). Soon, the Runaway Kid is in the flooded depths of the Maw and makes his way further below while avoiding the Granny who begins to stalk him underwater. Eventually, the Granny begins attacking the obstacles the Runaway Kid has been on. The Runaway Kid is forced to flee and make a path out of the depths using his surrounding area to his advantage. At the same time, the Runaway Kid has to solve timed events in order to ascend. Once he finishes solving. He encounters the Granny, who begins to tear apart the wooden platform. He brings power to a television set, and pushes it into the water, which electrocutes the Granny. The Runaway Kid then climbs a ladder, which leads to the Lair, but is captured by the Janitor. He finds himself stuck in the cage room. He is now in the same room as Six. It is revealed he was the first child seen by Six to be dragged out of the room.

The Hideaway

After escaping the meat bag he had been wrapped in by the Janitor to be cooked, he falls down a great distance, smacking his head on a pipe and breaking through a plank before he lands on coal. He encounters a few Nomes and follows them.

He soon enters the engine area where he learns to work with the Nomes in order to escape. He helps and recruits Nomes that work on the furnace and assist him in escaping. He manages to get help from the Nomes who get the furnace running.

This allows the coal baskets to begin moving and the Kid uses it as an elevator. He soon finds the furnace room, which numerous Nomes use as a hideout. When the Runaway Kid shines his flashlight on them, the Nomes have shadows of children, revealing that they are just kids. The Runaway Kid jumps on top of an elevator which leads to the Lady's Quarters. As the elevator begins ascend, it's revealed that the Lady is there. With a slow nod, the Lady pans up to look on the ceiling of the elevator, signifying she seemingly knows that the Kid is there.

The Residence

The Runaway Kid wakes up on top of the elevator after being knocked out by the Lady in the previous chapter. He climbs on the side, and swings on the elevator rope which boosts him towards a vent. He eventually falls out into the Residence.

The Runaway Kid then sneaks past the Lady and into the main area. The Kid is tasked with dangerous puzzles to reach the next room. He will have to grab 3 statues in order to be able to get towards the next area.

When 2 of the statues are put in place, the lights turn out and the Kid encounters Shadow Kids, who were summoned by the Lady. They relentlessly attack the Kid throughout the Residence. They stalk and try to kill the Runaway Kid, but he's able to use his flashlight to burn them. The Kid returns to the room where the Lady was previously and retrieves a key. He accesses a secret room, and soon finds the last statue and opens the door. The Runaway Kid makes his way through the Lady's quarters, until he accidentally sees the Lady's true face. She notices him in the reflection and screams, she vanishes and destroys the mirror behind her.

The Runaway Kid has no choice but to run. He enters a maze of wooden mannequins and as the Lady stalks him. He runs down a steep hallway, then he enters one of the rooms until he hears a previously locked door creak open. The Runaway Kid enters this now-unlocked room and is near the exit, but is caught by the Lady. Now within the grasp of the Lady, he levitated into the air while black smoke envelops him and then he blacks out.

The Runaway Kid then wakes up as a Nome, revealing that the Nomes are used to be children that were transformed. He goes down a shaft where he makes his way past the Guest Area. He makes his way into a little room and looks curiously at a sausage on the ground. He stands next to the sausage revealing that he was the Nome who offered Six the sausage and subsequently getting eaten by her instead.

Little Nightmares

Although only appearing as a withered child, the Runaway Kid still does appear in the cage room, being dragged away by the Janitor into another room before Six wakes up. This can be considered as their first encounter. The Runaway Kid later appears in the Guest Area as a Nome, offering Six a sausage before being eaten alive by her.

Powers and Abilities

  • Swimming: The Runaway Kid is able to swim quickly and proficiently, as seen when he traverses through the flooded premises of the Depths.


  • The official Little Nightmares Twitter confirms that the Runaway Kid was not the one who gave Six the bread.[1] Quote: "The Kids is already in the Depths when this Six is fed by the little guy behind the bars."
  • The Runaway Kid is the first playable male character.
  • The Runaway Kid has the same character model as Six.
  • Most of the early concept art for Little Nightmares II features a kid wearing blue clothing, it could possibly mean: the Runaway Kid was initially the main character of Little Nightmares II, Mono's beta design, or the Runaway Kid was a placeholder character before Mono was created and designed.



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