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The Shoe Monster is a minor antagonist encountered briefly in The Lair chapter in Little Nightmares. While its physical appearance is unknown, it gives away its presence by tossing various shoes as it moves forward.

Little Nightmares

Having escaped from the Janitor in the Lair through the ventilation, Six finds herself in the home of the Shoe Monster, filled with a huge pile of shoes. To get to the exit, Six must go through the shoe pile while avoiding getting caught by the unseen Monster.

Secrets of the Maw

In the Hideaway, the Runaway Kid can find an Easter egg to the Shoe Monster. In the coal room, where the Nomes carry coal on mines, if you go up the ladder and to the left through a door, you can find an eye-camera through which the Runaway Kid can see Six moving through the shoe pile.


The Shoe Monster will begin pursuing Six moments after she dives hip deep into the pile of shoes found in the Lair. It moves in a straight line heading for her current position and will follow her every movement. Six cannot run through the pile of shoes, and if the monster manages to catch up to her, it will pull her underneath, presumably devouring her.

To avoid this fate, Six must make her way from one briefcase to another. By climbing atop one of them, Six will now be out of the Shoe Monster's reach. The monster in turn will collide with the briefcase and cease its activity. Six can use this opportunity to locate the next closet briefcase. She must take a running jump to gain enough distance from the Shoe Monster who will resume its pursuit momentarily. Once Six reaches the last briefcase which leads to a door, she will be safe from the Shoe Monster who will not leave the pile.


  • The Shoe Monster's name was confirmed in the game files from The Residence DLC.
  • The Shoe Monster, in many ways, is similar to the Dump Monster. Both of them travel underneath piles, remain unseen, unheard by their prey, and only appear in a section of the game. The only indicator of either of their existences is the objects that they throw up into the air and the dust that will kick up. They will only start moving once they detect a disturbance in their piles.
    • This strategy is also used by the Granny, but she is able to be seen at many points throughout the Depths.
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