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The Wilderness is the first area in the game Little Nightmares II. It is the area where Mono starts his journey and where he meets Six for the first time.


The Wilderness is a huge and overgrown forest. Due to the fact that the Hunter lives in it, traps are placed throughout the forest, designed not only for catching animals but also for catching humans, which are soon used to make stuffed effigies.

Somewhere in the woods, there is a house where the Hunter lives, engaged in his mad craving for taxidermy. In addition to his dwelling and closet, where the Hunter rips off animal skins, there are other houses in the wasteland, which, however, have long been destroyed and abandoned. It is in them that Mono and Six fall after a while, fleeing from the Hunter. The forest also appears to have a swamp area.


Mono's main goal is to find an ally and escape with her from the Wilderness, while avoiding the Hunter.

Mono in a field with a television.

After a nightmare, Mono wakes up in a field next to a TV. Get up and go forward until you find a passage made of a cage. Open it and crawl through the tunnel until you reach the exit. There you will see a clearing with a sack full of dead people. Climb up the slopes to the top right and walk along the log above the ravine. Then go around the established trap and push the broken box into the depression to climb the slope to the top right.

Crawl along the tunnel to the roots, hitting which Mono will accidentally move a huge log from its place that can kill him. Run forward as quickly as possible before it crushes you. After that, go to the empty tree shell and climb along it to the loop in order to jump to another cliff. Next, you will find a small mechanism with which you need to jump over a small ditch.

A destroyed bridge.

Mono will be near the destroyed bridge, without which, it would seem, it is impossible to cross the ravine. However, in reality this is not the case. Carefully go down to the boxes under the remains of the bridge and climb up the other part of it. Keep moving until you see a net trap. To go through it, take a boot and throw it into the net, which will eventually cause a log to fall on the right. With its help, climb up the cliff, continuing on your way.

On the way Mono will come across bear traps, past which you can run and climb over a log, behind which there will be two more traps, in one of which a stick is stuck. Pull it out and hit the trap blocking the passage in the log with it. Roll down it and take the second stick to neutralize the traps hidden in the leaves. Next, you will need to neutralize more traps with the help of scattered pine cones. To do this, two or three will be enough for you to throw them at the leaves, activating several traps at once. Climb onto the tree trunk on the wooden planks nailed to it, one of which activates the trap below you, and then jump over to the plain.

The Hunter's shack.

Keep running across the plain until you reach a small hut. Climb the stairs and then climb through the window into the house to the kitchen. Head into the hallway and go down through the open door to the basement, where Mono will hear music. Go to the door on the left, where through the cracks the main character will notice Six, playing with a music box. To free her, go to the room on the right and take the ax stuck into the cage, with which Mono will be able to break the door from the third time.

Despite the fact that Mono offered Six help, she will push him and run to the top floor. Follow her through the corridor and dining room, where the stuffed family is seated at the table, to the ventilation hatch, which will lead you into the room, finally catching up with the girl. After an unsuccessful attempt to open the attic, Six agrees to survive with Mono (eventually helping him further on the journey).

Six realizing teamwork is needed.

Use the powers of Six to grab onto the rope and open the entrance to the attic. Climb into it along the stairs, and then, together with Six, move the huge box to the curbstone, and then climb over it into the room, where the children will notice the key on the hook under the ceiling that opens the door on the lower floor. To get it, you need to find the handle from the mechanism that lifts the bag with the body on the right. Go to the left and with the help of Six climb over the trash into another room, where a stuffed woman seated on a chair holds the handle you need in her hand. Grab it and pull it towards you, and then head back, where Six will take it and insert it into the opening. Grab the bag and when Six picks you up, jump on the key so that it falls to the floor. Pick it up and head back down to the lower floor.

Open the door and go to the barn where Mono, along with Six, will be able to push the box to a small window. Climb through it into the room where the owner of this house, the Hunter, rips off an animal's skin. Sneak past him to the small door on the right and push it. Be careful, as this will attract the Hunter's attention.

The Hunter skinning an animal.

After getting out of the barn, quickly run to the nearest shelter, as the Hunter will start chasing you. There will be many boxes scattered along the way, behind which you can hide from shots that will kill Mono if he is in open space. Eventually, you can hide from the Hunter, and then crawl into the grass with Six.

Keep crawling and try not to stand up or else you will get caught by the Hunter. When Mono and the Six reach a small hole, the Hunter will stop and start shining a lantern in different directions, trying to find the children. When he turns away, quickly run and jump into the hole, where you can stay a little safe.

Mono and Six traversing a collapsed bridge.

