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The Transmission (also known as the black tower or the Signal Tower) is the fifth and final area in Little Nightmares II. It takes place entirely inside the tower.

Twitter Description

The black tower calls. And it will never stop unless you stop it. Are you ready to go back?


It appears as a dark skyscraper with a mauve beacon at its top located at the center of the Pale City. The situation inside the tower is supernatural, as props and objects are seen floating around. There are several doors leading to others that are in the same area as another. Metal staircases are also seen stretching out from floors to floors in the tower. However, behind the concrete are hidden fleshy blobs that will spread out once broken.


Mono needs to find Six in the Transmission and escape with her.

Later, Mono will be in a similar bendy corridor. Move forward into the door at the end of the hallway and Mono will arrive on the first floor of the tower. Move to the open door in front. But before Mono can reach the door, the door will close. However, a door on the other side will open. Enter through the door and walk up the staircases. Then enter the door at the end to proceed to the second floor.

One of the doorway puzzles encountered in the Transmission.

Mono will arrive in a corridor with two doors. This time, audio and sounds are important to pass this obstacle. Follow the door which causes the loudest music sound. The player here is required to do a specific pattern. After succeeding, go to the door in the middle of the horizontal corridor. Enter the door later and climb up the staircases to reach the third floor.

This time, the corridor has 4 doors. Before completing the pattern, the player has to push a door to reveal an opening. Then do a pattern again and after completing it, head up through the staircases to the fourth floor. Later inside a corridor, there will be a total of 7 doors with a big bottomless hole in the middle. Push down a board and afterward, complete the pattern. Go through the staircases again and head to the fifth floor. Enter the door at the far left to progress.

The room where Monster Six lives.

Mono will enter a room full of toys. He will also see that Six has turned into a monster. Her music box will be in the center of the room, but Six will be protective of it. Press the button to call Six multiple times. Later, a mallet will be revealed in a suitcase Six sat on. Grab the mallet and hit the music box with it. After a cutscene, Mono will arrive back at the same room, but the walls start to tear down. Run to the right and Six will start chasing you. Keep running and then move forward and enter a door. Keep running again and jump onto a vent. Enter through and hide under a table as Six will search the area. After Six pushes down a door, enter the door into a hallway. Grab an axe and start breaking the door.

Mono will arrive in a room with Six in the middle. Grab the axe and start to call Six. This will enrage her, so enter the door to another on the other side. While Six is away from her music box, hit it with the axe. Mono will wake up in an endless stretch of darkness. Keep moving until Mono will see a door. Grab the axe and start breaking down the door.

An endless stretch of darkness.

The next fight will have more doors and be tougher. Grab the axe and keep moving to the right. Call Six and enter through the door. As she enrages, go up to the floor with the music box. Then call Six on the left side and enter through the door to go the right side. Quickly run to the music box and hit it while Six is going berserk. Mono will once again arrive in an endless stretch of darkness. Walk around until you see a door. Grab the axe and start breaking the door.

This time, the axe will be on the other side. Call Six and enter through the door to go to the right side. Quickly take the axe and go down before Six can kill you. Later, go to the right door in the back and call Six. While Six starts to smash around, run to the music box, and hit it Afterward, Mono will have to destroy the music box for one last time. Grab the axe and call Six. She will leave the music box vulnerable, so hit it. Afterward, hit it one more time to turn Six back to normal. After getting up, the Flesh Walls will start to chase the pair. Run to the right through an opening.

A hill made of Flesh Walls.

Keep running to the right and jump through obstacles and holes, while avoiding the Flesh Walls that will fall from anywhere in the wall. At the end of the section, enter through an opening. Keep running to the right and afterward jump onto Six for an "assistance". After Six dropped Mono, he will wake up on a land of flesh. Keep running to the right until you see a hill of fleshes with a chair on top of it. Interact with the chair to trigger a cutscene and later finish the chapter.


  • It's possible that the Transmission is brainwashing the Viewers, who are inhabitants of the Pale City, by broadcasting programs on the televisions scattered across the game. Evidence of this is the large, flashing beacon at the top of the tower, which could be sending out a signal (hence the name Signal Tower) that is changing the TVs.
  • Throughout the Transmission, Mono can find props that are references to the first game, for example the suitcase which Six wakes up in or a painting of Six eating a Nome. However since Little Nightmares II takes place before Little Nightmares I, this may heavily suggests that the Transmission can see events and things from the future.
  • It's possible the tower is nothing more than a shell meant to hide the real threat within it, the Flesh Eyes. The transmission may never have been something provided by the tower, rather it was produced by the Flesh Walls who is believed to be the true threat of the Little Nightmares world.
    • Due to the possibility of the Transmission being produced by the Flesh Walls, its speculated the Transmission had affected Six in the same way it had affected the Viewers by warping her appearance into Monster Six, making her defensive and violent when interrupted and leaving her to spend long periods of time entranced by the comforting sound of her music box much like how the Viewers were entranced by the TV's broadcasting the Transmission, leaving suspicion that Six had become afflicted with escapism and was living in a fantasy similarly to the Viewers, as she remained trapped within the Black Tower. Due to the Viewers dependence on the Transmission, it is suspected Six had also become dependent of the Transmission, leaving suspicion that her reliance to it might have played a part in her betrayal towards Mono near the end of Little Nightmares II, this is supported by the official Twitter account describing the events between Mono and Six near the end of the game as "Extracting someone from a fantasy can be deeply upsetting for everyone involved". Mono breaking the music box may have not only freed Six from her monster form, it left her with resentment towards him for breaking her out of the Transmission she had become accustomed to through her music box.


  • The Twitter description implies that Mono or Six have visited the Transmission previously.
  • This chapter and The Hospital chapter are the only chapters in the game that don't have any sections that take place in the city area.
  • This is the only area of the game where Mono's face isn't covered by an object.
  • According to the Little Nightmares Twitter account, the Transmission's specialty is “offering its viewers a story they’ll never want to end, regardless of the cost”.[1]
  • One of the paintings in Six's room depicts her eating a Nome.
  • This chapter has the least showcases in the game's trailers, being only shown in the launch trailer and the accolades trailer.
  • A peculiar source of light can be seen shining above the chair Mono will evidently sit on near the end of the game. This light can also be seen moving around shining above Mono as he runs around a dark empty space searching for the door which will return him to Monster Six. The same strange light can be seen again as he runs around the endless flesh void near the end of the game, before finding the chair. It's unknown where this light is coming from but its suspected to be unnatural. Whether or not it has any relation to the light seen shinning above Six in The Lady's Quarters remains unknown.



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