Keep crawling through the hole while the Hunter will shoot and will move forward, causing some crumbling. After exiting the tunnel, keep moving to the right until you enter another collapsed bridge section, but this time there's nothing below it other than bottomless chasm of the ravine. Pull the rope that will raise the bridge as Six will jump onto the other side. Press the call button to call Six and she will help you. Jump to the other side as well as Six will help you.

Keep moving in the area with cages where the children will encounter the Hunter again. Go down onto the field and this will trigger a crow, alerting the Hunter. Take cover to the box and run to the other one after the Hunter shoots. Climb up the wooden boards and take cover behind the hanging television, as the Hunter will shoot again. Climb onto the building before the Hunter is able to shoot you again.

Walk along the board until you will break the board you walked on. Six will attempt to help you, however the Hunter will break into the building and start shooting at you. Keep moving right while avoiding the gunshots of the Hunter. Jump onto the window and Mono will slip down the roof into the swampy waters. The Hunter will start banging on the door, so swim onto the gap that is below the board. Once the Hunter comes out, he will then walk away into the boards on the swamp. Move forward to the right, then dive down through the board blocking your way.

The Wilderness' swamp.

The Hunter will start searching the area. Keep swimming to another log until the Hunter starts turning his light. He will then move forward into another point. Keep swimming and climb up the small island. Push down the log with a heart-and-arrow carved on it. This will alert the Hunter, so jump down with the falling log into the waters again. Mono can easily move through the open by diving under. After it's safe, Mono can climb the boards that will lead to the next area.

Keep moving until you trigger two crows flying away. This will alert the Hunter, so quickly run to the boxes along the way. Mono and Six will enter an abandoned shed. Six will lock the door, so Mono has to grab the shotgun. The Hunter will start breaking down the door. Move to the shotgun so Six and Mono can together carry the weapon. Once the Hunter breaks a hole, peeks in and reaches for the doorknob in an attempt to get in, Mono will pull the trigger and shoot him. After some seconds, go to the broken window and you will arrive at the beach of the Wilderness. Push a convenient door onto the waters as Mono and Six will sit on it. After passing the water some seconds, Mono and Six will arrive at the Pale City, starting from the beach. After arriving on the beach, keep moving to the right and enter the door to finish the chapter.

The Nome's Attic

A Nome in the Hunter's shack.

This can be available if players have the DLC installed by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game or the Digital Content Bundle DLC. After you collect the key in the shack's attic and pull out the drawer, a Nome will start running to the left. Go back to the area with the stuffed woman and a cupboard on the left will be opened. Climb the cupboard and then follow the Nome into the attic.

In the attic Mono will meet the said Nome, who will immediately run to hide from him. To go further, you need to find the Nome in various places, starting with a closed suitcase, then throw a shoe into a cardboard box on the top right, where the Nome will try to hide, pull out the drawer box on the left and jump on the old mattress on the right. As a result of these actions, the Nome will move the painting against the wall and open the way.

Mono guiding the Nome in a dark room in the Nome's Attic.

There will be no light in the next room until the Nome lights the match it found. In order for it to go further, you need to lead it along the boards placed on top to a stack of boxes on wheels, and then with their help move the Nome to the passage in the mesh fence so that it opens the door and Mono can turn on the light.

To get a hat - Nome's cap, you need to climb up the boxes at the beginning of the dark room and go through the Nome's path. Raising its hat, Mono can follow the Nome, who opened a passage in the wall on the right, to return to Six.


  • In the attic of the Hunter's shack, some prosthetic limbs that appear to be like the Patients' can be seen.
  • From concept art posted on the Little Nightmares Twitter page it seems that originally, there was going to be ruined buildings present in the Wilderness, hinting that parts of the Pale City have been destroyed by the forest.
  • There are some differences in the chapter between the Gamescom gameplay footage and the current version.
    • When Mono and Six pull down a ladder from the attic, the camera move to another angle and the screen rumbles once the ladder starts hitting the floor. In the Gamescom gameplay footage, the camera didn't move and the screen didn't rumble.
    • In the first Hunter's chase sequence, the Hunter shoots down the fences in front of the barn in the current version, unlike in the Gamescom gameplay footage where he shot nothing.
  • According to the announcement trailer, The Wilderness was initially not the first chapter of the game since Six can be seen wearing her iconic yellow raincoat in this chapter.
  • According to the alpha build of The Wilderness, it was originally supposed to be called "The Wasteland".[citation needed]
  • While the player has to shoot the Hunter, he can also be left technically alive, glitch-wise. After Mono and Six exit through the door in the Hunter's shed, the player has to quit to the main menu and then resume the game. After that, the player has to spam a button or key on the guts. If done on the right angle, Mono will be sent flying to the beach at the end of the Wilderness, skipping the entire rest of the chapter.



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